Bye Bye 2014!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is New Year's Eve already? This year has honestly flown by! It has been a crazy year filled with highs and lows and a lot of lessons have definitely been learnt. To wrap up this year I just thought I would share with you 10 things I am grateful for that 2014 has given me.

1. Starting a blog
Of course, I couldn't not mention this! As you may or may not already know, I started blogging in July this year initially as a hobby and because I knew it would look good on my uni applications as I'm applying to do fashion journalism. As the months have gone by I have fallen in love with blogging and my love for fashion and beauty has grown like no other. Definitely the best thing I chosen to do this year!

2. Passing my first year of college!
In England you go to college from 16 and in your first year you study what are called AS levels. I'm currently undergoing my A2's which are the second half of my AS, the complete qualification basically. In the summer of this year I sat all of my AS exams and passed them all! I got BBBC and I'm really aiming to push those up to A's in 2015!

3. Turning 18
Turning 18 is always a very key moment in somebody's life. You're officially an adult, you can do whatever the hell you want. Well, within reason! My 18th birthday was actually only two weeks ago but I had the most amazing day and I'm ever so grateful to my family for making it a day to remember.

4. One Direction - Stadium Tour
You probably already know this as I have mentioned it a billion times before but I of course, love One Direction. In June this year I was able to see them on their first ever stadium tour and I was in the front block which was amazing! It was definitely the best concert I have ever been too! Unfortunately I didn't manage to get tickets to their next tour due to the announcement being so near to Christmas but I have seen them live twice now so I can't complain!

5. University
This year I have had it hammered into my head from college about how important it is to have a good personal statement. And oh boy, those things really are hard to write. I'm quite a modest person, I don't exactly find it easy to sit down and create a list of all of my good qualities and so I really struggled with this one. I have no work experience either which didn't exactly help but for some unknown reason I have been accepted by all four of the universities i applied too! It's crazy to think this time next year I will have been attending one of them for four months!!

6. Union J 
I think it's quite obvious now that I am just a little bit of a fangirl. I have met Union J a couple of times this year and I've had the opportunity to meet some lovely people during the process! The last time I met them which was actually at a CD signing at the beginning of this month and JJ was just in a bit of awe about my flashing up phone case, causing the rest of the boys and even the security guards to start shouting out check that disco phone girl! Which although funny now, was just slightly embarrassing at the time!

7. My Mum
Cliche I know. But she has done so much for me this year that I am so grateful for. From buying me a Macbook Pro to a desk for me to organise my make-up collection better and even a personalised 18th birthday cake featuring icing Benefit products I couldn't be anymore grateful. Anything I've wanted and needed she has got for me and she has been there throughout all of my ups and downs this year and no matter what has happened she is always by my side, whether she may agree with what I am doing or not. She's my rock.

8. Mistakes
Now you're probably wondering why I am grateful for mistakes. Nobody likes to make a mistake but we do, nobody is perfect and that's just life. I'm grateful for my mistakes because I'm still growing as a person and yes, I have made one too many mistakes this year but I can now say I've learnt from them and without them I wouldn't be the confident person that is leaving 2014 behind with a smile upon her face.

9. Wales
Every year since I was a baby me and my family have always gone to Wales. Each year without fail. It may not sound to you like the most exciting place in the world but as I've been brought up with this tradition it's became quite a special place to me. This year our holiday caravan became too old and so has had to be removed from the site but as a surprise our Auntie bought us a new one so we could all continue to still go to Wales for another 10 years time! It sounds silly I know but I'm just so grateful that even though I'm 18 now a part of my childhood can still remain alive.

10. London
And speaking of places, London! Before this year I have honestly never visited London before and now I've been 3 times! It's such a beautiful city and let's just say I tend to go a little crazy with my money on Oxford street, but hey what's that saying again? "When in London...

2014 has been a crazy year, although I haven't actually achieved that much in comparison to some it's definitely been a year that has changed my viewpoint on so many different things in life. I hope that you liked this post and that you have an amazing New Year's Eve whatever it is that you choose to do tonight! I'm spending the evening with my family at my sister's house for a sit down meal and some drinks. 

What have you achieved this year? Let me know in the comments down below! Until next time,

Best wishes for the New Year!
Toni, x


  1. I started a blog too! It's funny how much fun it can be- I wasn't sure if I would initially like it, but now I love love love blogging.

    1. It's crazy isn't it?! And the people in the community are so lovely too which is so nice! :)


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