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Friday, January 30, 2015

Men. They really are the real life alien's of a woman's world. Even that old saying goes "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" Another known fact to take note of is Venus is the Goddess of love, with Valentine's day just around the corner I've partnered up with a really exciting company called Man Crates. Man Crates create awesome gifts in crates for the men of the world to enjoy all things in life that may be considered 'manly'. These may range from poker and whiskey crates all the way to teaching men in the ways of surviving a zombie apocalypse. And the even funnier part about all of these is of course you open the crates with a crowbar, men unfortunately are not into pretty little ribbons and bows. And so here is where us women get into it!

Man Crates are asking a handful of bloggers to share their ideas as to what they would include in a 'Date Crate'. The idea of a date crate is for us female citizens of Venus to teach men in the ways of winning a woman's heart. For Valentine's day, Man Crates are launching the date crate collection, to allow men to receive a crate full of items perfect for him to have a successful date.

I have been chosen to select 5 items, I would include in my date crate for a man. I have chosen the theme of a date night on the couch at home. Cute, cosy and maybe even a cheeky little bit intimate.

Now in my eyes, you can't go wrong with a good set of films. On the whole it's true us women do tend to like a good RomCom, although I wouldn't shy away from a good comedy or an action/adventure film. Although, I'm sorry but horror just isn't my thing. If it's full of gore, I'm not a fan. 

Being the chocoholic I am, I certainly wouldn't shy away from a good posh box of choccies! Tying in with this, flowers are often another good choice especially if like me you're obsessed with room decor or just anything that will spruce a room up a little bit. But of course, flowers would just die in the box. So to solve this, my perfect date crate would include a gift voucher for some flowers from a posh florist, not the corner shop bought ones men usually opt for.. Candles would also be another perfect option!! 

Then of course, you can't forget a good bottle of drink to share between the two of you. I'm actually quite fussy when it comes to drink. I cannot stomach a bottle of wine nor a beer/lager. I just think it tastes disgusting and with wine, it smells it too! I'm more of a spirits/whiskey lass, I clearly must take after my dad.

Lastly, every date crate should include a good bottle of aftershave/deodorant. After all, no girl wants their man smelling nasty when they lean in for a kiss!! Pacco Rabanne 1 million seems to be a popular one and it's definitely one of my favourites!

And so that is the top five items I would put into a movie night date crate, the ideas however are endless! You could throw in a pair of onesies, a hot chocolate set with mugs and marshmallows or even a nice tie if you want your man to make a little more of an effort on the appearance front! I hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments below what your ideal man crate would include for a perfect date with your man! Until next time..

Have you ever been on a date with an unprepared man?
Toni, x

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid to create this post. All opinions are my own. 

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