July Favourites

Monday, August 4, 2014

July has been a pretty nice month. The month where summer begins! The clothes become prettier, the songs become more 'tropical' and the make up becomes more dewy. So read on to check out everything I have been loving during the month of July. 

Clothing Favourite

Now I actually bought this at the end of last month when I was in London for a few days but it has been such a good addition to my wardrobe. I absolutely adore the beautiful yellow colour; not too dull nor too bright. Just the perfect essence of summer, especially with the added effect of the embroidered flower pattern and to complete the look the edges are rimmed with a scallop design. This makes the top slightly cropped but not enough to show as far as your belly button. I tend to partner this with with a complete white outfit to make the yellow 'pop'.Topshop £12

Beauty Favourites

First of all I have been absolutely loving the Benefit 'They're Real Push Up Liner' that was released earlier this month. Its' AccuFlex tip allows for easy application alongside a quick-drying, long-lasting formula. Making this eyeliner perfect for those hot summer days where your make-up is at risk of sliding off. (For a more detailed review of this product check my very first post out here: http://clarkecouture.blogspot.com/2014/07/new-benefit-theyre-real-push-up-liner.html )

The next two beauty favourites I actually received in the Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest In Beauty this month. Firstly I have been absolutely loving the Rimmel London 'Sun Shimmer Instant Tan 9 in 1 BB Skin Perfector'. As I explained in my complete review of the Glamour box (which you can see here: http://clarkecouture.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/lib-glamour-beauty-edit-review_21.html ) this gives a natural looking tan to the face and body and its' non-streak formula also moisturises and evens skin tone to give a healthy looking glow. I wouldn't recommend this if you're planning a water fight though as it does wash off very easily. 

Secondly from this edit I am honestly in love with the Magnifibres 'Brush On False Lashes'. For me, my eyes are that feature on my face that I just love to go all out on when doing my make up, especially my lashes. Now I don't actually wear false lashes so I am forever searching around for 'that' mascara that can make my eye lashes super long without fading during the day. I have been struggling it upon my search until now. The Magnifibres increases lashes by up to 5mm and it is definitely long-lasting. I especially love applying this when wearing liquid eyeliner to make my eyelashes even more visible above the liner. The perfect must-have for that summer night party. 

Continuing with the eyes, throughout this month I have been really enjoying using the 'Naked 3' palette by Urban Decay. I know this was released a while ago now but I just think the colours within this palette perfectly represent summer with brassy, gold toned pinks and purple tinted nude browns. A palette perfect for day and night from "smooth-mattes to glimmering metallics" there's a shade for every summer event right here. My favourite shades are 'Strange', 'Dust' and 'Buzz'. 

If you didn't already know I am a big fan of Elle magazine and in their past couple of issues there has been a sample of the Garnier 'Skin Naturals BB Cream'. I ended up with around 3 samples and so decided I may as well try it out and I am glad I did. Believe it or not but I honestly think this is better than the Benefit 'Big Easy'. It gives a near enough full to flawless coverage as well as moisturising and evening skin tone. The product has a silky finish giving it a slightly dewy look, the perfect light make up for summer.

My last beauty favourite for July has got to be the Benefit 'Stay Don't Stray' primer (I have a little bit of a thing for Benefit products you may have noticed..) I only recently purchased this towards the beginning of the month and it has now become my absolute favourite primer, not only does it keep colour on my lids for 24 hours but it appears to enhance the colour of my shadows too by making them slightly more pigmented. Once again a product perfect for those extra hot, summer days where you really don't need your make up to be slipping off.

Random Favourites

I actually don't think I have ever seen anyone do a jewellery favourite in a favourite's post before but hey ho here goes.. So this is another recent purchase of mine from my trip to London and I am absolutely in love with it! (Pretty sure I have said the word absolutely about 20 times now but oh well.. moving on..) I just think it is super cute and adds a lot to any simple outfit. I love how the colours of the flowers compliment each other with one being a paler pink and the other, much brighter. The effect of having two small, dainty rose buds growing on either side makes the flowers appear to be that  much more real, giving it the similar look of a corsage except much smaller and therefore more day time appropriate. On the downside there was a chain attached to this but it did unfortunately come apart and so I have slid a green hanging loop through either side of the bracelet in order for it now to fit on my wrist. On the whole though this is a gorgeous looking piece and I was actually complimented on it by one of the workers in Victoria's Secret who couldn't actually believe it was from Topshop! £7.50

Another little fact about me incase you didn't already know is I am a bit of a Costa/Starbucks addict and so I couldn't resist but to mention to you my current drink of choice for the month of July. As it is Summer I've currently been trying out all of the coolers in Costa and my definite favourite by far has got to be the 'Red Berry'. On a nice, hot summers day this drink is honestly so refreshing and it just has the perfect amount of berry goodness, not too sweet and not too watery. Just perfect. There's just no other way to describe it really until you try it for yourself; fruity, refreshing and cool. Then from Starbucks I currently cannot get enough of the 'Mocha Cookie Crumble' like oh my god this stuff is absolutely beautiful. If you are a chocolate lover like me this is definitely your idea of heaven in a cup. Just think cookie crumble then chocolate then probably imagine the taste of this for a minute and then literally just go and buy it. Per-fec-tion. 

Now to conclude my favourites for the month of July I thought I would share with you the songs I have been obsessing over this month. Firstly can we just talk about 'Rude' by Magic. Like, how good is this song?! It just has that edgy, cool summer vibe with an essence of reggae, pop and Bob Marley-esque all thrown into one and I love it. Seriously if you haven't heard it yet (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?!) it will instantly become stuck in your head, this song is unbelievably catchy but that is to me what is so great about it. It's catchy, summery, edgy, cool and fun and also currently number one out here in the UK. Need I say anymore about that?! 

Now last but not least my second song of the month has got to be 'Budapest' by James Ezra. I love the whole acoustic feel to this song, it's just so chilled out. I for one, love listening to music when I'm getting ready whether that be for the morning or the night and this would be so perfect to just have on in the background when you're getting ready after the long day you've just had. It's one of those songs where I could probably just fall asleep just listening to it but in a good way.. I hope that makes sense! His voice is just so soothing!

So that's it for my July favourites, are you loving the same stuff as me or are your favourites completely different? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time..


  1. Like you I am loving the Naked 3 for the summer months. Lovely post by the way :)

    Pam @ Pamsstuffandthings.blogspot.com

  2. This is a wonderful post, the Naked 3 palette is my absolute favourite!

    www.lagerfeld-love.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. The colours are just beautiful aren't they? Thank you both :) x


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