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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July to all of my American bloggers out there! Now, I thought nothing screams 4th of July better than a red lip, so in today's post I have narrowed it down to just four of my favourites. 2 high end and 2 drugstore, so there's definitely at least one option affordable for everyone here! 

NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Carmen' £24.00
Now I know this one is a little bit on the splurging side of things but I promise you, the price is 110% worth it. I am definitely a MAC lipstick addict and I really thought no other lipstick could exceed my love for a good MAC shade but the finish and staying power of this is phenomenal. The colour is super pigmented, you seriously only need around 3 strokes to fill your whole lip. It's that crazy!! The formula of this is super creamy and I certainly love a good satin finish to a lipstick. The packaging of this is also magnetic which to me, is super slick and I love the added touch. A little bit on the intense side of things but if you're feeling daring this bold, bright red is the one for you.

MAC Red  £15.50
I have a full post about my MAC lipstick collection here where I speak about this shade in more detail. Whereas Carmen is more on the bright and bold side of things, MAC Red is slightly more of a blood toned red. Slightly darker in colour as Carmen but still just as gorgeous and less severe on the bank balance haha! Due to its satin finish of course this made it to my favourites, as a girl who is prone to dry lips this formula is perfect for me. If you're looking for a good lip liner to match, REDD by MAC is perfect.

Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Cherry' £2.99
If you're not looking for an intense red lip but still want to give your lips a touch of colour and moisture then this product is the one for you. Affordable but still adding a lovely touch of colour and is definitely a much more affordable version than the Benefit Benebalm and for £2.99 you really can't complain. For the price this definitely adds a decent amount of colour to the lips so if you're not feeling overly daring, this product is the one for you. 

The Body Shop do a great range of red lip balms, my personal favourite has to be the frosted cranberry one I picked up last Christmas, it smells heavenly and adds a lovely and very subtle red tint to the lips. And if these products don't meet your needs, a tint may be what you're looking for and Benefit Benetint is definitely one of my favourites, plus you can pop it on your cheeks too which is an added bonus!

Topshop Lipstick in 'Rio Rio' £8
I actually purchased this recently from the 5 years of beauty rose gold collection, as you already know I am a sucker for nice packaging. But the colour of this is just stunning, it has a beautiful orange undertone. This is super easy to apply due to the smoothness of its formula and even though it appears more orange in the packaging it is a clear red on my lips with a subtle orange tint, definitely very unique in my collection.

I hope that's enough choice for you all. Are you a fan of the red lip or will you be rocking an orange or even a nude today?! Happy fourth of July! Until next time..

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  1. They look amazing the second swatch looks pretty, thanks for sharing

    follow for follow?:)



  2. MAC Red is definitely such a stunning colour!

  3. Love Topshop 'Rio Rio'. Great post xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Definitely such a unique colour! Thanks! xx

  5. Only lipstick lindoo

    I loved your blog !!

    I am following your blog and your Fan Page

    That's my Instagran:luanacarvalhoi reciprocate you there



  6. Of course, the one that catches my eye is the most expensive! Love the look of the NARS one though :') I recently did I post on my Top 5 red lipsticks too :) x

    Peppermint and Panda Eyes

  7. Haha that's always the way!! I'll go check your list out now! x

  8. I agree, Nars lipsticks are so worth it, they're amazing.

  9. They really are. I definitely don't have 11 lol x

  10. 11?! Wow that's crazy haha! I only have just the one at the moment but I'm so in love I need more!! x

  11. Haha, I know. My bf got me a few as presents but they're such good quality. You do, do it! Lol x

  12. He sounds like a great guy, haha I'd hold onto him! He has great taste ;) x

  13. I absolutely love the packaging of the benefit one! They're all such stunning colours! x http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/

  14. Oh, I am lol. He likes to pretend he doesn't listen when I talk makeup but he clearly does ;) x

  15. Benefit packaging just always slays!!

  16. I never go for a red lip! Need to start I think! X
    Glossy Boutique

  17. I do shy away from one most of the time but when I feel brave enough to wear one, I love it! x

  18. I love this! I have a million different reds too, all ever-so slightly different in shade. Such a classic colour, you have an amazing collection! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  19. Thanks lovely! The red lip will always be a classic in my eyes! xx

  20. I love the shade of the topshop one, orange toned reds are always my favourites :) The Nars formula sounds so amazing, I've got such a long wishlist of their products!!
    Love Holly x


  21. Me too, I find they are more subtle for daytime wear! and yes, NARS lipsticks honestly slay. I can't find any formula that beats it!! x

  22. I love the different amazing shades Mac offers!! Love reading your blog x


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