Christmas Gift Guide For Him: UNDER £10!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello lovelies, how are you all? Are you enjoying the rush of Christmas shopping? Incase you're still really stuck as to what to buy him for Christmas but are unfortunately a little strapped for cash then keep reading on for some gift ideas for him which are sure to put a smile on his face for under £10! Also, I posted a Christmas gift guide for her on Monday so feel free to check that out here too! So I hope you like this post and that it hopefully will give you a little bit of much needed gift inspiration. 

Superman Mug £10 Next - Now, who doesn't love a good cuppa especially on Christmas morning? There really is nothing like sitting by the fire surrounded by presents and a good old brew, so why not give him nice mug to make that first Christmas cuppa in after all every super man wants his own superman mug right?!

X5 Handkerchiefs Pack £10 Next - Has he got a special event coming up soon? One involving the good ole' suit and tie? Then why not spruce his suit up even more with a choice of five beautifully patterned handkerchiefs, the suit combinations are endless! 

'Have you heard the one about..?' Joke Book £8 Boots - I'm pretty sure it's a well known fact that ALL men are jokers. They simply love to wind us up and tell the most unfunny jokes ever (Usually rather rude ones too!) or maybe these kind hearted creatures are simply attempting to raise our spirits and put a smile on everybody's faces, how sweet? Either way, not only will this probably make him laugh but maybe his joke skills might actually improve! Who knows, for only £8 it's definitely worth a try!

Dove For Men Trio £9 Boots - As I mentioned in my last post, all about skincare; our skin is unfortunately very fragile in the winter and can dry out a lot easier than usual. So why not give his skin that much needed woman's touch this winter and buy him this lovely dove set for only £9. I've tried Dove products in the past myself and always thought they worked really well so for a trio pack this is a deal not to miss out on!

Gilette Mach 3 Limited Edition Set £6.50 Boots - With Movember just ending has he recently became attached to that beard you really cannot stand?! I'm sure he'll be keen to remove it with this limited edition set from Gillette and hey, it's limited edition; that's got to get bonus points for being extra special, right?

British Ale Selection £8 Boots - Now, what man doesn't love a good drink? And I'm sure if we are thinking about men stereotypically, the image of a man sat at a pub on a Sunday night guzzling down 7 pints of beer may probably come to mind. If so, then this is perfect for that beer loving man you instantly began to think of. 

Cyclists Survival Kit £8 Boots - Simply because this gift guide should be aimed at every possible male there may be. If he loves the outdoors, has a bike but never ever uses it or is an active, cyclist enthusiast then this joke styled present is sure to put a smile upon his face. Not forgetting, becoming really helpful on those long bike rides!

Matalan Alder Hey Alphabet Scarf £10 - As mentioned in my Christmas gift guide for her, this is definitely one of my favourite gift ideas this year. Not only does it help out Alder Hey children's charity but will keep you warm with a smile this Christmas with the lovely letter personalisation. This really is a gift where it is the thought that counts.

Topman Beanie £8 - Beanies have become really on trend this year so this is a really simple yet thoughtful gift idea which you are sure to keep him looking warm and stylish this Christmas. The options of beanie designs are also pretty much endless so I'm sure there will be one out there that he will be guaranteed to love.

So I hope you liked this post! If you haven't done already then please do feel free to check out my Christmas gift guide for her. I hope this gave you some inspiration as to what to buy for him this Christmas, if you have already bought him something special then please do feel free to let me know what in the comments below, I'd love to hear your gift ideas too! Until next time,

Happy Holidays!

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