Dr PawPaw Multipurpose Balm* - Worth The Hype?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I think it's pretty safe to say that this beauty has been floating around the blogosphere for quite some time now and so when I was contacted by the lovely Alix from Catalyst PR I was definitely interested to give this a try.

Initially, I find the idea of a multipurpose balm very unique, I've never really seen anything that you can use on both the cracks of your heel and your lips. Two very different parts of the body for sure. Upon receiving the item I could definitely see a resemblance with the Carmex balm on the basis of the packaging and the actual silicone feel to the product itself, however the Carmex is only for the lips, so Dr PawPaw had won brownie points straight away. Unfortunately, this product wasn't exactly the easiest to dispense. I had to stab it with a pen to pierce a hole in the top and then it does need a tight squeeze in order to dispense the actual product itself. 

Once I had got to grips with the product however I was definitely super impressed with the results of this formula. For the lips this product is very moisturising and for a lip balm looks even more natural than a normal lip balm. (This probably makes no sense at all, I know!) Basically, with a Vaseline or Carmex I find that my lips appear very shiny and glossy, almost like using a lipgloss whereas the Dr PawPaw makes the appearance of my lips smooth and uber soft without the glossy look to them. Now, TMI guys but I love with this lip balm it completely removes all cracked or dry pieces. Sometimes with the Maybelline Baby Lips for example, I find if you're not careful dry pieces of your skin can begin to store in the corners of your mouth, super gross I know but it happens to the best of us! Regarding staying power on the lips, mine definitely feel moisturised for a good three hours at least before I feel the need to re-apply. Which is definitely a bonus for me as I am a complete lip balm addict, I cannot go anywhere without one as I'm always so worried about my lips looking cracked. 

Now, I was definitely intrigued to see how this would work on my feet. I was more impressed with the way it worked on my heels than with my actual lips weirdly enough. Unfortunately, I am prone to my heels appearing quite dry and wearing sandals in the summer with cracked heels just isn't cute at all. Using the balm on the first try didn't make my heels feel dramatically softer but nobody is going to go round feeling my feet so I'm not too bothered about that haha! But the difference in appearance before and after, even from the first use was incredible. I have never seen my heels look better, it was crazy! They just appeared super smooth and clean almost as if I had never even walked on them, it was genuinely that big of a difference and I will 100% be taking this with me on holiday this summer! (I'd insert a photo of the difference this makes but considering it's my feet that would probably be pretty gross haha!)

Lastly, I've also tried this on my eyebrows. You can use this for nails and knees too but I fortunately do not have any dry issues in those areas. Now my eyebrows aren't particularly dry but as they are naturally quite thick and grow quite long they definitely need taming which is why brow gels have become my new best friend recently. For days when I'm not doing much besides a few errands this balm has worked perfectly for keeping them in place all day whilst moisturising them at the same time which is brilliant. Particularly now the summer months are coming in as nobody wants to have flaking, stiff hair in their eyebrows, gross! 

On the whole, besides a few minor packaging issues, I am super impressed with this multipurpose balm. Infused with fermented PawPaw which supposedly has an array of benefits, acting as a natural skin protector against sunburn and general skin irritations. Another perfect reason why this little product is perfect in anyone's cosmetic bag this summer, wherever you may be travelling. The product I was sent was in the original flavour and so I'm definitely keen to pick up this product in 'Ultimate Red' and 'Peachy Pink' as it supposedly adds a nice tint to your lips and cheeks. A tint that is moisturising at the same time sounds perfect for the summer! All three flavours are also fragrance free which may be seen as a bonus to many of you. You can purchase all three of the Dr PawPaw multipurpose balms for only £6.95 here:

Look Fantastic
Urban Outfitters
Dr PawPaw

Have you ever tried the Dr PawPaw balms?

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  1. I haven't tried this but I've read only amazing reviews on this! I love how multi purpose it is!!!


  2. Me too, definitely very unique!!

  3. i keep looking at this every time i'm in boots but have yet to purchase. good review, you have pushed me in the right direction!

  4. I'm glad my review managed to persuade you, thanks!


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