How To Stay Motivated Keeping Fit After Summer

Monday, September 22, 2014

We all do it. We all lose motivation. We're only human after all. But losing motivation for me, usually takes me back to that stage in life where I feel down and groggy and generally really fed up, I gain a really negative look on everything and convince myself I'm completely incapable. But I'm not. We're not. If you can do something once then you can do it again! 

Now I know watching Netflix or YouTube and eating pizza and ice cream whilst lounging around in bed all day may seem a little more appealing but in the long run, is that really what we want to do? Really? I'm hoping that the answer is no, otherwise there won't really be much point to this post... But as well as trying to keep you guys back on track and feeling motivated, I'm doing this for myself too. 

During the summer I was really pumped to do well and get fit and I was actually doing well until I became ill and then I went on holiday and my motivation levels just dropped to -94729472.32483 and they haven't yet risen back up again. So here are my tips to help myself out and hopefully you guys too at how to feel a little more motivated again now that the summer is over.

1. Do it for yourself! 
Now this has got to be my favorite tip out there. You should never think to yourself that you need to get fit and gain a body for a boy or a girl for that matter or just society in general. At the end of the day it is YOUR body and YOU should love what you are doing for YOURSELF otherwise you might look good but if you aren't enjoying doing it then you aren't going to feel more motivated to carry on and you certainly won't feel more confident in yourself.

2. Progress Pictures
Now this is a pretty obvious one but it definitely works! Being able to see the progress you're making will 100% boost your attitude to working out. This can be adapted to anything. Lacking motivation at school? Collect any test results or homework answers you receive throughout the year, add a little bit of hard work and you'll see an improvement for sure! Just keep at it and you'll fall in love with the ending result. 

3. Create a fitness playlist!
Music for me is a big motivator, especially something fast paced and edgy. It just gives you that boost to carry on. Try setting targets for yourself, whether that be completing a run after the 5th song played or see how many reps of 10 you can do of something in a song. You can record your scores and aim to beat them as time goes on. And if you're not a big fan of working out, try dancing! Everyone loves a good dance to their favorite song, exercise can be anything that gets your heart rate up! Also, I know the iPod shuffle is ridiculously old now but the back of it is designed like a clip which you can attach to your clothes which I just thought would be perfect for a run. 

4. Science
It has been scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphin's, a natural drug in your body which when released boosts your levels of happiness. If being fit has been scientifically proven to cheer you up, you can't exactly argue with that can you? 

5. Eat Clean Train Mean!
Keeping fit doesn't just mean exercise, it relies on diet too. Hand in hand these two factors will leave you with better skin, hair, nails, the works! You won't see results straight away and skincare products might help to get you by but with a cleaner diet and a fitter body, you certainly won't need as many! 

So those were my five little tips on how to feel a little more motivated this summer, lastly I just have a couple apps I'd like to talk to you about which will definitely help you with your fitness, I've heard so many recommendations on these so I got them myself and the hype isn't a hype for no reason!

1. 8 Tracks
Are you ever just sat there wanting to listen to something and you're not really fancying anything on your current playlist? Well then, this app is for you! You simply click explore, choose a genre and thousands of ready made playlists will come up for you, this is great when working out as they have themes such as 'Motivation' or 'Workout' and 'Pump Up'. You can even create your own playlist as a little go to if you fancy going on a run anytime.

2. Pump Up

This app is literally your fitness routine in your pocket. You can select whereabouts you are whether that be at home or the gym or even on holiday! (Something I should have done last month..). The app then lets you select which type of equipment you have available and it even works around you having no equipment so there's literally no excuse not to work out!! You can then select a mode and how long you want to workout for oh and most importantly which part of your body you want to work out and voila! A workout is created for you, which I think is so clever! Especially how they have demonstrations on how to do the move it is asking you to do.

 So those were my hints, tips and recommendations on how to get yourself feeling motivated for staying fit now that the summer is over and you might not necessary feel you need a body now that there's no excuse to show it off. But just remember to work hard, think positive and most importantly don't give up, good things come to those who wait.

Until next time..

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