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Monday, August 17, 2015

Holidays. They really are the most stressful thing to pack for, I mean when you own 100 lipsticks how could you possibly leave them all behind?! The struggle is real for the travelling beauty blogger, as she makes the decision to part with some of her most prized cosmetic treasures. I understand your pain girl. And so for today's post, I thought I'd share with you all what's in my holiday make-up bag this year, alongside some tips on what you actually NEED to pack. 

First things first.. the make-up bag! 
Aim to choose something small, this year I've just opted to use my pencil case to carry all of my beauty necessities. If you choose a smaller bag it shall encourage you to pack more wisely, taking smaller items and not overpacking with the bits you don't really need. I picked my pencil case up from WHSmiths last year, so unfortunately you cannot purchase it anymore. But I'm sure you could find something similar elsewhere. 

Organisation - The way you pack!
The thing that works best for me is packing all of my make-up upright, rather than face down. You will get so much more room this way, I managed to fit 20 beauty products in this pencil case doing that and that's a lot! 20 seems excessive but I have genuinely packed the bare minimum. Pencil cases usually have small compartments to slide brow gels and concealers through; making more room! When packing a powder, try to choose a bag with a zip compartment, it's good to keep these separate from the rest of your stash, as if the worst case scenario occurs and it cracks (which is devastating enough, let me tell you!!) you really don't want to deal with it destroying the rest of your products too. 

Be wise with your decisions, take products that have multiple purposes..
For example, I've chosen to take with me the Maybelline Master Sculpt for several reasons. Firstly, this is a bronzer and a highlight all in one so rather than taking two separate items, I have them both here in this friendly, compact duo. Secondly, the product comes with a brush and a mirror definitely making it perfect for travelling on the go. I did consider bringing the UD Naked 2 Basics palette with me but then I thought 'Why bother?' I can create a simple and fuss free eye look with this beauty. Using the contour shade for my crease and the highlight shade across the lid and the inner corner, pop on a touch of eyeliner, mascara and you're good to go! So with this one product I am able to contour, highlight and add some glamour to my eyes. Perfect.

The Lip Edit:
I think every beauty blogger experiences this issue when travelling, what lipstick should I take with me? I've narrowed it down to four which I think is pretty good going to be fair. I've opted for MAC Fresh Brew - As this is a lustre finish, it's super moisturising and very easy to reapply throughout the day; perfect for any summer getaway. Everyone needs a nude shade with them on holiday and this is mine! MAC New York Apple - This beauty shall also be coming away with me this year. This is perfect if you want to brave a bit more of a bold lip in the evening but don't want to go completely flat out. As a frost finish this has a touch of sparkle; taking you from day to night but doesn't have an intense pigmentation so I can still feel safely within my comfort zone. Everyone needs a good red lippie in their travel bag! Another great and very wearable shade is Benefit Posie Balm - On days when you aren't really feeling a lipstick this is a great way to add a touch of colour in a subtle and very moisturising way. This pale pink is super wearable for everyday wear, I love it. Lastly the Malin&Goetz lip moisturiser - has made its way into my travel bag this year. I like to apply a good, moisturising lip balm to my lips overnight and this will also be perfect on those days when I simply just want a clear lip. To perfect the lips even more, my trusty Lush Bubblegum lip scrub - shall be helping me prep my lips prior application and removing any of the nasty dead and dry skin cells. I can't ever apply anything to my lips without using this.

All About That Base..
Choosing your perfect holiday base is definitely another very difficult job. For the summertime you need something with a good SPF but for someone with combination skin like me, it has to be oil free as well. Most of us prefer to wear something a little lighter on our skin too, so for me this year it has to be the Nars Oil Free Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer // NARS Tinted Moisturiser with SPF30 - This pair work like a dream for me, giving me a decent amount of coverage that lasts all day whilst protecting my skin from the sun and adding a touch of moisture too. 

Prep and Conceal.. Lock and load!
Now you've applied your base, you need to perfect it and ensure it will last you all day. Especially if you're going to be in a particularly hot environment. To do this, I've opted for my mini Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating Under Eye Primer - This shall keep me looking a bit more awake due to its pink tones, cancelling out any veins and imperfections whilst prepping me for concealer. This year, my concealers of choice are Benefit Boi-ing - On bad blemish days this will work like a treat, trust me; It's my holy grail!! For the under-eyes my mini Benefit Fake-Up shall correct any late night dramas, for sure. Lastly, I cannot complete any look without my NARS Stick Concealer - This is an absolute must for my brows, defining and concealing them; they are never complete without this beauty. For days when I'm considering adding a touch of something to my eyes, my mini Benefit Stay Don't Stray - Is the one for keeping those lids looking perfect all day! To set all of that goodness in place, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder shall work like a treat. I usually wear 005 but this time I've opted for 003 'Peach Glow' to ensure my face doesn't look cakey. Light and natural is what you want on holiday. My ultimate holiday handbag must have lately has been the Benefit License To Blot as someone prone to lots of oiliness around the t-zone area on hotter days, this is essential for any daytime touch ups! 

Wow Brows&Smize Eyes
For the brows, I like to keep it fuss free and easy. Especially in the summertime! As I mentioned above, the NARS Stick Concealer is a must to define them, Benefit Gimme Brow is what I love to fill them in with. This just makes my brows look so natural and as it's a gel it keeps them in place all day. Nobody wants to see slugs sliding down your face by 3pm, gross! This is also super small and therefore is great for travelling. For the lashes, it has to be Benefit Roller Lash - The mini size is perfect for travelling and keeps my lashes looking long and curled all day. Hands down the best mascara I have ever used. Lastly, if I want to add a little something extra to my eyes the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner is an amazing one, small and convenient for travelling as well as being super easy to apply and surprisingly very long lasting. This seriously does not budge all day, unless you rubbed your eyes of course; which would be a silly thing to do really.. 

How about those apples?!
Last but not least this Bourjois Cream Blush is perfect for the summertime. I love using creamier products in the summer and this adds a great yet very natural flush of colour to your cheeks. 

Small yet mighty!
The last tip I have to offer is not only using a small bag but use up your travel sized products too! If you collect Elle and Vogue every month like I do, I'm sure by the summertime you have a lot of samples lying around; well now is the time to use them! Shampoo samples, skincare samples, foundation samples - The works! This will just make packing your toiletries so much easier as bottles can be super bulky and take up a lot of room.

So I hope you found this post somewhat useful, I know the summer is ending but this post isn't just aimed at summer holiday packing - you could use these tips for any trips or weekend breaks you have coming up later on in the year! Packing really isn't an easy job and it's even harder for us beauty lovers! Until next time,

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