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Monday, July 28, 2014

So I guess that everyone has those absolute summer must haves which they absolutely swear by, so I just thought I would show you those things that I just can't live without this summer!



For me these are an absolute must in any girls wardrobe! They just add a cute and simple edge to any outfit and are perfect when paired with literally anything high waisted; jeans, shorts, skirts you name it and they go with it! For me personally, cute and lacy bralets are my absolute go to when wearing high waisted skirts or if you're wearing a low cut top from the side and don't really fancy risking it in a bandeau a bralet is the one for you! A perfect and versatile item needed in every girls wardrobe. 

Baggy, lightweight tops

Now I get that if you've got an amazing figure in the summer I suppose it is one of the best times to show it off and tight fitted clothing is obviously perfect for that but I for one, don't particularly find it comfortable wearing anything skin tight when you're pretty much just sweating your ass off in the heat outside. Comfort is my absolute priority lately and it's still possible to look cute even if you're in something baggy so to me that's an absolute bonus! 

                                      Floral Print

Now the most perfect way of getting into the summer spirit is by adding a little flower power to your life. Everyone loves flowers, you just can't go wrong with them. Now when it comes to wearing bold prints I honestly become so nervous and feel like everybody is just going to stare at me, now that may sound a little bit silly but it's true! So just remember when it comes to print it can be subtle too just like this beautiful, floral printed skirt from H&M, its' monochrome colours help to tone down this piece and I absolutely love it!


Comfy Cardigans
Now as I have probably said a million times before even though it is summer it can still get a bit chilly if you're living here in England so a cute, little cover up is perfect for those days when the sun may be out but the wind is too. I got mine from River Island and I absolutely love it, it's like one big blanket! Last time I went in there they still had some in so I'd definitely recommend getting one of these if you're planning on popping in there soon. 

                                      Maxi skirts

Continuing with the comfort theme once again we come to the maxi skirt. To me this is perfect if you're travelling or just having a chill day down at the beach and you don't really fancy slipping into a bikini. If you're like me and have basically two milk bottles for legs then this is the perfect cover up for that as well as looking comfy, summery and cute. For me, it ticks all three boxes.

Cute Sandals 

Now who doesn't love a pair of sandals for the summer? This must have just goes without saying! Find that 'right' pair and they will add some summer life to any outfit. But try to make sure your nail polish game is going strong before braving a pair of these, nobody wants to see your chipped toes girl!!


Lip Balm

Now this obviously goes without saying right?! I have pretty bad dry lips anyway so in this heat having 'cracked' looking lips really isn't cute! My personal favourites are the Maybelline 'Baby Lips' range and EOS


If you're a snowman like me then you'll completely understand the need for this. I honestly find it really hard to catch a tan too and with it being summer it's nice to look a little sun kissed, so contour with a light matte bronzer and you're good to go! Right now, I'm loving the Rimmel London 'Sun Shimmer' bronzer in light matte but if I'm feeling a little bit special that day you can't go wrong with the Benefit 'Hoola' bronzer.  


Just like bronzer this helps to add a sunkissed glow to your face, applying a touch of highlight to the higher and more defined points of your face such as the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow and from your crease to your brow bone will create such an impact when the sun catches your face. Perfect for brightening your face on those bright sunny days. I tend to use either the Topshop glow cream in the shade 'Polished' or for if I'm wanting more of a matte highlight the 'Flushed' palette by Urban Decay is perfect for this. 

Bright nail polishes

If you aren't feeling confident going all out there clothing wise with bright colours and bold prints then a subtle bright nail is certainly the way for you to add a touch of summer to your look. For me, neon pink, orange and yellow are those colours that absolutely just represent summer. Painting your toes can be a cute, yet simple way to add some personality to those dull, black and brown sandals at the back of your wardrobe.


For me this is an essential all year round but especially in the summer! The sun can be a pain sometimes and nobody wants their make up to melt off throughout the day so this helps to just about settle that problem. I'm currently loving the Benefit 'That Gal' primer if I'm going for a more brightened and dewy look or I typically use the Maybelline 'Baby Skin' on an average day to day basis. 


Tumblr/Travel bottle

It's hot. You're sweaty. And so you're bound to be really thirsty this summer. This isn't just an essential, it's an absolute necessity! I'm currently obsessed with the Victoria's Secret 'Pink' range but if you're on a tighter budget I just picked a couple of bottles up from Poundland. Yes poundland!! They are non spill PLUS when you've finished with them you can roll them up to save space in your bag, perfect!


This may be a pain to put on but when you're walking around burnt to the crisp and as red as the sun itself you'll wish you had used it!! Try going for at least an SPF 15 but you can never be too sure and so I would absolutely recommend SPF 30. I am loving the Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection right now, be sure to check out my previous post (Glamour beauty box review!!)  for a more in-depth review of this


                                 Vaseline spray and go!

If you're prone to dry skin then this stuff is going to become your best friend this summer. It does exactly what it says on the tin, just spray and go! It's quick drying and long lasting, what more could you possibly want? And the best thing is it smells like coconuts too! So if you're legs are looking a little dry just give them a quick spray and BAM! They're moisturised and beautifully scented! RRP: £4.99 Superdrug  (also available in 'aloe fresh' and non-scented!) 


Once again perfect for protecting you from the sun (and helping you to actually see where you're going!!) but make sure to apply sunscreen as I don't think a burnt face and white eyes is the look you're going for, right?

                              Coconut Oil

If you haven't guessed already, I have a thing for all things coconut scented, I can't get enough of the stuff and to me it just smells of tropical beaches and palm trees; all things that ooze summer basically.. This is perfect for those days when you're running late, your hair is looking rather frizzy and with a quick few sprays of this and your hair is perfectly straight. I can honestly say since using this the appearance of my split-ends has definitely improved, bonus!! 

So those are my absolute summer must haves, are yours any different? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time..

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