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Monday, July 21, 2014

Now it feels rather odd reviewing a box filled with 9 products perfectly designed to keep you looking fresh and dewy this summer when in England it is currently thunder storming outside, typical! I hate that. How are you supposed to know what look to go for when it's hot enough for no jacket but the rain insists on pouring down around you?! Anyway as I remind myself it actually is summer I am brought back to the 'Latest in Beauty' summer 'Glamour' edit. This is an amazing buy I must say, for only £16.95 plus free postage with a box filled with products worth a grand total of £86.15 it's a deal not to miss! The box contains nine, 'naked' products designed to give you a perfectly natural looking summer glow. 

The first item which instantly caught my eye was the Rimmel London sun shimmer instant tan bb cream. Now I must admit false tan does scare me a little bit, especially when I noticed that I had been given this cream in medium; the darker shade of the two and with me being as a pale as a bottle of milk on most days. I freaked. But the product claimed to wash off so what could possibly go wrong? Absolutely nothing! Being a pale girl I do always fear of looking as though it is obvious I am wearing a fake tan of some kind but this product gives the perfect, natural summer glow. I absolutely love wearing bronzer and this product gives my face the same effect as that, with its' 9 in 1 effects it softens, smoothes, moisturises, gives an instant tan, creates a healthy looking glow, evens skin tone, covers, perfects and lasts up to 24 hours this an amazing substitute for foundation and bronzer, perfect for summer! My only criticism is it did actually tan any spots/imperfections that I had on my face but with a bit of concealer over the top of those and you're done! The perfect summer glow. 
RRP: £6.99 Boots

The next product in the box is a cream blush in the shade 01 'Nude Velvet' by Bourjois. I have honestly never tried a cream styled blush before (Crazy, I know!) so this was an exciting first for me. The packaging for this is adorable, I really like the added touch of a mirror inside the compact. This product is very true to its' shade name, so much so it didn't even look as though I was wearing a blush. I naturally have slightly rose tinted cheeks so the product just defined this and gave me a healthy, dewy looking glow. If you're looking for a slight bit of colour that's natural and dewy then I definitely recommend this product! RRP: £7.99 Boots 

As well as a cream blush I have also been keen to invest in a nude lipstick for a long time so when I noticed my Illamasqua lipstick had arrived in the shade 'Naked' I was delighted. Now, I have a thing for lip balms, I can't go anywhere without one and I cannot stand the feel of my lips being dry but for a lipstick this doesn't disappoint, it moisturises and feels smooth on the lips which I absolutely loved! However what disappointed me is that unfortunately the colour on my lips looked as though I had used the classy technique of foundation lips. If when trying this you feel the same way then I would definitely purchase a baby lips in the colour peach kiss, once I added this on top of the lipstick my lips became the perfect nude without losing that 'lipstick' effect. This is a beautiful shade and I definitely intend to try out the other six!! RRP: £18.50 Illamasqua 

Then my attention is brought to the Magnifibres brush on false lashes, I'm personally not a fan of false eyelashes as mine aren't really that short so to me messing around with glue and the possibility of my lashes being stuck together doesn't particularly excite but this product however, is an absolute God send!! No glue, no mess just apply as though you would with mascara over the top of any mascara, coat with your own mascara again and BAM... your eyelashes are lengthened! (That was a lot of mascara talk!) The magnifibres stick to your actual lashes and dry almost immediately so this is perfect if you're running late to that summer BBQ, a great yet natural looking way to dramatise your look and lengthen those lashes without any falsies!! Definitely one of my favourites in this box by far! RRP: £21.00 Magnifibres 

Next is this gorgeous sheer pink coloured nail polish by Crabtree and Evelyn in the shade 'Petal'. I was so pleased to see I received the pink rather than the deep satin red in my box as well there's nothing wrong with red but nothing else sparks summer more than a candy floss pink coloured nail. The finish to this polish is absolutely immaculate. I honestly still believed my nails were wet due to the amazing glossy finish that it leaves, giving your nails a smooth feeling finish, quite like you have had a fresh French manicure. To build the coverage up this did require using three coats of polish but this isn't a particular problem as most nail polishes require this and with its' quick drying formula I was done in minutes. Another perfectly natural looking product! RRP: £6.00 Crabtree and Evelyn 

And now, no summer essentials are complete without some skin care! Next up is this deep cleansing oil by DHC, now being prone to spots I did worry placing more oil on my face would only end up backfiring on me however this little fella' certainly knows how to dig deep and remove even the toughest of dirt on the skin, (It removed the Rimmel London BB instant tan cream with ease!!) containing hydrating olive oil and vitman E it unclogs pores and removes dirt and grime. However it does say to avoid direct contact with eyes so unfortunately eye make up so whether or not it could remove the toughest of mascaras is a mystery to me. There is only a small hole for the product to come out from therefore ensuring no product is wasted as you can use small amounts with ease. Another brilliant buy!! RRP: £21.50 Selfridge's (200ml, the above picture is only 30ml)

As I said earlier the weather in England hasn't exactly been the greatest over the past couple of days and so I haven't yet managed to wear the Hawaiian Tropic satin protection sun tan out yet however to get a feel for the product I have done a quick tester on my hands. The product has a very soft feel to it which I personally think it's hard to find sun lotions which are not only protective but moisturising too so already just from the feel of this I can tell this is going to be an amazing product for when the weather finally decides to perk up.. The product is also scented, it doesn't actually state on the bottle what the scent actually is but to me it gives off a sort of peach-like, coconut smell, perfect for summer! So if you're into fruity smells this is definitely one for you! I know I haven't yet been able to test out its' SPF of 30 but with recommendations from the 'Skin Cancer Foundation' it seems very promising! Moisturising, water resistant and with an SPF of 30 what's not to love? RRP: £6.99 Gordon's (Current offer SAVE £7!!) 

As I said earlier I don't actually use false tan very often, living in the UK you don't get much of a chance to get your legs out so I've never really been big on looking 'tan' besides my love for bronzer that's about as far as it gets. But nevertheless I'll review this as best as I can. 'The original tanning mitt' by 'Velvotan' contains a soft, velvety surface. This feels smooth on the skin as well therefore leaving a streak free finish and is designed with a special formulation-resistant barrier to protect your hands from staining. As well as being used to apply false tan this special mitt can be used for applying tinted moisturisers and the amazing Rimmel London instan tan BB cream also included within this box so even if you're not an all over body false tan girl like me this product will still find its' use in your beauty collection! RRP: £1.50 Tesco 

Last but certainly not least is the Toni and Guy 'glamour volume plumping whip'.Apply a generous sized amount into the roots of your hair whilst towel dry then dry through using a barrel brush and BAM! Volume is achieved! Now, I honestly have the flattest hair in the world. I would go as far to say that it is probably flatter than a piece of flat bread. No but seriously, it is flat. But this product is perfect for giving your hair a slight bit of volume, nothing drastic just a natural looking hold. Once my hair was dry I was left with an all over full effect from root to end without leaving my hair looking frizzy. I believe this probably gives a similar effect to salt spray, just a classically beautiful, beachy styled look. This product quite like the Hawaiian Tropic sun tan lotion has the most amazing smell, rather than peaches this time there is more of a mango styled smell with a hint of fresh summer flowers which amazingly the smell lasts in your hair for hours! That's pretty impressive. RRP: £8.49 Amazon 

So as you can see this is a box filled with 9 amazing must have beauty goodies and it doesn't even stop there! As well as all of this for just £16.95 inside the box are some exclusive offers for brands including Rimmel London and Strip. So how about that then aye? Not bad for £16.95! Interested? Then go and snap one up before they sell out now at:  

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  1. Since I live in a country that isn't populated with 'tanned' people, I get where your coming from. And seeing a cheap product that you recommend helps:) Would you maybe wanna check out my blog and follow me on gfc & bloglovin (I will follow back instantly)?


  2. Thank you, you should definitely check it out! And of course, I've just followed you on bloglovin:)

    -Toni. xx

  3. Heya I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :) you can check it out here

  4. I know the weather in London has been crazy, so many thunderstorms all the time. Bourjois blushes are my favourite, have been buying them for years

  5. Victoria - I don't blame you, the colour of this blush is beautiful! and Chantelle thank you so much for nominating me! I'll be sure to post my answers as soon as I can x

  6. such a good review of the products! and you get so much for your money! i take it everyone doesnt get the same products becuase i would love the one you got?

    ps love your blog

  7. Aw thank you so much! and on the whole the products stay the same but there is a slight variation in the colour of the lipstick, the nail polish, the false tan shade and the blush:)


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