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Monday, September 1, 2014

So many of you I'm sure all went back into school this week. I just started my second year of college, so I'll be completing my final year of A-Levels which is a pretty scary thought!! So I did only start back on Thursday but I had such a busy day on Friday and I haven't emptied my bag since so I thought it would be nice to share with you what are my typical essentials for a day in school. 

The Outside Compartments:


Baby Lips in 'Peach Kiss' - I absolutely hate my lips being dry throughout the day so you can always guarantee a lip balm or two is always at hand in my bag.

Illamasqua Glamore Nude Lipstick in 'Naked' - A lot of the time I like to wear a lipstick over a lip balm and these two compliment each other so well. I just think it gives the effect you're wearing a lip-gloss yet is more pigmented and moisturising when you place a lipstick with a lip balm. 


Sticky Notes - I haven't even opened these so I'm not quite sure why they're in my bag. But these do come in handy if you remember something during the day, so you can just pop that onto a textbook  or your planner so you don't forget then when you take it out of your bag later, you'll remember! 

'Extra' Gum in 'Sweet Watermelon'  - No one likes having bad breath in school so when you can fix that with something that not only does the job but tastes nice you can't complain! I am loving this flavor at the moment too, if you're craving something sweet pop one of these in your mouth and you will be satisfied I promise you! But don't do it in a lesson, teachers really don't like that and besides where are you going to put it when it runs out of flavor halfway through a lesson? Under a desk? Like, really?!

Student ID - This is pretty self explanatory I just need it to get into any buildings in college and to sign myself in and out. 

Two Pairs of Earrings - I honestly haven't got a clue why these are in here.. I have pretty sensitive ears and I can't wear cheap earrings for like more than a day so I probably stuffed these in here at the end of a college day, I honestly don't remember..

A Gum Wrapper - Once again, I have no idea.

The Main Compartment:

                                       A Water Bottle - For me this is such a big necessity. I got this one from a pound store and it's honestly like a big capri sun carton, once you've drank the drink it becomes flat so it fits in your bag so easy. And even better, it isn't clear so you can drink literally whatever you want in a class and the teacher is none the wiser!!

A Sociology Textbook - I was given this on Friday in my first lesson back, a textbook is pretty self explanatory. You just need it to get yourself through the year and learn that subject like the back of your hand. 

A Pencil Case - Besides paper this is the biggest school must have for me. I cannot stand having pens loose in my bag then having rummage around for them in a lesson so a pencil case is just perfect for keeping all your writing essentials together. If you were wondering, mine is from the sale section in WHSmiths for £3!! It used to be £6 so this was a pretty good bargain. 

A Purse - This is something that is always with me wherever I go, cash is necessary in this world so you cannot live without a purse. I personally prefer big purses to smaller ones because you can fit so much more in them and I like having a different section for my notes and coins and then all my cards too. Mine is from River Island, I did buy this almost a year ago so I don't think you'll be able to get it anymore. 

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - This is the book I'll be sitting my English exam on this year and I had English on Friday so that explains why it is in my bag I guess.. I'm only halfway through the book but it's alright so far, I actually don't mind it too much. If you've read it before let me know your opinions in the comments below!!

Index Card Holder - This year I have decided for it to be my year. I want to finish on straight A's so badly so I've decided to make my flashcards throughout the year rather than right at the last minute 2 weeks before my exams. This will save me so much more revision time for the end of the year and keeping them all together in a folder is so much more neater, plus they have dividers so I can separate flashcards for different subjects in here which will make me so much more organised!!

An Umbrella - If you have read any of my posts before you will literally be sick to death of how much I complain about the weather in England but it's true, we have so much bad weather, especially rain literally all the time. One minute it's boiling hot the next minute it's pouring it down with rain, so it's best to be prepared. An umbrella over here is literally a life saver. 

A Card Template - Okay so, another weird thing in my bag. Well I was making a pin hole camera in photography and me and the cutting knife aren't exactly best friends so I was pretty slow at making this and thought it would be best for me to finish it off at home for my next lesson which is actually tomorrow!! 

A Planner - As I say all the time, I love keeping myself organised so this is just where I write down my timetable, any homework tasks I have, any key dates I need to remember. It does tend to come in handy! Mine is from Victoria's Secret Pink, I love how it matches my bag so much!! It's perfect and keeps me well organised. 

A Divider - Another organisation best friend of mine. As you can tell I have a lot in my bag already and I do 3 subjects plus R.E and tutorial and this year I'll be doing an EPQ as well so if I can have notes for everything I do in the same place it doesn't only save me bag space but it keeps all together and makes it so much easier to find things.

Booklets - So not only did my sociology teacher give me a textbook but I have 3 booklets just on the first topic of the course as well which is 'Crime and Deviance', incase you wondering.. I also have an English booklet which is an overview of my coursework for this year as that's what we're starting off with first. Then finally I have a booklet about applying to university and writing a personal statement which I was given in form time with hints and tips and all that fabulous information which I just need. 

A Perfume - Currently I have DKNY Apple Be Delicious in bag, as I said in my August Favourites I have been loving this fragrance lately and in a full day at school you get hot and sweaty and then you smell and no one wants to be that kid that no one likes because they smell so.. a body spray or a perfume is a must - have for me! I love this one especially because the bottle is quite small so fits in my bag nicely for school. 

A Minstrel - Yes.. That's right. A minstrel. I had a packet of these in my bag the other day so it must have just fell out... (Would it be really bad if I ate this right now?!)

Inside Zip Compartment:

Sticky Labels - These come in handy if I get given a plastic wallet and I need to put my name on it or I like putting these in my dividers so I can make it clear which section is for which. As I say, another thing which keeps me in top tip organisation. 

A Mirror - This is probably going to make me seem so vain but seriously if I'm applying lipstick throughout the day and I can't see what I'm doing I'm probably going to smudge it, and if I used my phone camera I would probably look like I'm taking a selfie which to me would make me look more vain rather than using a mirror sooo... a mirror it is guys!

My House Key - I usually would have this attached to some keyrings but I don't like keeping things all bunched up in my bag so this is fine loose in the zip pocket. Self explanatory, as always. If there's no one home I can just let myself in, simple! 

So that was everything that I have in my bag! That was a lot I know but on a usual day I would have a lot less than that I was just thrown a load of booklets and things as it was my first couple of days back in and I do have a complete full day on a Friday so don't worry, my shoulders aren't dropping off every day of the week thank god!! So let me know in the comments below what are your school bag essentials? Am I missing something really important? I do also usually have some earphones in mine but I borrowed them to a friend and they still haven't gave me them back.. yeah..

Also if you were wondering my bag is from Topshop, it was £34 and as you can see it fits so much in it and probably could fit more in it than that so it's definitely a brilliant buy. They also do this in black so if you're interested, get yourself down to Topshop. I hope you're all enjoying being back in school, I know you're probably not but end of the day it's not hell. Think positively and let's all make this our year to succeed!! 

Until next time..
Toni. X


  1. Ahh it is isn't it? And can surprisingly fit so much, they do this in black too I'd definitely recommend it!! :)

  2. BABY LIPS!! I try to never leave home without my lip balm :)

    xx Sera

  3. I am the exact same! Lip balm is my love, I apply it so much throughout the day, definitely my biggest must have!! Xx

  4. Great to read something like this and this remind me my school bags


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