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Friday, September 26, 2014

So I have been kindly contacted by the senior SEO of to do a little review of their website and let you guys know a little bit more about them and what benefits they may have to offer you! Just a little quick disclaimer before I get into the review.. Anything that I write here whether it be good or bad is completely and solely the views of me, myself and I. The members of CouponRani have not influenced me at all with anything that I say, I want you guys to gain an honest opinion of the site and then hopefully you'll be able to gain your own opinion of what they offer. So I guess now I'll just get straight into the review! Who are they?

First and foremost, is an online website in partnership with Indian companies which offer coupons to the public, you guys; to use and gain discount on really cool stuff such as make-up discount on brands including Maybelline, flight and hotel discounts, food discounts (Now who doesn't want discounted food, right?!) including Domino's! And much much more! 

The companies offering coupons are all based in India.. Will they even be of use to me?

The companies may be all based in India and with 80% of my traffic coming from a British audience I did worry a little bit about this myself.. But it turns out they are looking to branch out into European countries such as England and do infact already receive some buyers from the UK! 

So does this mean I buy my products directly from is solely just an advertiser website. They promote these brands onto their site and when you select 'view deal' this automatically activates the offer and sends you straight to the website offering you the deal. This may lead to you having to create accounts on several websites which may be a little bit of a pain but with discounted products at stake, you can't really complain.

I live in the UK, will there be postage and packaging costs? 

Just like with most websites, even UK based ones there are P&P costs.. But! Some websites may also include offers on their shipping. As an example if you were interested in purchasing Maybelline products with a 15% discount from they do say if you spend over 500rps (rupees) they will give you FREE SHIPPING! 500rps may seem like quite a lot but in comparison to pounds, it really isn't! 500rps actually only works out to only being just over a fiver!! Which is pretty amazing if you ask me! And as it stands, the sale price of the majority of these products currently stands at less than £5. 

Rupees? But I use pounds! Will they automatically convert during payment?

Payments should be automatically converted, yes. Considering on for example, deliveries to the UK are classed as a standard delivery, therefore a conversion should automatically take place. 

So on the whole, I honestly believe is a really useful site. They offer coupon codes to thousands of stores, ranging from food, to travel and fashion to health. The conversion price from rupees to pounds is also relatively cheap too which is an even bigger bonus! On the negative side of things however, it is a little bit of a hassle having to be redirected to several pages to purchase your product and then being ordered to create an account on the website you're specifically purchasing from, which may become a little bit of a pain. Each website will completely vary too, the P&P of one website may be cheap as chips whereas the others may be sky high! This does however, apply to all websites no matter where you shop from, so CouponRani gets a big thumbs up from me!

I've also created a list of websites with offers which may be of an interest to you: 

So will you be checking out or maybe you have used the site before.. Let me know your opinions in the comments below!

Until next time..

DISCLAIMER: I have been paid to create this post. All opinions however are my own. 


  1. It's amazing how much money you can save with couponing!

  2. Definitely! It's great when you find little deals like this!!

  3. Great reviews Toni,


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