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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Finding the perfect make-up combination for school isn't an easy task. It has to look natural, yet fresh faced and awake at the same time. I know in some schools you aren't allowed to wear make-up but let's be honest.. we all still did! You don't want to cake yourself in it, even for your own sake you want to be able to let your skin breathe whilst you move around from one humid classroom to another sweaty classroom all day. Thanks to Dusty Girls, I think I've finally found the perfect beauty recipe to create a natural, fresh faced glow that lasts ALL day.

To prep my skin for make-up, I moisturised as usual - this is super important to do before application, otherwise the base of your make-up may appear to be quite patchy. Of course you want to look fresh faced and awake for school, to do this I used Benefit Puff Off. The iron tip applicator is super soothing and cooling on the under eye area, I definitely can't get through my early mornings without this! To prime skin, further prepping for my base I've used the Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer  as I need to keep my make-up looking fresh and flawless throughout the long school day. Weirdly enough, I actually never used to like this primer but back in the day I made the stupid mistake of applying the stick over my face and not rubbing it in with my fingers afterwards.. oh dear. No wonder it used to cling to certain areas of my face. Lastly, I like to apply a thin layer of MAC Strobe Cream across my face, focusing more specifically on the areas I wish to highlight further (Cupid's bow, bridge of nose etc..). This just makes my skin appear to have a super natural and healthy inner glow which you definitely will want at 7am. 

Moving onto the brows, I like to lightly coat Benefit Gimme Brow across them, using gentle strokes until I have achieved my desired look. A brow gel is always your best bet when you're in school or work as you don't want to have slugs sliding down your face by midday. 

Now for the hardest part to perfect; the base. For me, I like a brand that says no to cake face, no to animal testing and yes to use all natural ingredients which help to soothe acne prone skin. Now this, is where Dusty Girls come in. The Natural Tinted Earth Creamwill be all you need this school year - yep that's right, I haven't even used any concealer on my blemishes today! Containing skin loving ingredients such as Nigella Sativa Oil and Manuka Tree Leaf Oil your blemishes will be thanking you. I've been using this for the past couple of weeks and skin has cleared up so much! Dusty Girls also note that the colouring of this may appear slightly dark upon first dispensing this from the pump but this is completely normal. Upon application this evens out your complexion, blending into your natural skin tone. I like to apply a thin layer across the face, patting in with my beauty blender for an even and natural looking coverage. I did notice a slight smell when applying this, quite like a farm actually but that fits perfectly with the whole natural vibe and don't worry - there was no sign of any smell once it had blended into my skin. This beauty looks and feels like my skin but better, I am in love.

Back onto the brows and I'm concealing with the NARS Stick Concealer in 'Chantilly' this just really perfects the shape, leaving me with the crisp finish I adore. Then, to brighten up our peepers that little touch more my MAC Pro-longwear in 'NC15' is the perfect brightening concealer. This beauty can disguise any late nights with ease, although I find it creases very quickly so be sure to set it with a powder ASAP. Speaking of powders, to perfect this look I have used the Benefit Hello Flawless powder to set all of that goodness in place. This alongside my stay flawless primer have got me covered for a long day in school! This post isn't sponsored by Benefit, I swear - I just love their products! To add a touch of smize to the eyes, I've used the NYX Colour Mascara in 'Brown'. Brown mascaras are so much more natural looking than black, making them perfect for school. How dare they question the realness of your peepers!

Adding a flush of colour to cheeks and a touch of sparkle to brighten yourself up on an early school morning, the Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Blush in 'Pink Ladies'* gives you the healthiest flush of pink. No camera can ever do justice to how gorgeous this is, with reflecting, gold shimmers throughout you don't even need to highlight, this is the perfect two in one. In the words of Dusty Girls themselves, this is a flush of pink you won't be embarrassed about. Once again containing only natural, oils and micas you can be sure your skin is bright and glowing for all the right reasons. If you wanted to add an extra bit of some'tin, some'tin to your look, then blend this across the crease of your eyelid for an instant pick me up. Finishing off the look now, I've exfoliated my lips with the Lush Lip Scrub in 'The Kiss' to prep them for application. Using the Dusty Girls Mineral Lip Shine in 'Argyle Pink'* I am all ready for a long day at school. I can honestly say this is the softest lip balm I have ever, ever, EVER used! And I'm a girl who's prone to severe dry lips so that really is saying something. This adds the most stunning pink tone to the lips, with berry undertones it's a perfect transitional colour from summer to autumn. Did you know that in our lifetime we actually 3 kilos of lipstick?! This is why Dusty Girls only use food based ingredients to ensure what is going onto our lips (and into our mouth!!) is safe. Influenced by the pink argyle diamond found right in the heart of Western Australia this is a product certainly born from nature. This is also super compact size too, making it perfect to pop into your bag for touch ups throughout the day. 

And so that was my secret to fresh and flawless skin which lasts ALL day long. I just want to give Sammy and the rest of the Dusty Girls team a huge shoutout to sending me such beautiful products, I know for sure that I'll be making more purchases in the future - especially the lip shine, it's amazing! You can check out the rest of their range here. All orders now contain a free, full sized sample of the MooGoo scalp cream - perfect for moisturising any tough and dry skin around the nose, eyebrows and scalp. Although Australian born and bred, Dusty Girls do have a UK based warehouse therefore your order can get to you in no time! 

Finding the perfect foundation shade is also a HUGE struggle for me, thanks to Dusty Girls you can discover your perfect shade using their 5 step quiz here. Even better, they'll ship you a sample size of their natural mineral foundation powder, in your perfect shade alongside your order for free!! 

Until next time lovelies,

What products are you loving for back to school?!
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DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored, anything that has been sent to me for review has been marked with an asterisk (*). All opinions however, are my own. 

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