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Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello everyone! So with the colder weather rapidly approaching now we're in the midst of December, it's important we take extra care of our skin. The harshness of the wild wind and the freezing snow can dry out our lips, face and even our hair! And as well as really just making us feel a little more run down than usual on the whole too. So today I'm just going to be sharing with you my personal skincare favourites to help tackle the harshness of winter. 

Nivea Soft for Face, Body and Hands - As a person with combination skin, I find it really important to keep my skin in tip top moisture condition on a daily basis. I do tend to change my moisturisers up quite often but at the moment I am really liking this one by Nivea. It contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which is even better when your skin tends to be a little more thirsty in the winter. I also love how this dries very quickly, so I am left with enough moisture but not too much at the point where my face appears shinier than a steel pan.

Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes - When I'm not using my all time love the 'Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water' this becomes my perfect alternative. Sometimes when removing my make-up, particularly on my eyes it can feel as though I'm ripping my eyelashes off of my face but Simple's gentle formula removes my make-up with ease, leaving it make-up free, hydrated and refreshingly cleansed.

Clearasil Daily Clear Anti Blemish Cream - I have recently changed from my Freederm gel to this and I must admit I have began to break out again but this could just be due to my skin not being fully used to the change of product yet. Even though I am  breaking out more once I apply this treatment the next day the blemish has definitely reduced in size as well as redness too. The great thing about this product is its' formula is very similar to a moisturiser and so blends into the skin beautifully, with gel serums I find you can only apply them at night as they have to be left to dry up whereas this can be worn alone or under make-up during the day due to its' moisturising consistency, therefore unlike other products, your skin does not become flaky and dry out; perfect for the winter months. 

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub - As mentioned in my November Favourites, this stuff works wonders to my lips. In the colder months my lips do tend to dry up more often and so I find myself constantly reapplying lip balm throughout the day especially when I'm wearing a lipstick as this dries out my lips even more. But a little scrub of this onto my lips in the morning has really made the appearence of them smoother and much more moisturised for longer and the coca cola flavoring is just the perfect seasonal bonus. 

Vaseline Spray and Go - This is definitely an old but still very loved favourite of mine. As I've said about a million times now in this post the winter really does dry our skin out, when you're in a rush (Me, pretty much every morning!) and need a quick moisture boost then this product is perfect for you. Not only does it smell of cocoa-butter which is just heavenly already but it dries super quick too, genuinely in seconds. Just as it says on the packaging itself "So you can put your clothes straight on!" For only £4 this product really is a little life saver for my skin not only in the winter but all year round.

So that was all of my current favourite skincare products, I hope you liked this post and if you have any other skincare recommendations then please let me know in the comments below. I love trying out new products, so I would really love to hear what you guys are enjoying at the moment too! Until next time..

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love the Vaseline moisturizers but I've never tried the Spray and Go one ! It looks really cool ! :)

    1. You so should! It's fab hahaha definitely perfect for when you're in a rush! X

  2. Might have to go and purchase some of these things, lovely post xx

    Lucy |

    1. That's great, they work fab for me! Thank you Lucy :)xx


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