What does your jewellery mean to you?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Have you ever heard of the phrase "I wear my heart on my sleeve"? Well, in terms of jewellery for some of us this actually might be seen as true. I was recently contacted by Ryan from Invaluable.com an online auction site where you can buy jewellery, decorative arts, antiques and collectibles. He e-mailed me asking do I have a piece of jewellery that means something to me? Ironically enough, during my exam season I have actually been wearing a bracelet given to me by mother. 

It seems quite silly really, it isn't the most expensive bracelet in the world but it definitely means something to me. A few years ago, my mum bought a set of three beaded bracelets. Each bracelet was the same, so she gave one to me and one to my sister. I think the idea of having that little reminder that I can wear on occasions where I feel I need a little bit of a boost, a bit of luck or a charm that connects me to a close part of my family. 

I think we all need that sometimes, to feel closer to family. Which shows how during events like weddings the typical saying goes 'something borrowed' 'something old' after all, everybody wants to feel a little connected to their family on their big day. What I really love about this bracelet is the different colours and textures, the beads and pastel colours just remind me of the seaside and who doesn't love the seaside? The colours are so calm and soothing, definitely another reason as to why I've leaned towards this bracelet choice during my exams. Pretty, simple and meaningful.

Do you have any sentimental jewellery pieces?
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  1. wow idea

    new post: http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/06/summer-style-kimono-inspiration.html

  2. Very nice post:)

  3. I wish I had more jewelry that meant something or reminded me of something special. Great post!


  4. I'm sure over time you will :) thank you x

  5. I haven't got any sentimental jewellery pieces really, but maybe one will come to me soon! Lovely post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  6. Thank you! I'm sure you'll receive something soon enough :)x

  7. Elizabeth MurdockJune 24, 2015 at 7:30 AM

    I have a lot of jewellery from both my grandmothers. One of which is dead so those pieces are all the most special and are a constant remainder of her! x

  8. That's lovely, I love having little reminders like that especially to remember someone who has passed away x

  9. Jewellery is very important, I recently inherited my grandmothers rings, she passed away several years ago. I wear them on a necklace so I can keep her close.

    Lovely blog btw, found you through Twitter



  10. That's beautiful, you can certainly tell she meant a lot to you. Thanks lovely xx


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