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Friday, August 21, 2015

January and July seem to be those two times of the year when people feel the need to either eat healthier and get into shape or generally lose a little bit of extra weight. The new year offers a sense of motivation for the aspiring 'dieter' but most of us give up by March and end up back into our usual eating habits, when the summer rolls around it usually tends to be the start of round two. Everybody becomes 'fixated' with getting their 'bikini ready body'. Once again, the rise of the fad diets and gym attendance for the next 3 months. 

First of all, I want to put a little disclaimer out there that I am by no means promoting any specific body shape, nor am I encouraging you to lose or gain weight. This post isn't about that. The reason I have included the hyphens around the word 'diet' is because I don't want to promote dieting, I want to promote healthy living. You could be a size 16 or a size 6, the number does not matter; what matters the most is that you are healthy and active enough to use your body to its full potential. In today's post I want to share my tips and advice on eating well and staying healthy whilst you are on holiday. It isn't an easy task, most people view holidays as an excuse to splurge a little more than usual on the cakes and crisp, it's nice to treat ourselves but nobody wants to spend their holidays feeling bloated, you want to feel happy and for me personally when I eat a lot of junk; I feel like junk. I remember watching an episode of The Biggest Loser not so long ago, where the contestants were given the challenge of losing weight whilst they were on holiday and surprisingly they managed it pretty well. That's what kind of sparked the idea off for this post - how can we keep up our healthy eating habits whilst we're on holiday surrounded by temptation? 

1. Stick to your usual eating habits
This seems to be the hardest thing to do on holiday but if you're happy at home eating chicken and salads or a lovely salmon with some sweet potato chips and green beans - then why does being in a different environment mean this has to change? 

2. Set yourself a limit 
Holiday time = treat time. But a treat means an occasion, it makes the food more special. I find if I ate two cakes, a packet of crisp and a chocolate bar all in one day then I wouldn't enjoy it as much but if I set myself to a limit of only one cake every two days or every day then I'd appreciate it far more. A treat is supposed to be something you don't have very often, if you're used to having a lot of sugar in your diet then how can you enjoy your supposed treats. I find eating sugar too much makes my palette become bland and generally my food is unenjoyable. 

3. You are what you eat!
Cliche I know, but it's true. Coming from the girl with the diet that consisted of pizza and super noodles for the longest time it just generally isn't good for you. It was my mum who made me realise I can't live like this forever and since changing my diet I have become a much happier and healthier person. I, of course am currently facing the worries of breaking my healthier palette on holiday but when I look back at how unhappy I was when I was eating junk constantly - I know that a different environment shan't encourage me to return to my old ways. I want to feel happy on holiday and staying healthy definitely promotes a happier lifestyle. 

4. Mood VS Food
So if it's true that your food choices affect your mood why not put it to the test. Whenever you've not ate that well one day, write down how you feel by the end of the day. Are you bloated after that takeaway blow out? Was it worth it? Then on a day when you've ate a little bit better do the exact same thing - analyse your thoughts and feelings; compare the two together and I'm sure that 90% of the time you'll be feeling happier when you're healthier.

5. Kick those sugar cravings with better alternatives..
Chip lover? Sweet potato chips are sure to solve your problems. Soft, fluffy and light they taste just as good but with less calories and more nutrients than a regular chip. There's only 26g of carbohydrate in a raw sweet potato, which is fairly low compared to the 38g contained in a regular, raw potato. Small switches like this can make a big difference. Sweet potato chips also have 50% more Vitamin A than your regular chips. Regular chips may contain less sugar but commercially takeaway style chips don't contain the skin. The skin is where the fibre of the potato is contained, therefore sweet potatoes further contain more fibre than regular potatoes; giving you extra goodness and energy. 

Sweet lover? The natural sugars in fruits are so much better for you than your usual candy choices. Add a bit of chocolate or yoghurt with some strawberries to ease yourself into the transition. These are great ways to kick those cravings whilst still staying healthier and happier at the same time. Healthy doesn't mean everything has to taste bad. 

A little bit of a controversial post from me today and it definitely was a bit of a struggle to write but I do find it quite interesting how our healthier eating habits completely go out of the window during holidays and Christmas. You should never deny your body of a treat but you shouldn't starve it from the nutrients and goodness it needs too. A holiday is usually for the purpose of destroying any stress in your life, a time to relax and wind down. Whilst you're looking after your body's mentality on a trip away, there's no harm in caring for its internal health too. Until next time lovelies,

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