Easy Half Skull Halloween Make-Up

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! In today's post I'll be sharing with you the products I used to recreate this half skull make-up look, this is super simple to do and a perfect last minute outfit idea. We're keeping it simple on the left and creeping it real on the right, hope you enjoy! 

The Left:

To begin I primed my face all over using the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, as a contrast to the darker right side, I've used the Benefit That Gal Primer on the left to add an extra glow to my skin. To make my brows look a little bit more fuller I've lightly combed through them using the Maybelline Brow Drama; creating a nice and natural look. To create a natural finish to my skin, Benefit Big Easy shall keep my skin looking fresh and smooth, with the effect of 'my skin but better'. To further brighten up the left side of my face, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer adding a bit of lift to the under eye area and around the brow. Setting all of this in place with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder across the entirety of my face. To further awaken my eyes, I've used the NYX Mascara in 'Brown' giving a natural looking flutter to my lashes. To give the left side of my face an extra touch of colour, in contrast with the dark skull; I've swept the Benefit Fine One One blush and highlight cheek tint across my cheeks adding a subtle flush of colour. Lastly, adding the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub to prep my lips for later application. 


To begin, I've primed my eyes using the Benefit Stay Don't Stray, before eyeshadow application I used the MAC Kohl Liner in 'Smolder' and applying to both my top and lower waterline; adding depth to the eyes and overall look. Beginning the eyeshadow, using 'Serious' from The Balm Nudetude palette onto a flat top brush, packing the shade across the entirety of the lid and beginning to smoke out underneath the eye as well. 
Going back in with the MAC liner, begin to create your desired outline - covering round the brow and the under eye. I filled this in with black face paint, setting once again with 'Serious' - a deep black eyeshadow. Once your eye is complete, begin to draw a line extending from the top corner of your brow and continuing round your hair line until you reach the top of your ear, then begin to extend towards the mouth creating your desired shape. Once again, fill in using a black face paint and setting with a black eyeshadow. Moving onto the lips I've used the Rimmel London Exaggerate Black Liner to create the black strips, filling in the in between sections using Sudocrem and setting with a white eyeshadow - 'Sassy' from the Nudetude palette. To do this, I've used an angled eyeliner brush, adding definition to the lips by outlining them with the Sudocrem. For the nose, extend from the eyes; once again create your outline and fill in using the face paint and black eyeshadow of your choice. 
To add further definition to the look, create an outline using a kohl liner along the right side of your chin. I then placed my fingerprints into the black eyeshadow and swiped along my neck - creating the illusion of a hand mark. Then, using a fluffy eyeshadow brush begin to smoke out your outlines along the mouth, cheek and eye, creating more of a 3D effect finish. Lastly, priming and lengthening my lashes using the Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer, completing the look with the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. You may also add a touch of white eyeshadow to your inner corner if you wish.

I hope you enjoyed this look today lovelies, I'll be posting a daytime appropriate halloween look in the next couple of days - thick winged liner and pops of berry and pink! Until next time,

What will you be dressing up as for halloween this year?!post signature

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