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Monday, June 1, 2015

It's official. We are now finally halfway through the year, which is crazy to think! I have all of my exams coming up this month which is super scary, revision is making me feel so distant with my blog at the moment. I just cannot wait for these next 3 weeks to be over and done with so I can get straight back into enjoying my chats and posting more often throughout the summer! As I've been stuck revising most of the month, I haven't tried out too many new products this month but definitely a good, strong couple so without further adieu, behold my May favourites...

Benefit Gimme Brow in 'Medium/Deep'
Now, I never thought I would be including an eyebrow product in my favourites, ever. May was a big turning point for me in the world of dazzling bushy face caterpillars; the world of eyebrows. Mine were awful, dire infact and I was so excited to finally get them waxed by Benefit at the beginning of the month. I visited the Curl's Best Friend Pop Up Parlour which was super lovely and I couldn't be more happier than I am with the results. Upon having my brow wax and donating to such an amazing cause, I received a free Gimme Brow and I have been loving this so much recently. It lasts all day, and is super natural on my eyebrows. As someone who never filled them in prior to this month, it's nice to find a product that looks so natural on my face. Long lasting, natural and easy to apply. It's a 10/10 from me!

NARS Stick Concealer in 'Chantilly'
An old favourite of mine but since delving into the eyebrow department I have been loving this to add definition to my eyebrows, letting them look more defined and flawless around the edges. This is great for enhancing the shape as it brightens my skin around the eyebrow area, finishing off for a crisp, clean arch. I definitely want to try Benefit High Brow eventually but this product is the perfect, finishing touch for now.

MAC Wash and Dry Bronzer in 'Matte Bronze'
Now, of course like any other make-up addict I just had to get a little piece of this new, gorgeous and of course limited edition collection. I picked up the bronzer and a lipgloss in 'Laundry list' but I'm waiting to pick up an orange lipstick to match before I give it a proper whirl. Anyway, yes the bronzer. This is definitely the perfect colour for me, very natural but easily buildable. This is also super easy to blend and of course the packaging is just stunning, definitely very unique compared to all other MAC products. I'm honestly gutted this is only limited edition, as a girl with pale skin this gives me such a natural glow. I do wish it was a little bit more long lasting however, I've noticed it tends to fade after a few hours but we can't always be perfect.

Benefit Personalised Hoola Bronzer 
Once again, a limited edition item I had to get my hands on. If you have been reading my blog for quite some time now then you will know I am a big fan of Benefit and the hoola bronzer is by far one of my all time favourites. It provides you with the perfect amount of bronze needed for the Summer and has been one of my all time go to bronzers for a very long time. So I was super excited when they finally created the option to purchase your own limited edition personalised bronzer. Fun fact, Benefit actually sent me out two by mistake!! Can you believe that?! Not like I'm complaining but it was so unexpected! 

So it's definitely a little bit of a smaller favourites than usual but unfortunately revision has kept me cooped up in my office at home and not taking romantic strolls by the make-up counter haha! Although, that's definitely a bit of a fortunate state for my bank balance! I hope you liked this post lovelies, if you have any exams or anything coming up this week then I wish you all the best of luck, I feel your pain!! Until next time...

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  1. Love the look of the Mac Wash & Dry :) and the personalised Hoola Bronzer is so cute! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. Nice post dear! !

    My new post -

  3. Gorgeous isn't it?! I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging haha! xx

  4. I really want to try the benefit gimme brow, lovely product choice x">Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  5. You definitely should! It's so natural and long-lasting, I love it x

  6. Great post - and good luck with your exams, I have mine too!

    Fancy coming to a meet up?

  7. I've been using Hoola loads at the moment too : ) Good Luck with your exams! x

  8. Thanks lovely! And yes I have seen it in a lot of people's favourites at the moment :)x

  9. Thank you, good luck with yours too! and where at hun?x

  10. I used to swear by the Benefit gimme brow but I recently got the L'Oreal brow gel and I love it more! It's not a dupe, it's different but works amazing for me :) Lovely photos!


  11. Thanks lovely! And oo I'll have to try that, it will definitely be better saving a bit of money with a cheaper alternative :)

  12. I've been eyeing the Hoola bronzer for a while now, but it seems a bit dark, and I'm not sure if it's gonna be suited for my fair complexion.. Maybe you know and would recommend some drugstore equivalent? I could check it out without paying too much for a product that might turn out to be not quite right for me.
    If you'd like you could check out my new blog - I'd be honored ;)

  13. I am very pale myself trust me, and I don't false tan either and the shade works perfectly fine for me! It blends super easily too!! But for a drugstore alternative I really like the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer bronzer in light matte which retails for around £4.99 so definitely a much cheaper alternative! x

  14. i have the nars creamy concealer but i'd love to try that one as well! the mac packaging looks incredible also :)

  15. Great list of favourites, thank you for sharing!

    Camille xo

  16. Love this review, it's very big help thanks for sharing

    follow for follow?:)



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