15 Things To Do In Winter

Friday, November 13, 2015

Last month, I posted a '15 things to in Autumn' whilst being on a budget. A lot of you seemed to really love my suggestions and it actually given myself some inspiration for fun things to do during the season too and so today, I thought I'd share with you some fun and budget friendly things you can do during the winter. 

Go ice skating
Where I live, my town's ice rink opened yesterday but unfortunately I cannot ice skate to save my life but if you have better balance than me then this could be a really fun day out for you and your friends. Plus it's also the perfect excuse to take some super festive Instagram worthy photos!

Visit your local christmas markets
For me personally, this is my favourite thing to do in the winter. The atmosphere really gets you into the festive mood with passersby wrapped up from head to toe in knitwear laughing and smiling as they browse the stalls with the smells of mulled wine filling the air. Perfect. And of course, once again perfect for some Instagram pictures!

Starbucks/Costa work dates
Right now I feel so unbelievably bogged down with university work, I have 3 assignments due in next month and rightfully so the perfect coping mechanism is sipping on some seasonal coffee. I love taking my laptop to coffee shops during this time of year, the festive atmosphere is the perfect way to destress and get some work done rather than just being sat in bed with my face staring at the screen in the dark all day! What seasonal drinks are you loving at the moment?! The toffee nut latte is my absolute favourite right now!

Snow day
Although, we're considered lucky to even see any snow before January in recent years; if you do then I'd definitely recommend to go out there and make the most of it! Build a snowman, make snow angels, have a snowball fight, go sledging, with a cute little winter photoshoot to top it all off! 

Make a gingerbread house
I actually tried this for the first time last year and it was so much fun!! The kits are usually relatively cheap to buy too, for all you creative bunch out there this is the perfect winter activity for you! And if you don't fancy gingerbread, why not make some festive christmas tree cookies?! I'll be posting a recipe to the blog shortly, stay tuned!

Christmas movie marathon
Get all wrapped up and cosy in bed or if you're really fancy you could even build yourself a fort with blankets, pillows and candles. Grab yourself a hot beverage of your choice and spend the day watching all of the classics. Home Alone, Elf, A Christmas Carol... You'll be feeling festive before you know it!!

See the lights
Everyone loves lights at Christmas, I'm not too sure why but we just do! There's usually always a local celebrity or two switching them on, so get involved with the festive atmosphere with your friends and/or family to officially mark the beginning of the Christmas period.

Re-decorate your room
A suggestion I also mentioned in my things to do in autumn post, but the beginning of the new season is always the perfect time to give your room a bit of a well needed sprucing. For winter I love adding festive pieces to my bedside table including a Starbucks red cup, tinsel or even just an advent calendar - you can get super creative with this! If you would like to see a cosy room DIY decor post in the future then please do let me know in the comments below!

Visit a Christmas tree land
You can't get more Christmassy than decorating a Christmas tree! So this year, why not get a bit more traditional and actually get yourself a real tree, rather than an artificial one. Although, even if you don't fancy the idea of having a real tree (I wouldn't blame you, they shed quite a lot!) you could simply just go for the festive experience, and as always a few Instagram pictures!

Visit the Coca-Cola truck
I think pretty much every one on the entire Earth knows that Christmas well and truly begins once the Coca Cola advert has appeared on the TV. The world famous truck has just announced more than 40 dates on its tour, so head on down to your nearest tour date to enjoy some free coke and Instagram worthy selfies with the world's most famous Christmas delivery truck. (Except Santa and his reindeers of course!)

Merry Cheese-mas! 
Sometimes, the best Christmas days are the cheesiest ones. So put on your Christmas jumpers, watch all of the classic festive movies; Elf and Home Alone should of course be at the top of your list! Conduct a stereotypical family photoshoot, ensuring you're all wearing the most hideous Christmas jumpers you can quite possibly find!! The cheesier, the better! Oh and of course, you can't forget about the baking - Gingerbread house anyone?!

Plan out your goals for the next year
The end of the year can be a great time for reflection, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner it's the perfect time of the year to appreciate all of the good things that have happened within the past year. But once you've elected why not begin to plan out some new year's resolutions for the upcoming year, setting myself goals is one of my biggest motivators - I love the satisfying feeling of conquering a challenge. Task one, pass that maths test.. task two; conquer the world!

Try some knitting
Who doesn't love a good wooly jumper? Or a scarf? Or even a hat and some mittens?! With the colder weather now quickly approaching, in your spare time it could become the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby; knitting! The more you practice, it actually might begin to feel quite soothing; like a form of art. Forget that £25 scarf you seen in Topshop, nobody else is going to own your homemade burgundy and forest green stripy snood, it's one of a kind that is!

Go and see a pantomime
As a kid, seeing a pantomime was hands down my favourite thing to do at Christmas. Let the magic, wonder and mysticism of Cinderella take you right back to your childhood. Christmas can still be just as magical for adults too, you know!

Go sledging
If you manage to get a decent amount of snow fall where you live then, well not only is this possibly the most fun activity to do in the snow but if you already have a sled (Or cardboard.. although not very advisory!) then it's actually free too! So grab your friends and hit the slopes... aka the 'hill' in your back garden!

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! I was so thrilled with the positive response I received from you all with my autumn activity suggestions that I hope you find this winter suggestion list just as useful. If you have any other suggestions that I forgot to mention then feel free to leave them in the comments below, I'd love to add some things to my winter bucket list too! Until next time,

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