Benefit Cosmetics Mid Month Calendar Review! #1

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello lovelies! So today, we're talking advent calendars. But not just any kind of advent calendar, a beauty advent calendar! I will be completely honest and admit that before this year I honestly never knew these types of calendar's ever even existed!! I'm still a make-up newbie and have really only began a major interest for it since receiving the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes for my birthday December last year, but since then it's safe to say I've become make-up obsessed. As well as my continuous love for clothes too of course. I've been lucky enough to try out my first ever beauty calendar this year and Benefit as many of you probably already know, is my favourite brand so I was overjoyed at the release of this calendar! Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. I'm just going to be giving you a mini review of the products I have opened so far! 

Day One - Heart Shaped Paper Clips - Surprise, surprise on the first day we do not receive a beauty product; go figure! But hey, I was pleasantly surprised by this cute little gift. Although, random I must say these are super cute and I'm definitely going to be using them to keep all of my blogger notes together during the new year! They come in two different shades of pink and I find it honestly so adorable that they are shaped like hearts, it's so sweet!

Day Two - Ultra Plush Lipgloss in 'A-Lister' -  I'm not actually a big lipgloss person. I love lip products, they are by far my favourite but lipgloss has just never really striked me as a product I love. The feel of this is so creamy and smooth on the lips and appears completely clear on my lips which I love, I'm not overly fond of shimmer on the lips. Although, I would personally much rather where a clear lip balm, I'm sure when I'm feeling adventurous and fancy some gloss on the lips that this will be perfect for that!

Day Three - They're Real Mascara -  Okay so call me a mood killer but I honestly do not see the massive hype about this mascara, unfortunately. I do have really small eyelashes anyway and am yet to discover my holy grail mascara.This mascara does add length yes, but unfortunately I find that quite like most other mascaras it does fade really quickly throughout the day. Do you have any mascara suggestions for me? Please them in the comments down below!!

Day Four - Stay Don't Stray Primer - If you didn't already know this is hands down my favourite Benefit product and so I was super excited to see it was featured in their calendar! It just does its job brilliantly, my eyeshadows 100% stay all day without any shifting, I honestly cannot express my love enough for this product. If you're looking for a long lasting eyeshadow primer then this certainly is the one!

Day Five - It's Potent Eye Cream - Now, I've actually never tried any of the Benefit skincare products before so I was super excited to see this behind door number five. I've been applying this under my eyes overnight, just to see if after a few days there is a visible difference in the appearence of my dark circles. After using the product for a week I have definitely seen a reduction in my dark circles, although not completely erased they are definitely smaller and my eyes appear much brighter with a natural glow now under the eyes. 

Day Six - The Porefessional Primer - Seriously, who does not love this product? Another one of my Benefit favourites for sure. The formula of this product is just beautifully smooth and gives my make-up a much 'cleaner' finish whenever I wear it, I also find that this product can go a long way and you really don't need to use a lot of it at all. This is the third sample size version I've had now including my full size too and it feels like my supplies of this are endless. I wouldn't say my pores are completely erased but they definitely are blurred to a certain extent, I love it!

Day Seven - Metallic Silver Hair Tie - Although, stretchy I think this hair tie is actually quite small and I do have a lot of hair so I would probably struggle to tie this securely. It would look really cute as a little wristband though!

Day Eight - Sticky Notes - Unfortunately, I cannot persuade myself to actually use these as they far too cute and so I honestly just have them on my desk alongside the paper clips from day one just as a decoration. It looks lovely, I just won't be writing on these!

Day Nine - Ultra Plush Lipgloss in 'Dandelion' - As I said before, I'm not a big fan of lipglosses. So already the sizing of this for me is perfect, it will genuinely last me forever haha! After trying this out I was honestly so impressed. My lips were dry and this lipgloss instantly removed any dryness or any dead skin, the moisture rate is amazing! The colour once again is fairly neutral which I love although unlike A-Lister this product has a hint of shimmer and so is more of a going out lipgloss but I have been pleasantly surprised by this.

Day 10 - Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer - I have used this product before and unfortunately was a little disappointed by it. I find that this primer makes my foundation cling onto it and therefore makes my face appear streaky, uneven and rather cakey. Definitely far from flawless. On a more positive note, the packaging is absolutely adorable so it has to receive some brownie points for that!

Day 11 - Benetint - I have used Lollitint previously but I've always been a little scared to venture into the world of Benetint due to how deep of a red this is, I assumed I would have cheeks like a clown but I was actually pleasantly surprised. This added a natural flush of colour to my cheeks, you honestly couldn't really tell I had used a product there and as regards for my lips there was only a very subtle change, they became more of a deep pink than a pale pink, this blended in with my natural colour very well. Lovely product.

Day 12 - Total Moisture Facial Cream - Firstly, this product smells amazing! And the size of it too, for a sample size it's HUGE! I did have to use a fair bit of this product however to cover the entirety of my face and when spreading this my face initially felt fairly stiff. Once applied however I looked so much more awake, this adds a beautiful glow to the skin and is definitely perfect for those tired Monday mornings!

Day 13 - Posietint - Unfortunately, unlike the other tints I have tried this was not a good colour for me. My cheeks became obviously fake, the colour was far too over empowering and my lips became a barbie coloured pink. Definitely a no no for me!

Day 14 - Hair Tie with Gold Bow - This is super cute and I'm so happy the band is black too which means it will suit my dark brown hair perfectly. The sizing is also much bigger than the previous silver hair tie and therefore will definitely be able to support my mass ammount of hair, I love!

Day 15 - Oooh La Lift: Instant Eye Brightening Cream - This genuinely works wonders. When Benefit claims this is instant they certainly were not wrong to do so. Although, the difference was not a vast one I could definitely see my eye appeared far more awake when compared to the other. Another product perfect for those tired Monday mornings.

So I hope you liked this post. Have you got the Benefit Advent Calendar? Let me know in the comments below what you think of the products so far? What other beauty advent calendars have you tried out this year? The nail polishes in the Ciate one look lovely so I'm super jealous of anyone who has that! Until next time!

Happy Holidays,
Toni. X

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