The August Edit | Bye Bye Summer 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Instead of my usual monthly favourites, I’ve decided to use this post to wrap up the end of the summer by sharing with you all a little summary of how my life has been during the last month of the season. So without further adieu, let’s discuss beauty, holidays and all things summer.

Clarke Couture – A Year in the Making
This summer, which you may already know if you entered my MAC lipstick giveaway – my blog reached its first ever birthday. This was such an amazing milestone for me and I was over the moon to have shared this event with you all by launching my first ever giveaway. So many of you entered and I really hope Alice was happy with her choice of Ruby Woo. Throughout the summer I have had so many amazing brand opportunities, it’s safe to say it has been a pretty exciting eight weeks! From receiving a care package from one of my favourite ever make-up companies NARS Cosmetics to reviewing some amazing products for Wolford and Baker Days. One thing I haven’t actually mentioned on my blog yet is that I’m actually going to be designing my own hand chain alongside accessory company Prairie Charms which shall hopefully be on sale by the end of year, I’m so excited I could burst!! If I could go back in time to when I first began my blog and tell myself I’d have to opportunity to create my own jewellery piece, I’d never believe it. I cannot wait to finally be able to share the finished product with you all.

Results Day
August 13th aka judgement day would be when I would be given either the congratulations or commiserations on making it as a fashion student and thankfully, I did it!! I passed all of my A-Levels and achieved all of the grades I needed to make it into university, as you can imagine I was overjoyed! Starting university is going to be both an exciting yet scary time of my life next month but I can’t wait to get stuck in and finally begin the path towards gaining a job as a fashion and beauty journalist.

Pagan Pride
If you’ve read my latest outfit post, then you’ll know I headed to Nottingham for the day to attend this year’s Pagan Pride event. Paganism is a religion which celebrates all things nature and beauty, my sister is the one within my family who practices the faith but it was such a lovely summer’s day out. Wandering across stalls selling floral crowns and dreamcatchers, then finishing the day off with a few drinks in the Hawaiian themed bars within the town centre; perfect.

Every year, my family and I spend a couple of weeks at my Auntie’s caravan in Wales. I’ve been holidaying here since I was a baby so for me, this place holds a lot of special memories for me. I’ll be posting a holiday look book soon featuring a collection of my favourite outfits which I’ve worn whilst being here… well or the outfits I was able to photograph that day as it wasn’t raining haha! Whilst writing this, it is currently 17:35 and I’m sat inside the caravan feeling traumatized by the strange weather, one moment it’s pouring it down with rain and now it’s lovely and sunny. But I guess that’s the fun of a caravan holiday in Britain; it’s completely unpredictable.

New Blog Schedule
When I begin university on September 21st, my blog shall be returning back to the original schedule of only one upload every week. If you’ve been following me since the beginning then you shall probably remember my usual upload day is a Monday. It has been a difficult process planning ahead with three posts a week throughout the summer, especially ensuring I had a month’s worth of post ideas whilst I was away on holiday but it has definitely been worth it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I’m super sad to be returning to only one post a week but one is better than none and I have to focus on this new and exciting chapter of my life; university.

Last but not least, let’s talk make-up. Throughout the summer I’ve been loving my lighter bases and glowing, highlighted skin whilst keeping that contour game going strong. MAC Strobe Cream, NARS tinted moisturiser and the Benefit porefessional range have kept me sweatproof, glowy and pore-free this summer. Benefit’s License to Blot has become my holy grail handbag essential this season, this beauty is perfect for fixing any unfortunate ‘cake face’ issues and of course, tame the oil. Having combination skin is a complete and utter nightmare during the heat but I was thankfully able to find the perfect holiday routine for me. You can check out my holiday make-up bag essentials here and my favourite beauty products for surviving the heat here if you wish. I recently caved and purchased MAC’s Soft&Gentle highlighter which I’m currently testing so who knows – maybe this one shall be perfect for transitioning into A/W beauty.

A little bit of a different way to wrap up a month, so I hope you enjoyed reading a bit of a mixture of things which have made up both my past month and summer as a whole. What beauty products have you been loving lately? I hope you’ve all thoroughly enjoyed the end of your summer, are you looking forward to the season ahead? If you’re feeling a little sad about the end of the season, you can check out my previous post with tips on coping with the summer blues here. Until next time,

How have you spent your summer?
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Coping With The End Of Summer Blues

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

With September around the corner and the back to school season suddenly looming upon us, we have to come to the realisation that the summer is over once more. It’s time to welcome back the dark nights, lots of rain and oversized jumpers but whilst we’re still in August this can be quite a dreary thought for many. For me personally, the September season can be quite an exciting one. It can be a great way to start over, a new academic year, another chance to gain some much needed motivation after a long and lazy summer. But at the same time, I’m going to miss the sunshine and stress free mornings a hell of a lot. So the big question here today is, how can we cope with the end of summer blues?

1.     Shut down
This might seem a bit of a miserable thing to do but trust me, shutting away from social media whilst everyone is beginning to upload their photo albums for summer 2015 is definitely the best thing to do. Looking back at photographs of the summertime shall only make you miss it more and that’s almost as bad a feeling as FOMO. Don’t do it.

2.     Create goals
As I mentioned above, September can be a great time of the year for regaining any motivation you may have lost during the summer. Now, is the perfect time for creating yourself a list of everything you would like to achieve by next summer; this way it shall give you something to strive for and look forward to working on throughout the next season.

3.     “You go Glen Coco”
Binge watching high school movies will seriously get you pumped for the back to school season. Clueless and Mean Girls are definitely at the top of my watch list, besides I think we all love a good movie night especially when it’s an excuse to get the popcorn out!

4.     Shop till you drop!
I think every bloggers favourite word is shopping, well I know that mine is anyway… The back to school season is the perfect excuse to go on a big shop! After all, you’re going to need something cute to wear on your first day back. Stationery shopping is actually one of my favourite things to shop for as well, having pretty looking stationery will also definitely get you a little bit more hyped up about the season ahead, it’s super sad but I’m always dying to start writing in my new planner and sparkly notebook.

5.     Plan ahead
As I mentioned above, I absolutely love when I have a new planner to use. Why not take this time before you start back at school or work to compile a list of dates and events which you have to look forward to within the next season. This could include birthdays, your next holiday or even plan ahead with your blog posts. I love getting ahead with my posts, having ideas planned ahead for the next few weeks allows me to become super excited about what I’ll be writing next and then I can think about which photo shoots I have to do to complete the post. As you all know, it’s a very exciting process.

And that’s everything I like to do to prepare myself for the season ahead and feel a little bit happier about the end of summer. I hope you found this post somewhat useful and if you have any other ways to cope with the summer blues then feel free to share them in the comments below. Until next time…

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Mini MAC Haul

Monday, August 24, 2015

If you read my latest outfit post then you'll already know that I headed to Nottingham for the day a couple of weeks ago and of course, that lead to making a cheeky little trip to MAC. And so, I thought why not share the goodies I picked up with all of you lovely lot. P.S this is actually my 100TH BLOG POST! That's crazy, thank you to all of you who have stuck around this long - it means the absolute world to me!! 

Lip Liner in 'Naked Liner'
I've been desperately need a lip liner for Creme D'Nude. Unfortunately it's one of those shades that risk looking like foundation lips on me as it is super pale. I asked the lady at the counter for a shade she recommended and this is what she matched me with. This is completely the perfect match for CDN, it applies super easily and gives my lips the added bit of definition which they were definitely in need of.

Mineralise Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle'
So I finally caved and picked up this beauty. Pretty much every single blogger and youtuber has included this in one post or video at some point and now it's rightfully included in one of mine. This was love at first swatch at the counter, when you're feeling dull you can never go wrong with a bit of highlighter to bring back your sparkle.

Lustre Lipstick in 'Fresh Brew'
Yes, okay I'll admit it. The coffee addict within me just had to have this shade in my collection, that and the fact I am basically OBSESSED with nude lipsticks. I now have 8 MAC lipsticks in my collection and 5 out of them are nudes. They are just perfect for everyday wear and in my opinion you can never have enough nudes. This is actually also my first lustre finish and so for a girl with pretty bad dry lip issues, this formula is definitely more suited to me than a matte finish.

Studio Fix Foundation in 'NC15' & 'NW15'
I've been pretty keen to pick this up and so I asked the lady at the counter if they did sample pots and she kindly offered me two shades so I'm able to find my perfect match. It can be a nightmare buying foundations as you probably all know. Different skin types of course, react to different formulations and having combination skin makes it even harder to find the perfect one for me, so hopefully this one shall live up to its expectations. 

And so that's everything that I've picked up from MAC lately. I still have a few more lipsticks on my wish list so no doubt that list shall slowly reduce over time haha! If you have any MAC product recommendations leave them in the comments down below, I'm of course always keen to try out new products! Until next time,

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Health | Let's Talk Holiday 'Dieting'

Friday, August 21, 2015

January and July seem to be those two times of the year when people feel the need to either eat healthier and get into shape or generally lose a little bit of extra weight. The new year offers a sense of motivation for the aspiring 'dieter' but most of us give up by March and end up back into our usual eating habits, when the summer rolls around it usually tends to be the start of round two. Everybody becomes 'fixated' with getting their 'bikini ready body'. Once again, the rise of the fad diets and gym attendance for the next 3 months. 

First of all, I want to put a little disclaimer out there that I am by no means promoting any specific body shape, nor am I encouraging you to lose or gain weight. This post isn't about that. The reason I have included the hyphens around the word 'diet' is because I don't want to promote dieting, I want to promote healthy living. You could be a size 16 or a size 6, the number does not matter; what matters the most is that you are healthy and active enough to use your body to its full potential. In today's post I want to share my tips and advice on eating well and staying healthy whilst you are on holiday. It isn't an easy task, most people view holidays as an excuse to splurge a little more than usual on the cakes and crisp, it's nice to treat ourselves but nobody wants to spend their holidays feeling bloated, you want to feel happy and for me personally when I eat a lot of junk; I feel like junk. I remember watching an episode of The Biggest Loser not so long ago, where the contestants were given the challenge of losing weight whilst they were on holiday and surprisingly they managed it pretty well. That's what kind of sparked the idea off for this post - how can we keep up our healthy eating habits whilst we're on holiday surrounded by temptation? 

1. Stick to your usual eating habits
This seems to be the hardest thing to do on holiday but if you're happy at home eating chicken and salads or a lovely salmon with some sweet potato chips and green beans - then why does being in a different environment mean this has to change? 

2. Set yourself a limit 
Holiday time = treat time. But a treat means an occasion, it makes the food more special. I find if I ate two cakes, a packet of crisp and a chocolate bar all in one day then I wouldn't enjoy it as much but if I set myself to a limit of only one cake every two days or every day then I'd appreciate it far more. A treat is supposed to be something you don't have very often, if you're used to having a lot of sugar in your diet then how can you enjoy your supposed treats. I find eating sugar too much makes my palette become bland and generally my food is unenjoyable. 

3. You are what you eat!
Cliche I know, but it's true. Coming from the girl with the diet that consisted of pizza and super noodles for the longest time it just generally isn't good for you. It was my mum who made me realise I can't live like this forever and since changing my diet I have become a much happier and healthier person. I, of course am currently facing the worries of breaking my healthier palette on holiday but when I look back at how unhappy I was when I was eating junk constantly - I know that a different environment shan't encourage me to return to my old ways. I want to feel happy on holiday and staying healthy definitely promotes a happier lifestyle. 

4. Mood VS Food
So if it's true that your food choices affect your mood why not put it to the test. Whenever you've not ate that well one day, write down how you feel by the end of the day. Are you bloated after that takeaway blow out? Was it worth it? Then on a day when you've ate a little bit better do the exact same thing - analyse your thoughts and feelings; compare the two together and I'm sure that 90% of the time you'll be feeling happier when you're healthier.

5. Kick those sugar cravings with better alternatives..
Chip lover? Sweet potato chips are sure to solve your problems. Soft, fluffy and light they taste just as good but with less calories and more nutrients than a regular chip. There's only 26g of carbohydrate in a raw sweet potato, which is fairly low compared to the 38g contained in a regular, raw potato. Small switches like this can make a big difference. Sweet potato chips also have 50% more Vitamin A than your regular chips. Regular chips may contain less sugar but commercially takeaway style chips don't contain the skin. The skin is where the fibre of the potato is contained, therefore sweet potatoes further contain more fibre than regular potatoes; giving you extra goodness and energy. 

Sweet lover? The natural sugars in fruits are so much better for you than your usual candy choices. Add a bit of chocolate or yoghurt with some strawberries to ease yourself into the transition. These are great ways to kick those cravings whilst still staying healthier and happier at the same time. Healthy doesn't mean everything has to taste bad. 

A little bit of a controversial post from me today and it definitely was a bit of a struggle to write but I do find it quite interesting how our healthier eating habits completely go out of the window during holidays and Christmas. You should never deny your body of a treat but you shouldn't starve it from the nutrients and goodness it needs too. A holiday is usually for the purpose of destroying any stress in your life, a time to relax and wind down. Whilst you're looking after your body's mentality on a trip away, there's no harm in caring for its internal health too. Until next time lovelies,

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Summer Hair Care Routine & Hair Growth Tips!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Okay so I guess I may as well start off with the basics; my hair type. The best way I can describe my hair is oily to combination. I know that sounds so strange, how can you have combination hair?! But, my roots are very prone to oiliness whereas the ends of my hair can become very dry and frizzy. Finding products that cater to the needs of both the top and bottom of my hair really is a nightmare but I think I've finally found the perfect solution.

Avoid heat as far as possible
I now very rarely use heat on my hair, my hair is naturally pretty straight so I'm lucky in that respect. Did you know that over applying heat on your hair when it is dry causes further brittleness and therefore breakage? 2011 statistics have shown that applying heat onto your hair that is higher than 180 degrees will actually damage the cuticles of your hair; this is the hard outer protective coating on each strand of your hair. These cuticles make up 80% of your hair, giving its internal strength and flexibility. So next time you turn those straighteners up to full blast just remember that you're actually damaging 80% of your total hair, now that's a lot.

Use minimal product on your hair
Another fairly obvious thing to do but when I was younger I used to apply so much to my hair but this actually just made my hair oilier. Think about it, when we are washing our hair we are removing any artificial chemicals that we have added onto our hair since we last washed it, if we're just going to apply 5 more things to it once its dry, what was the point of washing it in the first place? I also avoid using any product within my roots (except dry shampoo when necessary) at all costs, as adding excess product to that area shall only speed up the oily process.

Use products with natural chemicals
During the summertime I like to give my hair some added texture. My hair is super flat and if I can achieve some textured waves without using any heat or artificial chemicals then I'm all about that. Lush do an amazing range of natural products to cater to all hair types but at the moment I've been testing the TRESemme perfectly (un)done styling sea foam to create soft and natural looking waves. This contains sea kelp which helps to maintain strong and healthy hair. Kelp actually contains several minerals including iron, magnesium, iodine folate and B vitamins. The rich B vitamins contained within kelp have been proven to promote hair growth by encouraging cell growth and cell division. You can read more about the benefits of kelp for your hair here if you wish. 

Brush your hair regularly
If you have long hair or wish to have longer hair, then maintaining the smoothness of your hair is super important. Having knots within your hair leads to an increased amount of breakage, as you've probably noticed if your brush often fills up quickly with hair. Brushing often shall reduce the chances of breakage as you'll have less pesky knots to worry about dealing with. I like to use the tangle teezer to remove any knots when I do have them, comb through your hair gently and let the brush work its magic. I tend to avoid using detangling spray within my hair as once again this shall only lead up to a pile of excess products living within your hair; promoting oiliness. Having excess products in your shall naturally make it heavier, therefore leading to breakage. 

My hair care routine..
As I've already mentioned, I don't like to use a lot of product within my hair so this is going to be short and sweet. Firstly I like to use Pantene PRO-V shampoo as this caters for hair that needs a lightweight nourishment. This helps to moisturise my poor, frizzy and dry ends but as it's lightweight it adds no excess oil to my roots. Keeping my hair light and replenished. Remember, heavier hair leads to more breakage! 

As I mentioned earlier, the TRESemme perfectly (un)done styling sea foam not only smells amazing but with natural ingredients this beauty cares for my hair and adds the much needed texture I crave in the summertime. I like to split my hair into a middle parting and apply 3 pumps to each half of my hair. I scrunch my hair up whilst doing this to get that added bit of texture. I'll then put my hair into a plait onto each side and leave to dry naturally. This gives me a super natural look to my hair, creating beach goddess waves to die for. 

To cater for my dry ends, I then like to add the Dove Style and Care nourishing treatment which helps the appearance of dryness and split ends. This also can be spread evenly throughout the hair to help style it but I tend to apply this to the ends only. And that's it.. that is everything I apply to my hair. On oilier days, I like to use the Batiste dry shampoo just to spruce up my roots. I love this as it gives my hair amazing volume, which is a miracle considering how flat my hair naturally is. 

Now besides the obvious of trimming your hair regularly and eating well, that's everything I like to do to keep my hair healthy and long. Of course it is important to remember that everyone's hair is actually only able to grow a certain length, I luckily however have a long hair gene throughout my family but it's still important to keep it healthy and well looked after. I hope you found this post somewhat useful, until next time lovelies..

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Holiday Make-Up Bag | Essentials&Packing Tips

Monday, August 17, 2015

Holidays. They really are the most stressful thing to pack for, I mean when you own 100 lipsticks how could you possibly leave them all behind?! The struggle is real for the travelling beauty blogger, as she makes the decision to part with some of her most prized cosmetic treasures. I understand your pain girl. And so for today's post, I thought I'd share with you all what's in my holiday make-up bag this year, alongside some tips on what you actually NEED to pack. 

First things first.. the make-up bag! 
Aim to choose something small, this year I've just opted to use my pencil case to carry all of my beauty necessities. If you choose a smaller bag it shall encourage you to pack more wisely, taking smaller items and not overpacking with the bits you don't really need. I picked my pencil case up from WHSmiths last year, so unfortunately you cannot purchase it anymore. But I'm sure you could find something similar elsewhere. 

Organisation - The way you pack!
The thing that works best for me is packing all of my make-up upright, rather than face down. You will get so much more room this way, I managed to fit 20 beauty products in this pencil case doing that and that's a lot! 20 seems excessive but I have genuinely packed the bare minimum. Pencil cases usually have small compartments to slide brow gels and concealers through; making more room! When packing a powder, try to choose a bag with a zip compartment, it's good to keep these separate from the rest of your stash, as if the worst case scenario occurs and it cracks (which is devastating enough, let me tell you!!) you really don't want to deal with it destroying the rest of your products too. 

Be wise with your decisions, take products that have multiple purposes..
For example, I've chosen to take with me the Maybelline Master Sculpt for several reasons. Firstly, this is a bronzer and a highlight all in one so rather than taking two separate items, I have them both here in this friendly, compact duo. Secondly, the product comes with a brush and a mirror definitely making it perfect for travelling on the go. I did consider bringing the UD Naked 2 Basics palette with me but then I thought 'Why bother?' I can create a simple and fuss free eye look with this beauty. Using the contour shade for my crease and the highlight shade across the lid and the inner corner, pop on a touch of eyeliner, mascara and you're good to go! So with this one product I am able to contour, highlight and add some glamour to my eyes. Perfect.

The Lip Edit:
I think every beauty blogger experiences this issue when travelling, what lipstick should I take with me? I've narrowed it down to four which I think is pretty good going to be fair. I've opted for MAC Fresh Brew - As this is a lustre finish, it's super moisturising and very easy to reapply throughout the day; perfect for any summer getaway. Everyone needs a nude shade with them on holiday and this is mine! MAC New York Apple - This beauty shall also be coming away with me this year. This is perfect if you want to brave a bit more of a bold lip in the evening but don't want to go completely flat out. As a frost finish this has a touch of sparkle; taking you from day to night but doesn't have an intense pigmentation so I can still feel safely within my comfort zone. Everyone needs a good red lippie in their travel bag! Another great and very wearable shade is Benefit Posie Balm - On days when you aren't really feeling a lipstick this is a great way to add a touch of colour in a subtle and very moisturising way. This pale pink is super wearable for everyday wear, I love it. Lastly the Malin&Goetz lip moisturiser - has made its way into my travel bag this year. I like to apply a good, moisturising lip balm to my lips overnight and this will also be perfect on those days when I simply just want a clear lip. To perfect the lips even more, my trusty Lush Bubblegum lip scrub - shall be helping me prep my lips prior application and removing any of the nasty dead and dry skin cells. I can't ever apply anything to my lips without using this.

All About That Base..
Choosing your perfect holiday base is definitely another very difficult job. For the summertime you need something with a good SPF but for someone with combination skin like me, it has to be oil free as well. Most of us prefer to wear something a little lighter on our skin too, so for me this year it has to be the Nars Oil Free Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer // NARS Tinted Moisturiser with SPF30 - This pair work like a dream for me, giving me a decent amount of coverage that lasts all day whilst protecting my skin from the sun and adding a touch of moisture too. 

Prep and Conceal.. Lock and load!
Now you've applied your base, you need to perfect it and ensure it will last you all day. Especially if you're going to be in a particularly hot environment. To do this, I've opted for my mini Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating Under Eye Primer - This shall keep me looking a bit more awake due to its pink tones, cancelling out any veins and imperfections whilst prepping me for concealer. This year, my concealers of choice are Benefit Boi-ing - On bad blemish days this will work like a treat, trust me; It's my holy grail!! For the under-eyes my mini Benefit Fake-Up shall correct any late night dramas, for sure. Lastly, I cannot complete any look without my NARS Stick Concealer - This is an absolute must for my brows, defining and concealing them; they are never complete without this beauty. For days when I'm considering adding a touch of something to my eyes, my mini Benefit Stay Don't Stray - Is the one for keeping those lids looking perfect all day! To set all of that goodness in place, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder shall work like a treat. I usually wear 005 but this time I've opted for 003 'Peach Glow' to ensure my face doesn't look cakey. Light and natural is what you want on holiday. My ultimate holiday handbag must have lately has been the Benefit License To Blot as someone prone to lots of oiliness around the t-zone area on hotter days, this is essential for any daytime touch ups! 

Wow Brows&Smize Eyes
For the brows, I like to keep it fuss free and easy. Especially in the summertime! As I mentioned above, the NARS Stick Concealer is a must to define them, Benefit Gimme Brow is what I love to fill them in with. This just makes my brows look so natural and as it's a gel it keeps them in place all day. Nobody wants to see slugs sliding down your face by 3pm, gross! This is also super small and therefore is great for travelling. For the lashes, it has to be Benefit Roller Lash - The mini size is perfect for travelling and keeps my lashes looking long and curled all day. Hands down the best mascara I have ever used. Lastly, if I want to add a little something extra to my eyes the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner is an amazing one, small and convenient for travelling as well as being super easy to apply and surprisingly very long lasting. This seriously does not budge all day, unless you rubbed your eyes of course; which would be a silly thing to do really.. 

How about those apples?!
Last but not least this Bourjois Cream Blush is perfect for the summertime. I love using creamier products in the summer and this adds a great yet very natural flush of colour to your cheeks. 

Small yet mighty!
The last tip I have to offer is not only using a small bag but use up your travel sized products too! If you collect Elle and Vogue every month like I do, I'm sure by the summertime you have a lot of samples lying around; well now is the time to use them! Shampoo samples, skincare samples, foundation samples - The works! This will just make packing your toiletries so much easier as bottles can be super bulky and take up a lot of room.

So I hope you found this post somewhat useful, I know the summer is ending but this post isn't just aimed at summer holiday packing - you could use these tips for any trips or weekend breaks you have coming up later on in the year! Packing really isn't an easy job and it's even harder for us beauty lovers! Until next time,

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The Smoking Jacket | YSL Must Haves

Friday, August 14, 2015

Outfit Details:
1. The Iconic Le Smoking Jacket £1,520.00 here
2. Fishnet Stockings £165.00 here
3. A-Line Denim Mini Skirt £415.00 here
4. Ankle Strap Sandal £420.00 here
5. Dolman Sleeve Top £670.00 here
6. Low Waisted Skinny Jean £470.00 here
7. Camel Scarf (Originally $225) here
8. Court Classic High Top Sneaker £440.00 here
9. Monogram Cuff in Gold Toned Brass £440.00 here
10. Monogram Pendant Necklace in Gold Vermeil £265.00 here
11. Anita Fringed Flat Bag in Ocher Suede Leather £880.00 here
12. YSL MoirĂ© Eyeliner £25.50 here
13. YSL Luxurious Mascara £25.00 here

I received an e-mail from the lovely team at Far Fetch recently, asking me if I'd like to create a look using all YSL products with the iconic le smoking tuxedo jacket at the centre of the outfit. This is in honour of their latest exhibition; Style is eternal. Of course this originates from the iconic designers most famous quote "Fashion fades, style is eternal". In collaboration with The Bowes Museum and Fondation Pierre BergĂ© the exhibition showcases the french designers life and of course his work - which has made its mark within fashion history. The Bowes Museum has previously exhibited the workings of Laura Ashley and Vivienne Westwood just to name a couple, I think it's safe to say the exhibition shan't be short from spectacular. The exhibition shall run from August 8th all the way until October 25th, so if there's a spare date in your diary this definitely isn't one to miss out on. 

You can visit the Bowes Museum page here and purchase tickets for the exhibition via ticketmaster here. If you wish, you can purchase YSL pieces and other designer items directly from Far Fetch here. 

The look I have created follows the same theme of the exhibition; 'Style is Eternal'. First and foremost, when has black not ever been on trend? We initially entered the world of television through a black and white screen and with the monochrome trend coming back into fashion this A/W '15 through the likes of the classic Diane Von Furstenberg monochrome coat, which you can check out in my previous trend post here. Brown and nude tone shades have always been a classic winner in my eyes, it's just such a wearable, day to day colour. The gladiators knew what they were doing when they strolled around in their brown sandals! Lastly, there's nothing wrong with a bit of gold to sparkle up any outfit. These YSL pieces are timeless, statement classics which you can re-wear eternally. 

Side note: Style Tip! When opting for the evening luxe trend, wear the scarf loose to create a layering effect. Just like the different lengths of your hair, having a different length coat, skirt and scarf shall give your outfit more texture and add a bit of interest throughout the autumn and winter months. For the daytime diva approach, where as shown in the picture above to portray a comfortable and relaxing vibe. 

I hope you liked this post lovelies - once again something a little different but I've been really loving including more fashion related posts onto my blog lately, I love make-up but the amount of beauty posts has been getting a bit much! Until next time,

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DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored however I have not been paid. All opinions, content and ideas included are my own. 

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