Halloween Make-Up Tutorial: 'Zombie Barbie'

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hello everyone! As Halloween is now only a couple of days away, I thought it would be a spooktacular idea to show you a little last minute make-up look. I personally love this look and I will definitely be wearing it out this Halloween! It's super easy to do and looks rather girly yet not losing that grotesque attitude needed for Halloween. Outfit wise, you can honestly wear this with anything pink you may have already in your wardrobe, after all we are trying to look like Barbie! 

First off just do your make-up as though you would on a normal every day basis. But for now leave your eyes blank and you can go a little 'ham' on the bronzer! Heavy contouring works brilliantly for this look, in order to really define your cheekbones quite like how I imagine a real life Barbie would look. 

For the eyes, just prime as usual. I have used my all time favourite, the Benefit 'Stay Don't Stray'. To recreate this look I have used my 'Perfect Peepers' palette, which is a lovely little pink eyeshadow duo. I used the lighter shade across my entire lid then just blended the deeper pink into my crease. You can make this as big as you wish. You aren't required to blend in too much as it's Halloween and therefore the more dramatic the better! I decided to bring this down below my eye just to create the effect of bruising, making me appear more 'zombie like'.To highlight my eyes ever so slightly, I placed 'Dust' from Naked 3 into my inner tear duct to complete the look I was aiming for. You can then use a liquid eyeliner across the tightline of your lid and create a big wing. The bigger and thicker then the better and more dramatic it shall look! There are definitely no limits with this look. To intensify my eyes even more I placed a kohl liner on my waterline and topped with mascara. You could probably add some fake lashes if you want to intensify the look even further, I personally don't want wear falsies and thought the look was fine like this. But it is definitely your preference. 

To highlight I taken my Topshop 'Glow' cream and placed this alongside my eyes, the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow. I tried to keep my highlight quite minimal as for Halloween we typically want more of a darker look to our face. For the lips I kept it quite simple and used this lovely, deep burgundy colour from Topshop which I absolutely adore. It's in the shade 'Wine Gum' and I would seriously recommend it if you're in to dark lips! 

Lastly, here's where it gets a little tricky. To create the wounds I used things you may possibly have in your house. To begin I used a glue stick and just placed this on my face, probably not the best idea in the world but I've done this before in theatre and it worked perfectly fine! Then taking a cotton pad, I ripped it in half and stuck one half to my face. Using my Naked 3 palette I patted over the pad to create the colour I wanted for my wound. I used the shades 'Buzz', 'Liar' and 'Factory. I then ripped a whole into the pad and with the other half of the pad, I rolled it to create a thin line. I then glued this around the perimeter of the whole too make my wound appear really deep. I then coloured in the lining and placed a red lipstick in the centre where the hole was to give the illusion of blood. I used my 'Wine Gum' lip bullet also to dab this onto the lining to really let it stand out, creating the look of a really deep wound. To finish off you can draw some 'criss-crosses' in a black eyeliner in a couple areas on your face to show scratches quite like a typical zombie.

I hope you liked this look! If you re-create it, then please let me know down in the comments below. It was honestly so fun to do this so I hope you love it as much as me!

Until next time my lovelies!

Toni, Xx


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