Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello everyone! So as you've probably already guessed by the title it was my 18th birthday this week, yesterday to be exact! I personally really love hauls and I actually haven't posted one on my blog yet so I thought why not kick it off with a birthday haul. Just a little disclaimer before I start, I am in no way bragging at all in this post, I'm simply just sharing with you what people were so lovely to buy me for my birthday this year. I love seeing what everyone else gets for their birthdays and Christmas, it usually ends up with me adding a couple extra bits I then want for myself. So let's just get straight on into it!

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks Collection - Wow. I was blown away when I opened this. I've honestly never owned any Real Technique's brushes before but I've heard so many good things about them and they honestly just look lovely, so I cannot wait to try these out!

Bailey's Gift Set - So as you know this is an 18th birthday haul and no 18th birthday haul would be complete without some alcohol. This is a really cute little set with three flavours and three chocolates, definitely a cheeky sweet treat for me to enjoy over the Christmas season.

18th Me To You Bear - If you know me well then it's probably common knowledge that I love me to you bears, I honestly think they are so cute and I already have the 13th and 16th bears so I was delighted when my mother bought me the 18th bear to add to my collection.

The Mary-Lou Manizer - If you think of the Balm cosmetics then this is probably the first product you immediately think of. Am I right?! Well I now finally own it myself, I tried it out yesterday and I fell in love with it. The colour is so pigmented yet blends so well and is a lovely golden shade which is something a little different as I'm used to more silvery tones to highlight but it adds a beautiful glow to the face.

Nars Firming Foundation in 'Deauville' - I also tried this out for the first time yesterday and I have also fell in love with this too. Although not full coverage, this offers a strong medium coverage and blends evenly and smoothly across the skin. This shade was perfect for me and blends in so well with my natural skin tone. Definitely a good foundation if you're looking for one with a buildable coverage, I added the Nars creamy concealer on top of this and I then received that perfect full coverage I was looking for.

Topshop Lipstick in 'Petal' - I've been looking for a very natural, pink everyday make-up go to kind of lipstick for a while now and this colour is just perfect for that. I already love the Topshop lip bullets and wear my Wine Gum one quite often and this lipstick certainly does not disappoint either. Definitely perfect for everyday wear. I also heard Topshop tend to discontinue this shade quite a lot so I might consider repurchasing this again quickly myself!

CLOTHES! Of course, clothes! I've received £100 on clothes the past couple of birthdays and this time I picked up a couple of nice bits from Topshop of course, surprise surprise, where else?! And a top from River Island as well actually! First off I have officially joined the ripped knee jean hype. I chosen the black pair from Topshop and I swear there is not a day that goes by where I do not see at least one girl wearing these jeans and so I am so happy I finally have a pair of my own. Then I also picked up a lovely red velvet bodycon skirt, I've been looking for one of these for a while so when I spotted this in Topshop I was hands down in love. To go with it I also purchased a green, turtle neck styled crop top and so when worn together I kind of look a little like a Christmas tree.Finally from Topshop I got this adorable cable knit cardigan in their recent Black Friday sale, I actually bought mine in a size 14 so it's quite oversized and perfect for this time of year! Then from River Island I recieved this skater style vest tee with the words 'It's Complicated' written all over the shirt, I just thought it was a simple statement piece which I can pair with pretty much anything as it's black and white and will be perfect for college.

Ikea Malm Dresser - I've had my eyes on this beauty for a while now and when I received it for my birthday I was overjoyed. I now finally have a much better make-up storage system, my collection is now so much more organised rather than a clumped mess where I spend around 5 minutes rummaging around for each item every morning. I'm genuinely in love with this. But I've now become an OCD cleaner and any speck of dust or hair I notice on this I'm constantly just cleaning it every two minutes haha!

I also received the most amazing cake, for a beauty and fashion enthusiast this was perfect ahh!!

So that's everything I received for my birthday, I had a wonderful day and I'm super grateful to all of the amazing things people were so kind enough to buy for me. I'm sorry I can't include any prices, I feel a little rude asking considering these were birthday presents but I'm sure if you just google these pieces and do some research you will be able to find out for yourselves. Until next time!

Happy Holidays!
Toni. X

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