Back To School: Study/Organisation Tips!

Monday, August 25, 2014

So it's that time of the year again where the back to school adverts come flooding in, you need to stock up on your stationery and you're sitting in your room each night (Most likely crying!) and counting down the days until it's that dreaded first day back at school. For any of you who may have just received exam results or if you're about to start a really important year of schooling, then you're probably a little bit shaky about how to keep up the good work and improve further and most importantly how to keep yourself organised. So I thought I would share with you all the ways I keep myself organised and how I study throughout the school year.


This may seem like a really weird organisation/study tip but for me they really work. I seriously cannot study without colored pens or highlighters, it may sound weird but if my notes are all in black and white I just zone out and lose concentration, so if you're a visual learner like me I definitely recommend giving highlighters a try! 

Post it notes:

These come in so handy, especially if you have a tendency to forget pretty important test dates or when a homework essay is due. If you don't use a planner/agenda either then I seriously recommend just placing these all over textbooks or your fridge or your bedroom door or mirror, seriously just anywhere! (But somewhere you will actually see it of course!) I think these are a really good way of keeping yourself organised and the fact they come in different colors is the perfect bonus for me! 


I think these are such a good technique when it comes to revising, as you can test yourself and easily get others to test you using these. They're also perfect for on the go as you can carry them around in your bag and test yourself maybe each morning when you're on the bus to school. I made the mistake this year of leaving my revision notes right to the last minute and trust me cramming around 300 people's names and their theories into my brain last minute wasn't easy! I'm definitely going to aim to create my flashcards as I go along the year then when it comes to exam time, everything shall already be sorted for me. Perfect!


Nobody wants to be that kid lugging around the biggest bag going for the rest of the year, so if you can fit more in and keep yourself more organised at the same time then why not? Dividers are perfect for keeping things together so remember that essay you got an A on but couldn't show anyone at home as it went missing? Well now you will always know where it is! And instead of carrying around one book for each subject, dividers make it so much easier to keep everything together. Saving you that beloved bag space as well as keeping everything much more organised. 


This isn't even just for music. Weirdly, I know but a technique I like to use when revising or another way of storing my notes somewhere else is by saying them out loud. I'm actually a cross between a visual and an auditory learner so as well as needing to write out pages and pages of colorful notes, I need to hear myself saying them as well. I'm a really bad procrastinator so if there's nothing on in the background I tend to zone out really badly and become distracted by my phone or anything else around me and if there's music on I tend to sing along to that rather than revise. So if I'm going to become distracted by anything, why not make sure it's my own notes that can be the only thing to tempt me to sing along or say them out loud?! And well, if there was an exam for how many song lyrics I can remember, I would get pretty much full marks, so I think recording yourself on your phone is such a great way to train your brain to remember any key facts and with earphones you can listen to the recordings all the time so you're more likely to eventually remember a lot.

Empty your bag:

This may seem pretty obvious to do each night but to a lot of people it actually isn't. As the school year continues a lot of people do tend to become lazy and just throw everything into their bag rather than what they actually just need for that day. I should know, I'm guilty of it myself! But unpacking your bag each night and only having what you need in it for each different day can help you become so much more organised and more on top of what handouts you've been given that day and when they need to be handed back in or what folders they should be in as further notes, rather than panicking the day an assignment is due in and routing around the bin you call your bag.

Plastic Folders/Wallets:

Another obvious one. But for those handouts you have no place for, or those essays you don't really need but want to keep to have a record of your progress then little folders are perfect for you. You can also get pretty small ones which you could use to hold flashcards in which would just help to keep these all together when you're on the go. Something I wish I had done when on a train journey because picking flashcards up from all over the floor was just a little bit embarrassing I must say. 

So there you have it, those are just little ways I try to keep myself organised and ready for revision throughout the school year. Do you plan on doing anything different to keep yourself focused this school year? If so, let me know in the comments below! 

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