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Monday, July 27, 2015

If you've been reading my blog for a while now then you'll probably know that my dream job is to become a fashion and beauty journalist. I speak a lot about beauty on my blog, which is fine but I felt it was about time I had some more journalistic styled blog posts over here and I love fashion, so why not talk about it more?

If you haven't already guessed by the title, then the focal point of today's post is all about Autumn and Winter 2015. The new season picks are working their way into our wardrobes with pre-fall and the August issues of Vogue, Elle and In-Style the catwalk picks for the latest season have well and truly landed. I would give anything to attend a fashion week show and I really hope I finally do within the next couple of years but until then, my best reporting job involves analysing the trends cover to cover. This month Vogue included the A/W catwalk catalogue and some stunning styles have been put forward for the next season. But the big question on your lips right now is, "Well Toni, what are they?"

Electro Luxe
It's bold, it's vibrant and it oozes celebration states Lucinda Chambers, the fashion director for Vogue. So if you're daring enough, it's time to get your glitter guns out and completely drown yourself in all things sparkly. I bet Ke$ha will be pleased. A few of my personal favourites include Christopher Kane. I am the biggest fan of simplicity, clearly due to the lazy girl within me and the contrast of the forest green and red accessories just screams Christmas to me, therefore making me super happy. I'm a December baby, what can I say? The pleated midi skirt adds an ultra cool vibe, making the transition from legs out to put 'em away perfect for the Autumn time. The coppery, bronzed gold and red colour scheme with Altuzarra are the perfect transitional shades from a sun kissed Summer to a sparking Autumn. The cinched waistline expresses femininity and the wrap front dress once again shows a gradual change in leg exposure. This is your perfect Autumn 2015. 

Turn Back Time
2015 has been all about keeping the past alive don't you think? From the 80's denim button down in Spring and Summer, Balenciaga's Autumn and Winter collection now brings you the shoulder pad, as seen commonly throughout the catwalks this season. Tweed also makes a come back, mix your prints and textures for a cool and edgy vibe. When you think the 80's you think loud, flashy and fun and Vogue certainly weren't wrong about that. When I shown the collection to my mum and asked her what felt the most 80's to her, she was instantly drawn towards the Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. I really don't blame her. The grey jogger inspired trousers, bold printed shirt and not forgetting the power shoulders. You can't get more 80's than that can you? Or maybe you can.. the Milly jumpsuit, accompanied with those powerful shoulders, a bold green and yellow print and a belt to extenuate the waist. Bold, brave and powerful. Welcome to A/W '1985. 

Masculine vs Feminine
Dare to rock the suit, or live in colourful pinks that pop. Either way both the masculine edgy look and feminine preppy vibe are both in this season. For suits, think chunky heels, ankle socks with colours and textures that pop. My personal favourites, including Donna Karan due to of course its timeless, classic approach. A white shirt, grey suit. El-e-gant. Become a woman who is ready to do business. Similarly, Versace's striped tailoring with the pop of yellow and green in the shirt goes further with the boldness of the look. Then Prada's powerful green and blue number keeps the fun of the summer with an essence of femininity. Think Chloe meets the military. Prada then continues on the suit vibe, recreating the look in a stunning dusky pink jacket, accompanied with peach trousers and a green shirt. Uber preppy, super cute. Pink takes on a new meaning this season. Vogue advises you to envision sensuality, pretty, intelligent, modern and strong women with the catwalks new twist on the colour. Not to be stereotypical but when we're talking pinks we cannot forget about Chloe. The brand played safe with its iconic romantic low cut blouse alongside further low cut dungarees in a beautiful purple and pink hue. If you're a dreamer, this look is the one for you. 

When you think classic, I'm sure Diane Von Furstenberg comes to mind. The icon recreates the black and white look with a black coat, the bold shoulder, a belt to highlight the waist with a grey toned white print across the front body of the coat. Subtle yet effective. Narciso Rodriguez takes the wrap front dress and makes it a two toned beauty. White top, black bottom with the flesh on display of the white shoulder. Super simple, yet oozing sex appeal. Finishing off with a mullet style length. On colder days, pair with boots for days to show off those long legs of yours.

Go Bold or Go Home!
Vogue describes this trend as a 21st century opulence. Think bold prints and colours, higher neck lines and some very oriental inspired prints. Erin Fetherson really rocks the oriental vibe this season. The most stunning gold dress, embossed with a floral print and cut just above the knee; not forgetting the focus to the waistline and the high round neck. This seasons catwalk girl looked like a real life porcelain China doll. Another number which really called to me was the almost flapper inspired take by Bottega Veneta. A straight down dress, once again cut just above the knee accompanied by black lace with a high neck. Finishing off with a simple yet bold striped pattern. I love. Louis Vuitton upped their oriental game with powerful shoulders, the iconic oriental print alongside the colour of the season; purple. LV infuses purple with pops of deep red and a champagne silver for a feminine yet bold look. Vogue's fashion features director describes this catwalk trend as "Fabrics foiled like Quality Street wrappers, in tempting combinations" and oh boy, Marques Almeida certainly lived up to that comment in an ultra clash of the prints. The brand mixes green with black, blue and orange and a pink, purple oriental wrap around. Super bold, daring and even crazy yet it just works. The look is completed with jagged hems, adding to the fierce vibe. Only MA would be able to recreate your grandma's tablecloths and curtains all wrapped into one dress and make it work. I love it and so does Vogue. 

Moving back to this season's colour; purple. Dior and Kenzo both embraced this colour brilliantly throughout their recreation of this season's suit. Kenzo opted for the tracksuit vibe, perfect for the powerful 'tomboy' approach. There is definitely something for everybody this season.

And now.. you can wear your duvet to work!
No, seriously.. you actually can with this season's ultimate coat trend. Moschino opted for quilting, and bright pops of colour take their form in yellow and purple. Think sleeping bag meets anorak. Celine made this trend super dreamy using peach, burgundy and white as their main colour vibe, opting for the lazy over the shoulder look; remember the cape that everyone was obsessed with last Winter? Well it's back, in the form of added comfort, silk for elegance and allowing you to take your duvet to work! Further coat inspiration this season takes form in the shade of snow white. White is one of my favourite colours to wear so this trend is right up my street. Donna Karan chooses broad and fluffy collars, lining the insides of the coat with fur. Whereas Celine opts for an off white, peach continuing with their romantic vibe. Once again the collars are broad and fluffy but this time with fur mittens to match. Think snow angel, not ice queen! And lastly, for our hollywood dreamer girls there is something for you too. Chanel and Miu Miu opt for the tweed look. Checked print, with Chanel using blues and reds and Miu Miu still looking super summery in yellow and white. Bold shoulders and even the dressing gown belt was included with Victoria Beckham and Max Mara. In the words of Vogue, this season's coats truly are dreamy. 

And what about you?
InStyle teaches how you can tone all of that catwalk craziness down in four stunning ways. Let the t-shirt knit become your layering staple, spice things up with the gothic blouse. Opt for sheer and lace for an uber sexy, evening vibe. To rock it old school, choose a suede coat and fall back in love with the 1960's. Finally, the A-Line skirt is perfect for those girls with the hourglass figure. Super girlie and accentuate your waist line with this simple wardrobe must-have. 

And that ladies and gentleman, was the Clarke Couture guide to this season's trends. I'm by no means an expert but there really is something for everyone this season. Think comfort, yet power. Think old, yet new. Autumn and Winter 2015 really isn't holding back and I can't wait for all of this goodness to land in the stores. 

Which trends will you be wearing this season?post signature

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