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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello you beautiful people! With this past weekend having been all about love, I thought it would be a nice idea to continue sharing the love this week on my blog by sharing with you a few of my favourite bloggers.

Lily Melrose
With her gorgeous sense of style, beautiful photography and stunning make-up looks Lily's blog is perfect if you are an avid fashion and beauty blog reader. I always look forward to the next time I see a post of Lily's ready to read on my bloglovin' feed, her positivity leaves me feeling inspired whenever she posts tips regarding blogging, anxiety or stress. I always feel a little more positive and inspired once having a little read over her blog.

From Roses
Rebecca's blog is perfect if you're looking for a read about beauty and a lot of inspiration. Rebecca's blog is the blog I would visit it if I needed a little pick me up and felt in need of a reason to smile, her posts have taught me about appreciating my own company more, having the motivation to improve my blog and even ways I can decorate my room in order to feel a little bit more inspired in my own space.

Queen of Jet Lags
If you're in need of a new fashion blog to follow then Noor's blog will definitely be the one for you. Her style is simply flawless, alongside her beautiful photography her outfits will simply leave you wanting more. Her style may be simplistic, yet is super elegant and quirky at the same time. Alongside an array of beautiful locations, Queen of Jet Lags will not only increase your desire to travel, she probably has an outfit post somewhere suited to everyone. A perfectly diverse fashion blogger. Accompanied by the occasional blogging tips post Noor's blog is definitely one to make sure you're following.

Magpie Jasmine
Now of course I have to send a little love in the direction of a fellow Manchester blogger. If you're in the need of a new beauty blogger to follow then Jasmine's blog is the one for you. I have discovered so many new products from reading Jasmine's blog varying from drugstore products right through to those cheeky high end ones we all love to lust over. One thing I admire about Jasmine's blog is her honest voice, all of her reviews are completely honest and if she doesn't like a product she isn't afraid to share that with her readers.

Stardust Bohemian
Finally, I have another stunning fashion blog to share with you all. Sera's style is certainly unique that's for sure! Her beautiful bohemian dresses and cute little crop tops will have you wishing you were a born free spirit through and through. Her collection of stand out jewellery pieces will also have you just a tiny little bit jealous of her exquisite array of silver rings and beachy inspired necklaces. Her blog has me falling in love with the bohemian style again and again and again.

So I hope that you enjoyed today's post, I think it's important that we remember to share the love with those around us not only on Valentine's day but everyday. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day, let me know in the comments down below how you spent the day with your loved ones this year. Until next time lovelies!

Who are your favourite bloggers?
Toni, x


  1. nice

  2. Nice post dear!
    New blog post

  3. Lovely post, you've picked a few of my favourites as well!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I love discovering new blogs! Thanks for sharing. I have so many bloggers I like, bookmarked I can't quite pick a favorite

    xo naomi

  5. Lovely post! I just nominated your for the liebster award: x


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