Naked Basics VS Naked 2 Basics: Comparison Review!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello you lovely people! So I recently managed to get my hands on the Naked 2 Basics palette which meant I have now finally finished my Naked collection! I've seen many people really struggling with whether to get into the Naked range as it does mount up to a fair amount of money if you choose to invest in them all and so I thought why not start off by giving you guys my opinion on the cheapest palettes of the bunch: meet the Naked Basics!

Now a lot of people do tend to agree the similarity between these palettes makes it not really that worth it to invest in the newest of the bunch: Naked Basics 2. For me, the palettes are actually really different. I find that the original Basics palette is much more brown toned with darker shades, excluding the only shimmery shade 'Venus' whereas the second basics palette is much paler in its' pigmentation which surprisingly is much more suited to me. As I have quite dark features already I feel as though deep brown shades tend to wash me out, leaving me looking quite tired looking which isn't exactly the look I am aiming for. 

Since experimenting with the Naked Basics 2 palette I have been leaning more towards the shades 'Skimp' and 'Stark'. I tend to place 'Skimp' all over my lid and then blend 'Stark' out into my crease and then to about halfway across my lid. I feel that 'Undone' is a really good shade if you are wanting a dark, black smokey eye yet still not too intense as it is slightly paler than 'Crave' in the original Basics palette. From the first palette I love using 'Venus' as a highlight shade and place this usually in my inner tear duct just to brighten up my eyes a little whilst giving them some definition too. 'W.O.S' is another lovely shade which I think works well either alone or across the lid with a darker colour blended in next to this in the crease. The colour of the shade is actually quite similar to 'Stark' in Naked Basics 2. 'Crave' I think is one of those timeless, classic shades that is absolutely necessary in any 'let's get back to basics' style of palette. You can build upon the shade to intensify the look or blend in to create a more subtle approach to the smokey eye. 

On the whole I feel the feel of these shades are lovely in both palettes. They have a really nice, soft feel to them and even though have great pigmentation (even without a primer!) they blend in really well too! I do understand the argument of the shades being too similar to even bother buying the second palette but I think it's generally your own personal preference. For me, I prefer the Naked Basics 2 as the shades generally appeal to me more, they're all slightly paler than those of the original Naked Basics palette and even though I love my eyeshadows I don't tend to wear them a lot on a daily basis so if I'm going for a natural look the second palette screams 'Naked' more to me than the first. There is a large similarity between the two however, you have your shimmery highlight from each palette 'Venus' from the first; 'Skimp' from the second. As I said before the colour of 'Stark' and 'W.O.S' are also very similar with 'W.O.S' from the first palette surprisngly being the palest out of the two. The other similar shades are 'Crave' and 'Undone', 'Naked 2 and Frisk' and finally 'Faint and Primal'. I feel as though 'Foxy' and 'Cover' are stand alone shades in each palette and aren't similar to any other shades. 'Foxy' is quite yellow toned yet with elements of white whereas 'Cover' is a pale brown with silver undertones. 

I absolutely adore both palettes but the paler shades from Naked 2 win me over slightly more. Have you tried any of these palettes? Which shades are your favourite? If you have both palettes, which one do you prefer? I hope you liked this review and I'll speak to you in my next post!!

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  1. I have yet to invest in a Naked palette, I'd definitely be going for the original as I'm quite fair and think darker shadows suit me better! Great review! xx

    1. Thank you! For me it's the second palette all the way but since posting this review I have tried to give my original basics palette a bit more love! Xx


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