Life Update! Exams, Leaving College and New Blogging Schedule!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wow, this feels super weird to be sat in my office writing posts again instead of writing up piles upon piles of flashcards, notes and listening to voice recordings of myself reciting notes over and over again. So as you may have probably guessed by that little rant and of course the title of this post, the reason for my 3 week disappearance has been my end of college exams! I did briefly mention this on my twitter but for those of you who didn't know I just felt really stressed out. If any of you have ever studied sociology at A-Level then you'll most likely feel my pain. The amount of topics included, particularly within unit four is ridiculous, I was dreading that exam more than I was with GCSE Maths and that's saying something because I hated GCSE Maths. 

Overall, my exams surprisingly went well.. I think?! I hope?! AQA were pretty fair this year and Sociology definitely could have gone worse. I also had an English exam which went fairly well too, I know you're probably thinking you've only had three exams you could have carried on blogging, but there's definitely a lot more to remember than what you would think and I really wanted to do well this year. Last year overall I came out with one mark off of an A in English and 2 marks off of an A in Sociology, so I really wanted to try and hopefully boost those grades up to an A. I will probably scream the house down on results day if I have actually managed to achieve what I set out to do. I did also have a Photography practical exam throughout April and May and I completed the Extended Project Qualification in January, which is a 5,000 word essay so this year of college may not seem that intense but when you gather it all together, it has been hectic and I just needed the time off.

First it began with missing out on blogger chats, I only took part in three a week anyway due to college commitments but then I just stopped altogether and because I wasn't interacting with other bloggers I just felt so distant and decided I needed this break with my blog to get through my exams and just work. It's so crazy to think now my exams are over that I will never go back to college again, it has been a crazy two years which have gone by so quickly. I'm super excited to begin the next chapter now in my life come September; University! So hopefully the break has paid off and I honestly just cannot wait to get back into blogging again. As regards to my schedule, I am hoping to start posting three times a week rather than just once on a Monday, two times a week at the least though, definitely. I have a lot of exciting posts coming up with some products I've kindly been asked to try out and so I cannot wait to share my opinions with you on those. One of which, is definitely a bloggers favourite so I cannot wait to give it a try, if you can guess what it is let me know in the comments below! ;)

Thank you to those of you who read my blog and comment regularly, without that I wouldn't have the motivation and happiness that I do writing posts so thank you. I hope if any of you have had exams recently that they went well and I'm sure you all will have achieved great things. 

Until next time lovelies,

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  1. Welcome back!!! I hope you earned those A's you wanted <3
    She Will Be

  2. Thanks lovely, I really hope so! xx

  3. I know the feels girl! I'm the same finished with notes for now back on the grind with blogging! Best of luck with results! X

    Workout Wear over at-

  4. Thanks lovely, it's great to get back into it! x


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