Coping With The End Of Summer Blues

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

With September around the corner and the back to school season suddenly looming upon us, we have to come to the realisation that the summer is over once more. It’s time to welcome back the dark nights, lots of rain and oversized jumpers but whilst we’re still in August this can be quite a dreary thought for many. For me personally, the September season can be quite an exciting one. It can be a great way to start over, a new academic year, another chance to gain some much needed motivation after a long and lazy summer. But at the same time, I’m going to miss the sunshine and stress free mornings a hell of a lot. So the big question here today is, how can we cope with the end of summer blues?

1.     Shut down
This might seem a bit of a miserable thing to do but trust me, shutting away from social media whilst everyone is beginning to upload their photo albums for summer 2015 is definitely the best thing to do. Looking back at photographs of the summertime shall only make you miss it more and that’s almost as bad a feeling as FOMO. Don’t do it.

2.     Create goals
As I mentioned above, September can be a great time of the year for regaining any motivation you may have lost during the summer. Now, is the perfect time for creating yourself a list of everything you would like to achieve by next summer; this way it shall give you something to strive for and look forward to working on throughout the next season.

3.     “You go Glen Coco”
Binge watching high school movies will seriously get you pumped for the back to school season. Clueless and Mean Girls are definitely at the top of my watch list, besides I think we all love a good movie night especially when it’s an excuse to get the popcorn out!

4.     Shop till you drop!
I think every bloggers favourite word is shopping, well I know that mine is anyway… The back to school season is the perfect excuse to go on a big shop! After all, you’re going to need something cute to wear on your first day back. Stationery shopping is actually one of my favourite things to shop for as well, having pretty looking stationery will also definitely get you a little bit more hyped up about the season ahead, it’s super sad but I’m always dying to start writing in my new planner and sparkly notebook.

5.     Plan ahead
As I mentioned above, I absolutely love when I have a new planner to use. Why not take this time before you start back at school or work to compile a list of dates and events which you have to look forward to within the next season. This could include birthdays, your next holiday or even plan ahead with your blog posts. I love getting ahead with my posts, having ideas planned ahead for the next few weeks allows me to become super excited about what I’ll be writing next and then I can think about which photo shoots I have to do to complete the post. As you all know, it’s a very exciting process.

And that’s everything I like to do to prepare myself for the season ahead and feel a little bit happier about the end of summer. I hope you found this post somewhat useful and if you have any other ways to cope with the summer blues then feel free to share them in the comments below. Until next time…

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