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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Buying underwear really isn't an easy task. There's the issues of the straps falling down, your boobs falling out of the cups and even the awkward wedgie moments. Don't lie girls, we've all been there. Now, this is where Wolford come in, I've finally found the solution to my awkward underwear issues..

The Wolford product guarantee states:

"By purchasing this premium item from Wolford, you have chosen
quality which can be seen and felt. The Wolford brand stands
for a perfect fit and products that are extremely comfortable
to wear and particularly carefully finished. They are made from 
luxurious materials that are ultra-soft and kind to the skin."

And if their products are good enough for Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker then they are definitely more than good enough for me! Firstly, this is now probably the best fitted bra* that I own. Tight enough to keep my chest all in place but not too tight where they can't breathe. Wolford have found the perfect in between balance and I am in love. The cups are lined with fine, soft tulle making this bra that extra bit more comfortable! Further adding to the comfort and luxury, the straps are made using the soft and ever so beautiful black velvet material. No more bra straps that dig into your shoulders, this is just perfect. I genuinely feel I could run for the bus in this and not have my chest flying around everywhere, a complete life saver. 

Moving onto the panty*, continuing with the soft and luxurious satin material I did initially worry the sheer finish of this would have been super see through, there would be no point in buying black underwear if it isn't even going to show up on my skin but thankfully, it wasn't. The thin and lightweight design will make these perfect for when I need something comfortable without the awkward, knicker line incident to wear underneath a pair of leggings. Because let's be honest, a thong is a girls best friend on a leggings kind of day! Once again, edged velvet this underwear set oozes comfort, luxury and beautiful quality. The bra retailing at £95 and the panty at £45 may seem pretty steep but every girl needs a little bit of luxury in her life and investing in at least one high quality underwear set shall be super worthwhile, I can promise you that. There will be a time when you're attending an event where you need underwear you can rely on and the quality of Wolford products are certainly worth that. For size referencing, using the Wolford chart converter allowed me to choose my perfect fit.

It is recommended to hand wash the underwear set, Wolford believe this is the most efficient way to enjoy their outstanding quality for many years to come. 

You can purchase the bra here and the panty here if you wish. I also have a review of the Wolford luxury ribbed tights which you can check out here if you like. I hope you liked this post lovelies and once again I would like to give Wolford a special thank you for kindly sending me such another beautiful product. If you have any embarrassing underwear stories I'd love it if you shared them down below, they happen to us at the best of times don't they?! Until next time,

Have you ever purchased from Wolford before?
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DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored. Any products that have been sent to me have been marked with an asterisk (*). All opinions are my own. 

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