15 Things To Do In Autumn/Fall

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Most people are all for the summer but for me, October to December is hands down my favourite time of the year. There's just so many more fun things to do due to the amount of festivities we have, there's Halloween, Bonfire Night, the lead up to Christmas with advent calendars and buying cute little Lush festive bath bombs - most of my family are also born during this half of the year too (including me!) which makes it even better! This time of year may seem quite costly to some but there's also a lot of fun things you can do on a budget and so today I thought I'd share 15 of them with you!

Autumn activities

Go for a picnic
I know picnics are typically seen as a summery thing to do but I think they can be just as fun in the autumn, especially with the warmer weather we've been having in England recently. Just grab your favourite tartan blanket, some snacks, grab some friends and go for a picnic! It's also the perfect opportunity to snag some cute Instagram worthy pictures, right?!

Visit a pumpkin patch
If you have one near you, or a local farm seriously go and visit it and choose your pumpkin. Living in the city unfortunately my closest experience to this is picking out a pumpkin in the supermarket but if you're lucky enough to be near a pumpkin patch seriously just go! This would be such a fun day out riding on hay bales, getting lost in a corn maze and coming home with a cute little pumpkin. 

Pamper day
Baths are seriously just that bit more satisfying during the colder months and so what perfect of an excuse to go out and indulge yourself in some seasonal Lush bath bombs. I still need to treat myself to one of the glitter pumpkins! So relax, get your feet up, binge watch TV in your pj's with a hot beverage of your choice and surround yourself with pumpkin scented candles, ahh bliss!

Halloween make-up
You can get super creative with this, so go and have some fun with it! I'd seriously recommend just going and raiding the aisles of Poundland with every set of face paint you can find, who knows what spooktacular look you'll come up with it!

Go trick or treating!
I actually miss going trick or treating, I used to love getting all dressed up as a kid and awaiting the excitement of which sweets lay behind each door! If you've done your halloween make-up you may as well go out there and show it off, right?!

The sweet smells of cake, pumpkin and cinnamon in the air are so much warm and inviting during this time of year, so why not google some fun recipes and make some yummy treats. It feels like a long time since I've just spent the day baking some treats, so stay tuned as there's something super yummy, seasonal and easy to make on its way to the blog very soon!!

Re-decorate your room
As a kid I seriously used to love spending the day changing up my room, moving everything around to different places can actually be quite exciting and give your room a whole new vibe. It can actually be quite refreshing to embrace change sometimes. Or, why not raid the aisles of a few homewear stores and add a couple of seasonal pieces to your room - It can be just as simple as adding some glitter pumpkins and fairy lights. 

Visit a fireworks display
Who doesn't love fireworks? So get yourself all wrapped up, grab your hat, scarf and wellies and get yourself down to a bonfire show. They are usually always free to watch, buy or make yourself some toffee apples and treacle toffee and you'll certainly begin to start feeling a little bit festive. You could even have your own outdoor bonfire with smores if you're not a fan of big crowds!

Host an autumn gathering
Why not invite a few of your friends round to pretty much do all of the above?! You could bake some yummy treats, carve out some pumpkins, play some apple bobbing and binge watch movies! 

Fall photoshoot
Last year I created a fall lookbook which I had so much fun shooting, the leaves are the most beautiful colour during this time of year so it's really such a great opportunity to get out there and have some fun exploring nature. 

Shopping spree!
The new season is always the perfect excuse to buy more clothes right?! Grab a couple of your friends and hit the shops, even if you're just browsing and lusting after all the new winter coats you'll still have a lot of fun. You can then even end the day in your favourite coffee shop for a much needed hot drink, basic but my autumnal drink of choice is always the pumpkin spiced latte! What's yours?! 

Typically an American tradition but I do think it's really important to take a couple of minutes during this time of year as everything is coming to an end, to appreciate everything you've been thankful for this year so far. Besides, who doesn't love a good roast dinner?! Me and my family have decided to partake in the tradition this year, (The perfect excuse to indulge in cinnamon rolls, am I right?!) so I can't wait to share a couple of autumnal snaps with you all on Instagram

Create a scrapbook
Once again, another fun thing I used to love doing as a kid. This time of year can be a pretty exciting one, so why not savour those memories in a worn out, well loved scrapbook. If you have a polaroid camera, that's even better - you can snap and store this seasons memories forever. To add a seasonal touch to the book, you could press leaves - If you went out and pressed a leaf everyday until the end of the season I wonder what the final result would be?!

Try a new hobby
Knitting would be a great example of this, scarf season is officially here so why not have a bash of trying to make your own? Definitely a lot cheaper than buying one in the shops and more fun too!

Visit a haunted house
If you're brave enough...

What do you like to during the Autumn?
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