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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So we are now officially a quarter into 2015, how crazy is that?! It makes me so happy knowing that Summer isn't actually that long away now anymore but on the other hand knowing I have exams in 10 weeks scares me just a little bit! March has been a month of returning to old favourites of mine, it's nice to venture back into things we used to love every now and then so this lovelies is of course, my March favourites.

Bourjois Healthy Mix in 'Light Vanilla'
Back in December I was absolutely in love with this. This month after my BB cream hype I decided to return to this, the coverage of it is just amazing. I love the colouring too it's so perfect for my skin, I don't fake-tan either so it's a great match! Overall I love everything about this, the finish is flawless it conceals any redness on my skin and doesn't crease around my mouth area nor does it cling to any dry patches around my nose. I'd say this gives around 75% spot coverage so for a drugstore product that's pretty amazing. This gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Rewind Concealer in 'Light'
Once again, another old favourite of mine. For a while I've been using the darker shade 'Nude' as when I went to make a re-purchase the light shade unfortunately wasn't available. Hence my transition into BB creams; a lighter 'foundation'/base works perfectly for de-tensifying (if that is even a word?!) the pigmentation of a dark concealer. In other words, the concealer doesn't appear as intense. I've finally used the darker shade up and I've began to fall back in love with my original shade. I love how it brightens up my under eyes, the coverage of this is fairly good as well. Not 100% but definitely a good 70%. The formulation of this product is so creamy as well, something I adore in a concealer.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 'Lovely Pink'
I know, I know. I did just include this in my February favourites. But I couldn't not mention it again this month, it's far too good. And I'd be lying if I said I hadn't worn this pretty much 5 days out of 7 a week. The colour of this is so natural and the colour-pay off is amazing it's so long lasting and I just adore the pretty flush of pink it adds to my cheeks. Throughout March I've actually been wearing less make-up than usual. A BB cream, concealer, a touch of mascara this trustee pink blush and a lip balm and highlighter to finish. Simple but effective as they say, right?

Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye-Liner in '100% Black'
Now, finally onto something new that I've tried out this month. I became in desperate need of a liquid eyeliner and so I went on the hunt for the perfect one. This, definitely ticks all of the boxes. I worn this to my little cousin's christening this month and it honestly lasted me all day. It didn't smudge nor crease and the pigmentation is amazing. It's definitely true to it's name '100% Black'. If you haven't tried this one out yet, I definitely recommend it. I used to be awful at winged eyeliner but recently I've been getting there. This product makes application so easy, it's small precision wand helps to apply the product tightly alongside the lash line and effortlessly creates a pretty, small flick which is definitely easily buildable without creating a panda eye. I'm in love.

Benefit Posie Balm
Once again, something I have recently been getting back into recently. I in fact do have all of the Benefit lip balms but this one by far is my favourite, it adds such a natural colour to the lips and I've definitely been into my pinkish toned products recently. This product is super creamy and moisturising to the lips it has definitely become my go to lip balm this month. 

Benefit Benetint USB Stick
HOW CUTE IS THIS?! This was a free gift as part of an order I made earlier in the month and I'm in love. I feel so cool slotting in my 'beauty product' into my computer haha, oh god I'm sad I know! But this is adorable and looks so cute on my dresser when it isn't in use. I'm such a sucker for anything with cute packaging like this, it's just so original! My photographer teacher just laughed at me when she seen me using this in class! Ahh, I love it and I was so impressed it came with 2GB of memory, that's a pretty fair amount considering this was FREE!! 

So that has been everything I have been loving throughout the month of February. It isn't as much as I would have usually tried out but it is definitely nice sometimes to save some money and remember why your old favourites were your favourites before. Have you tried any of my March favourites before? Until next time lovelies!

What have you been loving in March?

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  1. That USB stick is so adorable! I saw the picture and did a double take... Perfect for a make-up junkie :)

    Great post!
    Charlotte xxx

    1. Adorable isn't it?! Haha when I seen the promo code I just couldn't resist!! Thank you lovely xx

  2. The Maybelline concealer is just fab :) and I'd love to try some of the Benefit tinted lipbalms, they look lovely xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

    1. It gives such good coverage for the price!! And you definitely should they are so moisturising :)xx

  3. The Max Factor Blush looks like the most beautiful shade ever! :D

    Rebecca Coco

    1. It's gorgeous! I actually seen it was the last one in store and went back the next day and it was still the only one there I class that as a purchase that was meant to happen haha! X


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