Monday, March 16, 2015

The moral of this weeks blog post is to ALWAYS trial a product with a sample before purchasing it. 

Hello lovelies, how are we all? I have spent the past week still full of a cold which may you have read in last Monday's post! But apart from that, I can't really complain.. Well not at least until I decided on what I was going to blog about this week. Recently, I have accumulated a lot of sample sized products, as you probably know Elle magazine have a cheeky couple in each issue. Over the past couple of months I've collected my fair share and not trialled them out, so I had the idea to create a look using a collection of the samples I have and to review them all as a first impressions post but unfortunately things didn't exactly go according to plan...

Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum
Now I love Benefit as a brand. If you've been reading my blog for a while now then you would probably already know they are in fact my favourite brand. But this product did not go down well with me at all. The product claims to 'firm, smooth and rejuvenate the skin' as well as having a 'lightweight, velvety finish'. Upon first applying this I was so surprised to see it was a water based formula, my skin was just absorbing the water instantly and as soon as I applied this to my skin it just completely dried up. My face then began to feel really sticky and 'tacky' definitely not 'rejuvenating' that's for sure. Disappointing considering this is supposed to suit all skin types. To make matters worse, I think my skin unusually had an allergic reaction to the product. My skin began to burn and sting, particularly on the left side of my face which made it really difficult to begin to apply my make-up after this, each time I applied another layer my face just burnt yet it does state this is perfectly fine for use during either the day or night. Sorry benefit but I won't be purchasing this in the future. 

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Moisturiser
After using the Benefit facial serum, I then began to apply a sample of this moisturiser. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed with this product. Not as good as the current moisturiser I am using, the 'Nivea Soft Day Cream' but I was satisfied. The formula felt very silky and smooth to apply, so I am unsure as to why I still had dry areas around my nose area when applying my foundation after this. The formula is a pale pinkish colour, if you have the Benefit That Gal primer the colour appears very similar to this, I am assuming the reason for this is quite like a CC cream to fix any colour imperfections found on the skin. The product claims to 'help transform the appearance of skin quality, as if corrected'. I wouldn't say it did a perfect job by any means but I was happy that it managed to at least slightly rejuvenate my skin after the nightmare of the Benefit serum completely dehydrating my skin even further. Would I purchase this? Yes, I probably would.

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation
Now I had high hopes for this foundation, especially due to the mass hype surrounding this in the blogosphere. The sample I had was in the shade '50 natural'. Since trying out the Max Factor creme puff blush and falling in love, I became keen to try out more of their products. But for me, this foundation just fell short. One thing I will say however is this did provide me with a fairly medium coverage, it definitely covered any redness I had on my skin; particularly surrounding my chin area. I just feel as though this really creased around my skin particularly my mouth area, which I don't usually experience with a foundation. My skin also appeared very 'cakey' looking as it unfortunately attached itself onto any dry areas of my skin, I'm not sure if this is due to the Benefit facial serum drying my skin out, I did apply the L'Oreal Skin Perfection moisturiser and Benefit's porefessional prior to using this foundation. Sorry Max Factor but I am disappointed.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation&Concealer
I was so excited to try out a sample of this as I have been debating whether or not to make a purchase. I've never used anything by Clinique before but I've heard good things about this and so couldn't wait to give it a go for myself. However, the results were dreadful. The sample I had was in the shade 9 'neutral'. The picture of the product on the sample appears to look fairly light so I didn't think there would be any problem. Oh, how wrong I was. 

On the plus side of things the product claims to work on combination skin, which I unfortunately have and it did not appear to make my skin look either more oily or more dry, which was great. The product also gives a fairly good coverage, not perfect but definitely more than halfway there to being so. Now, I know I'm a pale lass but this was genuinely a joke. The product was orange. I repeat the product was ORANGE!! I don't even mean a pale brown, it was definitely orange. I had to blend this into my neck completely and even then I just looked ridiculous. As though I had had an extremely bad, cakey spray tan. Bearing in mind me and mum were about to head into town to do some shopping, there was no way I could leave the house in this state. 

Have you ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well on Friday morning I certainly resembled a brilliant re-inactment of an Oompa Loompa. I came downstairs and my mum genuinely began to burst out laughing in shock at how orange I was. The photograph in my thumbnail above just doesn't do this any justice at all, it was ridiculous. I then of course had to re-do the entirety of my base, I filled 3 cotton pads on both sides with brown gunk it was disgusting, I even used my Micellar Cleansing water which works miracles and I had to scrub pretty hard to remove this completely.  The moral of the story? Stick to what you know and NEVER buy a product on impulse without trialling it out. 

Would I purchase this? I honestly don't know. I wanted to like this product so much and the coverage was good but the colour quality was awful. Maybe if a lady at a Clinique counter trialled the lightest shade on me but I'd be very wary of spending my money on this and it becoming a wasted product.

MAC False Lash Extreme Mascara
This would have been the last product I was going to sample in my FOTD but as I had to restart my look I used this separately alongside my everyday make-up routine. Prior to application I applied my Urban Decay Subversion lash primer, the results were pretty good. The mascara definitely lengthened my lashes a fair amount, this did last throughout the entirety of the day although it had dropped slightly, I cannot complain. Doesn't quite match up to my Benefit Roller Lash or The Balm What's Your Type? But it is definitely a strong competitor. Would I purchase this? Absolutely! 

So that's it for this weeks post! I hope you didn't mind reading something a bit negative on my blog for once, it was strange speaking of products in a critical light but unfortunately we cannot love everything we try. Have you ever tried any of these products before? If so, let me know your opinions in the comments down below! Until next time lovelies!

Have you ever had a bad beauty experience?

Toni, x


  1. Oh no! cant believe it started to burn your face thats not good. Nice to hear an honest review though x

    1. It was awful haha! It was strange writing something negative down for once!! X


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