August Favourites

Thursday, September 4, 2014

So summer has now unfortunately come to an end.. I hope you all had an amazing summer, I know I did! I just can't believe how quickly it has ended!! So I thought I would share with you everything I've been loving throughout the main month of summer; August! 

Beauty Favourites:

Maybelline 'Dream Fresh' BB Cream in the shade 'Light' 

Now throughout the summer I don't enjoy really wearing anything too heavy on my face because it's hot and then throughout the day as I sweat, that just makes you feel kinda gross with a heavy, complete face of make-up. So I like to aim for a little bit of coverage but something that feels fresh and super light weight on my face. Then I found this little guy. I actually only purchased this around a month ago and I'm genuinely in love. Although this doesn't give a big amount coverage (Well it's a BB cream what do you expect?!) it feels super fresh on my face and gives a really dewy, light weight look which I absolutely adore throughout the summer. 

Urban Decay 'Naked Basics'

This has been out for a good while now but I actually only just decided to get my hands on it a couple of weeks ago and oh boy, I am in love. Now in my Holiday Make-Up Bag post I said I was going to take Naked 3 along with me however the sizing of this was just far too big so I picked up the Naked Basics palette and settled with that. I was a little bit unsure about this for summer initially, the colors are more on the brown side compared with the shimmery, summery pink tones of Naked 3. However, when on holiday for me personally I just want to make my make-up as natural and fresh faced as possible and the Naked Basics is just perfect for that. 

Maybelline Baby Lips - Electro Shock

So this past month Maybelline released the 'Electro Shock' range out here in the UK! I have only tried out three shades so far which are 'Strike A Rose' 'Pink Shock' and 'Oh! Orange!' Just like the original Baby Lips range they smell amazing!! And are perfectly moisturising on the lips. However I was slightly disappointed with the colors of the shades. From a swatch I expected 'Pink Shock' to be bright and neon pink on the lips however it turned out to look like a deep pink/pale red and was surprisingly a really similar color to 'Strike A Rose'. 'Oh Orange!' did live up to its' swatch slightly more than the other two. It's fairly clear with a tint of mango/peach. It's pretty similar to the shade 'Peach Kiss' except it's slightly less pigmented on the lips I think this is perfect if you're wanting a little bit of color yet subtly too.Now you're probably wondering why I'm slating the color of a product yet including in my monthly favorites.. Well the surprisingly different turn out of shades proves these lip balms are perfect for transitioning into the fall season during the next upcoming months, as the plums and deep reds start to work their way onto the beauty scene, I know these three balms will become definite go to's of mine! 

DKNY Apple Be Delicious Fragrance

Okay, so I know this is an oldie but it has definitely become a favorite of mine this month. Just like the 'Electro Shock' Baby Lips range, this scent is perfect for transitioning from summer into fall. It has all the perfectly fruity and juicy elements of summer but the overpowering scent of apples just brings it right back into fall for me and reminds me of candy apples and apple bobbing and warm apple pies. I'm in love for sure. 

Random Favourites

Extra Dessert Delights

So now the back to school season is kicking in I love to stock up on gum and currently I have been obsessing over the 'Dessert Delights' range. Like not only do they smell good and when they've been left in my bag all day, my bag smells of pretty much a fruity heaven. I don't really have a favorite but the ones I've tried are 'Peach Cobbler' 'Lemon Square' 'Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream' and 'Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake'. I know these are pretty hard to get hold of in the UK but if you live near a Mr Simms Sweet Shoppe or any style American candy store, I would seriously recommend picking these up. They weirdly help with any sort of toothache as well which I guess is pretty good bonus!!

Song Favorite: Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

I was actually watching a youtube video and heard this background of it then a few days later I was at a color festival and this song was then played again and from then on it literally just became my 'summer jam'. I just think this is so chilled out yet has that dance vibe to it as well and it just instantly puts me in a good mood and to me the summer is all about relaxing and this song just does that for me.

Rose Quartz 'Pagan' Style Necklace 

If you didn't already know, I went to two festivals this month one of them being 'Pagan Pride' where I bought this beautiful rose quartz necklace. I have wanted a crystal necklace in this color for a long time but I always wanted the pendulum styled ones so I assumed I would be able to find one here but I unfortunately didn't but I just wanted something rose quartz so badly! And I'm so happy I bought this, it can style up any outfit and make it look so put together, I've had so many compliments on this piece. I feel it looks so elegant yet so simple, a beautiful piece which I have been wearing none stop this month! 

So that's everything I've been loving this August, were any of these your favourites too? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time..


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