Cute and Simple Summer Hairstyles

Monday, August 11, 2014

So for me, summer is all about braids. I just can't get enough of them! Fishtail braids, french braids, halo braids, mikmaid braids pretty much every braid going really.. So I thought I would share with you my three favourite braided hairstyles for the summer. 

'Halo' Braid: 

Take the two sections from your hair on either side that are nearest to your ear. (This is really hard to explain but you'll hopefully understand what I mean from the picture!) 

Once you have separated your hair into these two sections begin to plait the thin sections next to your hair into a normal braid and tie the ends with a bobble. 

You should then be left with two plaits. To create the 'halo' look, scrape the rest of your hair back using a brush to remove any parting your hair may have then simply place each braid across the top of your head and put in place using a clip or bobby pin to pin it down. Before you do this you may wish to remove the hair tie so there's no 'bumps' in your hair and the braid then looks more natural and is concealed more by your hair. 

And voila! There you have it, a simple yet, beautiful halo braid in 4 simple steps! 

'Milk Maid' Braid:

This is pretty similar to the 'Halo' braid but instead of only a section your hair being braided, this actually uses all of your hair. 

To begin, separate your hair in half as though you are creating two pigtails and then create a plait on either side, fastening with a hair tie or I like to use a clip at the end of each plait as I'll be using this to keep my hair in place on my head anyway. 

Once you have created your two plaits, you will need to twist each plait from the top just slightly before lifting this over your head and placing over the other side just like you did for the 'Halo' braid. 

Once you have placed each braid where you would like it on your head you should end up with something like this.. 

I actually worn my hair like this to a festival I went to recently and received a few compliments for it! You can check out what I worn to that as well as my hair and make up here: Festival Weekender! 

The 'Double Plaited' Side Braid:

Ever wondered how you can made a side plait more interesting? Yet still simple, quick and easy? Then why not turn your plait into two plaits yet make it look like one.. This sounds more complicated than it is but trust me it is super super easy!!

Firstly, begin by placing your hair onto whichever side you prefer, it doesn't particularly matter which side you choose. Once you have done this split your hair in half and create two plaits. As always keep in place with a hair tie. 

You should then be left with two plaits. Begin to wrap these around each other until you reach the end of each plait. Remove the two individual hair ties and tie each plait together as one, giving the illusion this is one plait rather than two. 

If you wish you can also continue the plait once the two plaits are embedded together so your 'one' plait begins off as chunky looking then becomes slimmer as you continue down. 

And there you have it, your braid is complete! If you wish you can add a bow to create an even more 'girly' feel to this look, I think this is super cute and adds more of an edge to this look as well helping to keep your two plaits slightly more in place. 
Perfect for back to school! 

And so those are my current go to summer hairstyles! Let me know what yours are in the comments below! 

Until next time.. 


  1. Hello!
    I tried writing to you through your blog but I couldn't find anyway of messaging you. so i thought i'd leave a comment :)
    Thought i'd let you know that I've nominated you to take part in the leibster awards for people with 200 or less follows
    So if your interested then its on my blog ... let me know if you decide to do it, id love to see your answers!


  2. I would love too but unfortunately I have already been nominated and posted my answers to this a couple of weeks ago! But thank you so much for the nomination :) xx


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