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Monday, July 7, 2014

Now, I for one am not particularly an expert when it comes to applying 'lid liner', I like a quick touch of kohl pencil on my waterline and then I am good to go. But when Benefit described this product as being "criminally easy" they certainly weren't wrong! 

Throughout the past six months I have decided to introduce myself to using either a liquid eyeliner or a kohl eyeliner on my lids but neither have given me brilliant results. For me a kohl pencil usually fades on my lids after a few hours even when using a primer and it doesn't get much better with a liquid liner either... a jagged, clumped line across my lids isn't typically the look I aim for and during my attempts to fix this awful mess I begin to apply more and more eye-liner hoping for a straight line and well before you know it I have applied that much eye-liner my entire lids are covered and I look like a sad panda. (Cute, I know right?!) So when I first tried Benefit's 'They're Real! Push-up liner!' My relationship with eyeliners completely changed; we became best friends! 

The patented AccuFlex tip is perfectly angled and I was able to apply my eyeliner in a straight line no matter which angle I held the pen at. I honestly have never tried a gel liner before but I am so thankful that I now have. The idea of having to use a brush and gel liner from a pot previously sounded like some kind of beauty nightmare to me, so whoever at Benetowers chosen to place this into a pen is my saviour! 

To apply the eyeliner you simply turn the dial at the bottom of the pen until the product dispenses from the tip but do be careful with this as unfortunately the product does tend to come out fairly quickly and if you aren't careful it may clump at the tip. If this happens just simply clean the pen with a tissue, this did happened to me the first time I used this product and so unfortunately the product does have a 'waste issue' but all the same this eyeliner is extremely long wearing with no flaking or fading even without a primer! I was genuinely amazed! The product on the whole is also fairly waterproof but this can cause a problem when attempting to remove the product; spending ten minutes rubbing the life out of my eyes with a facial wipe wasn't particularly a fun experience and so I would definitely recommend using the Benefit 'They're Real! Remover' if possible. 

On the whole this product would receive a 4 star rating from me due to its' minor 'waste issues' but its' easy application, long wearing effect and its' ability to 'hug the lashline' make this product unbelievably real! I would recommend keeping the orange card slotted into the product you receive when first purchased and placing this back into the tip when you have finished using the product to reduce the risks of 'product overload' and therefore lowering the amount of product wasted. And for even bigger eyes, pair this with the Benefit 'They're Real! Mascara' to allow your peepers to 'pop' even more, opening up your eyes and creating a sexy, dramatic yet simple look. 

Have you tried this product too? Did it make your 'peepers pop' or turn you into the local panda? Let me know in the comments below, I would love for you to share your thoughts on this product!

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