Summer Hair Care Routine & Hair Growth Tips!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Okay so I guess I may as well start off with the basics; my hair type. The best way I can describe my hair is oily to combination. I know that sounds so strange, how can you have combination hair?! But, my roots are very prone to oiliness whereas the ends of my hair can become very dry and frizzy. Finding products that cater to the needs of both the top and bottom of my hair really is a nightmare but I think I've finally found the perfect solution.

Avoid heat as far as possible
I now very rarely use heat on my hair, my hair is naturally pretty straight so I'm lucky in that respect. Did you know that over applying heat on your hair when it is dry causes further brittleness and therefore breakage? 2011 statistics have shown that applying heat onto your hair that is higher than 180 degrees will actually damage the cuticles of your hair; this is the hard outer protective coating on each strand of your hair. These cuticles make up 80% of your hair, giving its internal strength and flexibility. So next time you turn those straighteners up to full blast just remember that you're actually damaging 80% of your total hair, now that's a lot.

Use minimal product on your hair
Another fairly obvious thing to do but when I was younger I used to apply so much to my hair but this actually just made my hair oilier. Think about it, when we are washing our hair we are removing any artificial chemicals that we have added onto our hair since we last washed it, if we're just going to apply 5 more things to it once its dry, what was the point of washing it in the first place? I also avoid using any product within my roots (except dry shampoo when necessary) at all costs, as adding excess product to that area shall only speed up the oily process.

Use products with natural chemicals
During the summertime I like to give my hair some added texture. My hair is super flat and if I can achieve some textured waves without using any heat or artificial chemicals then I'm all about that. Lush do an amazing range of natural products to cater to all hair types but at the moment I've been testing the TRESemme perfectly (un)done styling sea foam to create soft and natural looking waves. This contains sea kelp which helps to maintain strong and healthy hair. Kelp actually contains several minerals including iron, magnesium, iodine folate and B vitamins. The rich B vitamins contained within kelp have been proven to promote hair growth by encouraging cell growth and cell division. You can read more about the benefits of kelp for your hair here if you wish. 

Brush your hair regularly
If you have long hair or wish to have longer hair, then maintaining the smoothness of your hair is super important. Having knots within your hair leads to an increased amount of breakage, as you've probably noticed if your brush often fills up quickly with hair. Brushing often shall reduce the chances of breakage as you'll have less pesky knots to worry about dealing with. I like to use the tangle teezer to remove any knots when I do have them, comb through your hair gently and let the brush work its magic. I tend to avoid using detangling spray within my hair as once again this shall only lead up to a pile of excess products living within your hair; promoting oiliness. Having excess products in your shall naturally make it heavier, therefore leading to breakage. 

My hair care routine..
As I've already mentioned, I don't like to use a lot of product within my hair so this is going to be short and sweet. Firstly I like to use Pantene PRO-V shampoo as this caters for hair that needs a lightweight nourishment. This helps to moisturise my poor, frizzy and dry ends but as it's lightweight it adds no excess oil to my roots. Keeping my hair light and replenished. Remember, heavier hair leads to more breakage! 

As I mentioned earlier, the TRESemme perfectly (un)done styling sea foam not only smells amazing but with natural ingredients this beauty cares for my hair and adds the much needed texture I crave in the summertime. I like to split my hair into a middle parting and apply 3 pumps to each half of my hair. I scrunch my hair up whilst doing this to get that added bit of texture. I'll then put my hair into a plait onto each side and leave to dry naturally. This gives me a super natural look to my hair, creating beach goddess waves to die for. 

To cater for my dry ends, I then like to add the Dove Style and Care nourishing treatment which helps the appearance of dryness and split ends. This also can be spread evenly throughout the hair to help style it but I tend to apply this to the ends only. And that's it.. that is everything I apply to my hair. On oilier days, I like to use the Batiste dry shampoo just to spruce up my roots. I love this as it gives my hair amazing volume, which is a miracle considering how flat my hair naturally is. 

Now besides the obvious of trimming your hair regularly and eating well, that's everything I like to do to keep my hair healthy and long. Of course it is important to remember that everyone's hair is actually only able to grow a certain length, I luckily however have a long hair gene throughout my family but it's still important to keep it healthy and well looked after. I hope you found this post somewhat useful, until next time lovelies..

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