Festival Weekender: Outfit, Make-up and Hair!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So this weekend (2nd/3rd August) has been a really busy and exciting one as I've been to not only one but two festivals! One of them being Holi One which if you didn't know is a colour festival, now I've never been to one of these before so I was really excited! The festival on the whole was so so so sooo good and definitely an experience I shall never forget!! The idea of the festival is to encourage people to come together and unite regardless of your skin colour or race, hence the use of coloured powder to symbolise the racial differences between us as people. Oh and the other thing quite like all festivals is to simply have fun!


Top: I actually found this in a cheap market about a year or so ago so I'm not too sure on the price but I'm pretty sure you can find these on Ebay for around £5-£7. 

(Please excuse the background, at this point it was raining outside and I didn't want to become drenched before I even arrived at the festival!!) 

     Shorts: Once again I did actually buy these a couple of years ago from Matalan for around £10 so unfortunately you won't be able to buy these but you may find a similar pair from somewhere I'm not too sure.. I absolutely love the lace detailing on the bottom of these, I think it adds such a brilliant finish to the piece and is so cute! 

Shoes: Yep, you've guessed it.. Another old purchase of mine from Primark. Now wearing suede, ankle boots probably wasn't the best idea I have ever had but I genuinely don't own any wellies and it was a bit of a last minute decision to actually go and with it being August too you would think the weather would have been a little nice right? But in England that isn't exactly the case.. But I did wear tights and two pairs of black socks which was great to begin with until the sun began to come out later on and so I then was burning up in my tights!! You honestly cannot ever win with English weather, ever!

Hair and Make-up:

     Makeup: For my make-up, I opted for a red and yellow smokey eye. Yellow across the lid with a pop of a red in the crease. Topped with a winged, black liquid eyeliner and a dab of 'half baked' from 'Naked 2' across the entire lid. Then to finish off with a brown kohl liner on my waterline and tightline, smoking the 'half baked' out into my inner corner and then lastly a couple coats of mascara. I then chosen a tinted moisturiser, a dab of powder to set this and a clear EOS lip balm on the lips. 

Hair: I went with a milk maid braid in my hair which I thought was really cute and festival like and perfect as it kept my hair out of my face.. Well it was until after a couple hours dancing and it kinda fell out. Oh well, at least I looked cute when I arrived right?! 

The following day on the Sunday I went to Pagan Pride which was also really different to anything I have ever done before! The event is to celebrate 'Paganism' where its' followers are rather at one with nature and believe in the Goddess. It is the faith of practicing witches. The event quite like all other festivals had live music as well as stalls where you could purchase items such as crystals, pendulums, tarot cards and spell books. There were also talks taking place as well as live belly dancing and a parade.


     Cardigan: I purchased this last month from River Island for around £15! (I think...) I love how it is super long at the back and the sleeves are also 'bat winged'. This is honestly the perfect summer cover up, super comfy like a blanket with a touch of flare. I also featured this in my 'Summer Essentials' post which you can check out here: http://clarkecouture.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/summer-essentials-clothes-beauty-and.html  

Dress: I recently purchased this from Topshop for only £16!! I had my student card too which allowed me to save an extra couple of pennies! This dress is so simple yet so cute at the same time, I absolutely love it. It's a great length, not too long nor too short and is also super soft, this could also easily be made slightly more 'dressy' with a bit of jewellery. The perfect simple, summer day dress. 

Boots: Unfortunately I'm not sure how much these were or where from for that matter as they were given to me as a present a couple of years ago but I'm sure you could find a great dupe at your local shoe store.

Floral Crown: Now, £13.50 may seem a little bit on the pricey side however the flowers are rather big and are placed on a silver plated, metal headband which does make this slightly more sturdy than your typical floral garland. I actually bought this from Ebay and it did arrive pretty quickly, so I definitely think this item is worth the money. It's also a big thing for the Pagan women to wear these and so to fit in I just had to get one for myself!

Hair and Makeup:

Hair: For my hair I just went with a loose side plait. Now this is pretty self explanatory but I thought it just really brought the look together with the floral crown. 

Makeup: Now, please do excuse my terrible 'brows but for my eyes I chosen to use 'foxy' from 'Naked 2' across my entire lid, I then went over this with 'half baked' from 'Naked 1' and used 'half baked' from 'Naked 2' in my crease and blended this across into my lid. Once again I used a brown eyeliner on my waterline and tightline, as well as a winged, black liquid liner along my lid and finishing off with a touch of mascara. 

So that is my complete hair, makeup and outfit looks for my festival weekender! Have you been to any festivals yourself recently? Or have any coming up? Let me know in the comments below! Also if you would like to see a tutorial for any of the hair or makeup looks I will gladly do this, so let me know in the comments. 

Until next time..


Event Photos: 

-Holi One

-Pagan Pride

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