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Monday, September 21, 2015

When I first began my interest with make-up, around 3 to 4 years ago now I felt as though there was a pressure to buy fancy cleaning solutions for my brushes such as the MAC brush cleanser and with there being so many different ways people cleaned their brushes I really didn't know where was the best way to start. Today I'll be sharing with you a step by step, super simple routine catered for beginners, here's the reassurance I once needed that you don't need to buy any fancy cleaning solutions and using things you already have around your house will do the job just fine.

1. Wash your face brushes separately to your eye brushes
This may seem obvious to some and it isn't a crime if you wash them together but this routine involves leaving your brushes to soak in warm water for 5 minutes therefore, it definitely is easier for you to add as few together as possible just to ensure there's less dirt floating around the water.. yum!

2. Leave your brushes to soak for 5 minutes
I like to do this just so the brushes can soak up as much water and soap as possible. Start by running some hot water in your sink and adding in your chosen brushes. I then like to add in a bit of shower gel, for the fun part shake into the water to create some bubbles! Add a timer onto your phone for 5 minutes, leaving them to soak.

3. It's time to wash your brushes!
Taking some plastic gloves, or if you have any designed for washing up then this is even better! It's time to get those brushes clean. I like to take my chosen brush out of the water and add a couple of pumps of hand wash onto the brush, this will vary depending on the brush size and how mucky it is. Then just rub the brush onto the palm of your hand, you should begin to notice the dirt coming off of the brush. Keep rinsing the brush in the water then adding more pumps of hand gel until you don't notice any more dirt coming off from the brush.

4. The magic tip!
The one thing I find super frustrating about cleaning my brushes is the excess soap that becomes trapped in between the hair fibres. What I've discovered is that rinsing your brush under warm water actually just encourages the soap to stay there and so rinsing your brush under cold water is actually the best way to solve this. Keep squeezing your brush whilst you rinse under the cold tap, once all traces of soap are gone your brush should be clean!

5. Leaving them to dry..
There are several ways of doing this, you can attach your brushes to something sturdy with a bobble to hang them upside down to dry but in all honesty I just leave mine on a towel on the bathroom floor to dry over night. This genuinely works just fine and my brushes are super soft, fluffy, clean and dry by the morning. 

I really hope this post helped some of you out and it just goes to show you really don't need any fancy equipment to clean your brushes effectively. Using hand wash is actually a great option as the anti-bacterial formula really helps to ensure your brushes are protected from any nasties and germs whilst leaving them smelling super fresh too! Until next time lovelies,

How do you clean your make-up brushes?!
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PS! I started university today, ahh and so my blog schedule may now be subject to change. I was uploading Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the summer but as I'll have a lot of work to prioritise I'm going to be cutting this down to hopefully both Monday's and Friday's. If not Friday's, there will always be a post on a Monday of any week - I can't wait to start uploading more Autumn content!

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