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Monday, May 4, 2015

I say this every single month and I shall probably keep continuing to do so but.. THIS YEAR IS GOING BY SO QUICKLY! I mean, May?! Seriously?! I finish my last set of timetabled lessons in college FOREVER in less than 2 weeks time, which is seriously crazy!! Exams are coming around too fast and I really really don't like it! But anyway,  goodbye April and hello May! Without further adieu, here is everything that I have been loving throughout April..

This scent is just heavenly and I'm so glad I finally got my hands on it this month. I mean seriously, what is there not to love? This fragrance literally just screams 'Spring'. The packaging is absolutely stunning and if you've been reading my blog for a while now you'll know I am such a sucker for cute packaging! This scent is also super long lasting yet not overpowering at the same time. Infused with musk, blackberry and pear this fragrance is super light and pretty for the Spring time. Overall perfect  for a 'girly girl' like myself.

NY Coffee
This is SO random, I know!! But my mum seen this in the shops and noticed it was on offer so she decided to see if I would prefer this to my usual Nescafe 3 in 1 and as it's in my favourites post then yes you guessed it, I LOVE it. I really don't how to describe it apart from it's just such a nice coffee and of course, the packaging gets me too as per usual haha! You also get like 15 sachets in a bag for £2 it is such a bargain! If you're a coffee drinker just try this out!!

A new month of course led to new MAC lipsticks in my collection, oops! This month I picked up Japanese Maple and New York Apple but I've really been loving Japanese Maple for my everyday go to look. It's such a subtle pink-ish nude. To me, it's how I imagine Benefit Posie Balm would look like but in a lipstick form which is super pretty! This is a cremesheen finish which is perfect for someone like me who suffers from severe dry lips!

I've had this a while but only really began to get into it this month. This is amazing for brightening underneath the eyes when I've applied it one side and compare with the other the difference is ridiculous, I was genuinely shocked. Perfect for those tired and dull Monday mornings! The coverage from this is also pretty amazing, but I recommend pumping out the tiniest bit onto your hand. A little goes a long way with this product! The only bad thing I do have to say about this however is it does crease underneath my eyes so if you have any tips on how I can prevent this then I'd love to know! 

Once again, another product I've had a while but only really began to get back into this month. The word flushed just makes me feel like Summer. And around mid-April the weather was insane for this time of year and so I wanted to add a bit more of a natural, healthy bronzed glow to my make-up. The bronzer from this palette is PERFECT for this. Super natural, easily buildable and blends out seamlessly. This palette is also perfect for travelling! A blusher, bronzer and highlighter all in one?! I'm there!! 

Quick question!!!! This palette apparently has shades yet MINE DOESN'T?! It is 100% genuine, I did buy it from an Urban Decay counter in store and not online, so if any of you have this does yours have a shade name as mine is just the standard 'Flushed' palette. 

Wow is all I can say. I've had this product lying in my drawer for around 3 months and NEVER used it. As silly as it is, I just didn't want the NARS imprinted calligraphy on the product to come away but I can't just waste like £23 or something crazy like that on a lipstick so this month I decided it was about time I finally got some use out of it and oh my, this is even better than a MAC lipstick. I can't believe I actually just said that. This lipstick is on the pricier side but the pigmentation is amazing, I could honestly fill in my lips with one stroke all over and be satisfied. The staying power is insane, usually with me even with a MAC lipstick it will come off when I'm eating and drinking throughout the day and I am constantly topping up but this lasted for SO long! I'll definitely be picking up another one of these in the future. Carmen is such a gorgeous, bright red. I can see this being my go to lip colour for Christmas this year. If you've ever tried these and have any colour recommendations then I would love to hear them!

This is honestly the first face mask I have ever tried. Yes, that may sound crazy to some of you but I just had never bothered to try one but after all of your recommendations in countless #bblogger chats I decided it was finally time to give my face some much needed love. I opted for this one by Lush as somebody told me it smelt like chocolate and I was completely down for that. I am super surprised with the results. I love Lush as a brand anyway, I use them for spot treatment and lip care, I even like the Jackie Oats colour pigment for days when I want a lighter base. This has improved my skin SO much. Besides a couple of minor breakouts, my skin feels softer, much more refreshed and definitely a lot more awake and generally just smooth. The only bad thing I have to say about this is it is very thick and therefore quite tough to remove, I have to give my face a thorough scrubbing to ensure it is all removed but it's definitely worth it.

And there you have it, that has been everything I have been loving throughout the month of April. I really hope you liked this post lovelies, let me know in the comments down below what you have been loving this month. Until next time...

Have you tried any of my April favourites?
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  1. I love the Cupcake face mask too :) definitely one I need to get round to re-purchasing! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  2. I've just come to the end of my first one and absolutely loved it! Will definitely make a re-purchase too :)xx

  3. This year is going by sooo fast, it's crazy! I love the Nars lipstick, it sounds amazing, I really want one!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. I know I can't believe it's summer only next month!! And you should! Little bit on the pricey side for a lipstick but definitely worth it :)x

  5. OMG I just smelled the Marc Jacobs yesterday and it is good! I also LOVE Lush & I've actually never tried any face masks either, so maybe I will soon. Thanks! :)

    ~ Sanaa

  6. Perfect for this time of year isn't it?! And you definitely should, super glad I finally got round to trying one out for myself :)

  7. Ohh you've picked so many of my favourites, the face mask, lipsticks and UD palette....but I want that coffee!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Coffee is my bae hahahaha! And yes definitely some old but well loved favourites :)x

  9. Your first face mask? That's crazy! Cupcake is amazing though so you've picked a goody to get you started.

    Roxie ♥

  10. I know hahahah! I've just never bothered before, before blogging I never 'pampered' myself much haha! And it definitely is, I can't wait to make a repurchase! x

  11. Wow, that Nars lipstick shade is stunning, I'll definitely be running to my local counter to pick this up, at the weekend! I like the sound of the MAC concealer too. Have you tried setting it with a powder under the eyes, to prevent it creasing?

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  12. You should, it's gorgeous! Such a perfect true red! And yes I have but I think only with a drugstore powder, I'll try my NARS translucent powder and see if it makes a difference! x

  13. Emily Valentine ParrMay 12, 2015 at 1:39 PM

    I LOVE THIS RANGE of Nars lipsticks - I own Jeanne (A WINEY RED) and love the texture and pigment! Would you say this is your fav red lippie? I agree as well - they are much more kind and long wearing on the lip than MAC


  14. Yes definitely! The staying power of this just does it for me, it's great not having to top up frequently throughout the day and it's such a gorgeous colour on the lip! That shade sounds lovely, I'll definitely check it out! x


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