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Monday, April 20, 2015

I've definitely been in need of some new tights, so when the lovely Kerri from Wolford contacted me to try out a pair of their luxurious tights I was more than delighted to give them a go! I chosen the Fine Cotton Rib Tights in 'Black'. I have really been enjoying all things ribbed at the moment, particularly t-shirts and so I decided to change things up a little on the tights front and choose something a little different from what I would usually opt for. 

Outfit details:
Top - Topshop
Skirt - Goldie London (Topshop Boutique - Old)
Tights - Wolford*
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Lipstick - New York Apple by MAC

 I can honestly say I have NEVER, EVER found tights that fit as well as these do. When I wear tights I usually always have a really awkward sizing problem. They either are too 'waggy' and the inner leg area falls down (Cute, I know!) or if I purchase a larger size they fit too high on my waist. It's usually a nightmare, so I am super impressed with the sizing of these. These are also super comfy too, I honestly felt like I was wearing leggings! I also walk 'knock-kneed' as well aka my knees brush against each other whilst I'm walking and these do not itch my legs in the slightest which deserves extra brownie points from me! As a side reference I ordered mine in a size medium and I usually wear a standard size 10 on the high street. 

Initially I really loved the added touch of the waistband having the company name 'Wolford' engraved into the band, the band also has a scallop trim detail which is super pretty. The actual main feature design of the tights is very subtle, as it is naturally imprinted into the material like a stripe rather than a 3D rib which is good for someone who is only used to wearing boring old plain tights haha! The design also isn't too subtle where you can't see it, it's the perfect inbetween tone. These tights are also super versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything. Stripes are very on trend right now, especially ribbing so I felt super stylish in these haha! 

'Wolford' are a tights and hosiery company based in the beautiful city of Milan. They sell everything from invisible tight socks all the way through to body suits. They even sell the classic piece needed in every woman's wardrobe, of course I am talking about the little black dress. Their prices range from £8 upwards if you are in the UK. $10 if you are in Ireland and $15 if you are in the US. The quality of these tights are 100% worth their value! They are super soft, super comfy and beautifully fitted. They do not feel tight around the waist area either, usually with tights I am left with an imprint on my skin after wearing them the whole day but with these there was nothing. It's true what you say, you definitely pay more for quality! And I can assure you these are the highest quality tights I have ever worn.

The only negative thing I have to say about these is they do slightly gather lint but that may just be because they were new as black items usually do tend to do that. Buying black jeans can be a nightmare for lint sometimes! Since washing them however, the lint has come off so I can't complain!

Overall rating? 10/10! The delivery was super quick and convenient, perfect sizing, perfect comfort, perfect design and perfect material. Smiles all round!! The team were also super helpful, if you have any queries regarding sizing they were more than happy to help. They stated to carry sizes 1 to 10, I initially thought this was shoe size but they explained to me they stock sizes from Small to Large, I requested a medium and they did it all for me. A lovely, helpful and easy service.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies and the way that I chosen to style these. Simple but effective was my aim and I have really been loving the monochrome look at the moment. A special thank you to Wolford* for contacting me and supplying me with these beautiful tights, I shall definitely be making a purchase of my own sometime in the future! Until next time beauts!

Have you ever purchased from Wolford before?
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DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored. Anything that has been sent to me has been marked with an asterisk (*). All opinions are my own. 


  1. Love this look! The tights are so cool!

    Rachel Coco

  2. Thanks lovely, I'm so happy with them!

  3. Garuba Khadijah AbiolaApril 20, 2015 at 9:42 PM

    Nice tights dear!


  4. love the tights! I love when they are ribbed :)


    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  5. Thanks lovely! Me too, it's such a unique and cool design! xx


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