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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello lovelies! As I've just completed my second and final year of A-Level Photography, I thought now would would be the perfect time to share with you all what I do to edit my photos for both my blog and my Instagram. Just as a little disclaimer, please bear in my mind I am by no means an editing expert and nor do I have the best camera in the world. This post is just to show you the ways that I am able to utilise the camera and editing software what I have to the best of my ability. Now with that being said, let's just get straight on into the post!

Picmonkey is hands down the bloggers favourite editing website. I have been using photoshop for the past 2 years and when it comes to editing my photos for my blog and instagram I honestly just tend to use this instead. I find it's just a lot more straight forward to use if you're looking for quick results. To edit the photograph above I have just altered the exposure and highlights in Picmonkey and auto adjusted the photo and voila, the result is very subtle but certainly brightens up the photo. 

I do not believe that Photoshop is necessary if you would only be using it just for blogging. Picmonkey does do just as good a job for free, however there are some benefits of Photoshop which I of course prefer to Picmonkey. If I want to add an overlay to my thumbnail as I have done in the above photo with the camera and the Instagram icon then Photoshop is perfect for this. Unfortunately with Picmonkey you have to spend your time rubbing out around the image which isn't exactly the easiest method. 

As you can see above, using the magic eraser tool allows you to remove parts of a photograph far more intricately. This is the technique I have used to insert myself into my header at the top of my blog. Super easy and a definite favourite technique of mine. 

Using the lassoo tool as you can see from above, is another great way to layer things onto your images. The example above is a form of development for my Unit 4 photography as I merged sections from the 2 images together. The lassoo tool allows you to pin-point the part of the image you want and drag it over onto the other which could be something to consider if you wanted to do something a little different with your thumbnails. 

I-Phone Apps
I honestly don't use many. Insta-Size is a great one if you're looking to resize one of your photos to fit to Instagram. If you've ever wondered where those white borders appear from, then Insta-Size is the likely culprit. 

Insta-Size is great for a number of other things too. As you can see from the above photographs you can add a variety of different filters to your photo, very similarly to Instagram. Just like Instagram you can also adjust your photos in terms of brightness, highlights, vignette which is great for posting a photo when you're on the go! Insta-Size also allows you to collage your photos which has actually been quite useful and saves me having to download a separate collage app! 

I also really like 'SparkMode' for if I want to add a mirror effect to my photographs, a lot of people do tend to do this with selfies! The app also resizes your image to fit Instagram just like Insta-Size but without the white border which is also very easy and a useful app to have.

Lastly, you cannot forget Instagram itself! One of my favourite parts about Instagram as you can see from above is the 'Lux' option which just adds a bit more depth and dimension to my photo, sometimes darkening up an image can add a lot too it. Pretty much every photo I post to Instagram has had the lux turned up to 50!

Incase you were wondering, the camera I use is the 'Nikon Coolpix L810' which I've had for around 3 years now. I definitely would love to invest in a newer camera eventually but this one does the job good enough for now. If you have any camera recommendations then please let me know down below. The L810 has an array of features and allows you to shoot in several modes and will auto adjust the image when shooting which is super handy! I often tend to take my photos using night time mode just to ensure that the flash is on. I honestly cannot take my camera photos without the flash, it just adds so much more to the photo!

And if all else fails? Just remember, that natural lighting is your best friend.

I hope you liked this week's post. If you have ever used any of these apps for editing your photos then  do let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful week and until next Monday..

How do you edit your photos?!
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  1. Garuba Khadijah AbiolaMay 11, 2015 at 9:51 AM

    Great post dear!
    Thanks for the tips...

  2. I do wish I had Photoshop but realistically I wouldn't have a clue with it! Maybe when I get more into photography :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  3. Every time you photoshop, adobe opens a separate window with tips on how to use it :) It gets updated too! xx

  4. No problem lovely, glad it helped x

  5. honestly I couldn't live without photoshop, as soon as you discover a few little tricks it gets immediate. then for my instagram picture i only use a few apps such as Vscocam (my fav!!) and Moldiv(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | **Enter my Sephora Giveaway<3**

  6. It's so useful to have, and pretty inexpensive for only £7 a month! I've heard good things about VSCO cam but never given it a go myself! Xx

  7. try vscocam , it has some basic filter free that are great, i think you may like it(:

  8. This is great, very informative! I usually fix the lighting a bit, b=nothing fancy :)


  9. I shall do lovely, thanks for the advice! x

  10. Thank you, I'm glad it helped! :) Lighting can always make such a huge difference to a photo it's crazy!!

  11. Thanks lovely! It's definitely one of my favourites! x

  12. I always pic monkey really handy! Particularly with blogging stuff! X

    Glam night look over at-

  13. I always love learning how other bloggers edit their photos. Thanks for sharing!

  14. No problem, I love it too! It's crazy how many different sites/apps people use! x

  15. Picmonkey is definitely the bloggers favourite and I don't blame us, it's fab! x


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