Winter Clothing Wish List

Monday, November 9, 2015

Twitter chats constantly leave me with an endless wish list of beauty products, but what about my fashion must haves?! In today's post I thought I'd share with you a few fashion items I'm currently lusting after. BE WARNED, this post may lead to increased spending!! 

Winter clothing wish list 2015

1. Mono colour block sweatshirt | £26 Topshop
Who doesn't love sweater weather?! Because I sure do! I love simplistic pieces like this as they'll match literally any outfit, keep me warm and be perfect layered under my grey coat.

2. Tonal knitted cape | £32 Topshop
2014 seen the rise of the cape, I always lusted after these but never actually made a purchase in the end. Let's be honest now, these are the perfect excuse to wear your blanket to school/work but still look stylish at the same time; it gets a thumbs up from me!

3. Espresso yourself tee | £18 Topshop
The coffee lover in me cannot resist this simple, cute and quirky statement tee. This would be perfect for those lazy days at uni aka 'The Monday morning situation of what the hell do I wear today kind of vibe'. Although for £18 this is pretty expensive for what it is really, I might look into creating a similar DIY. 

4. Monochrome patent tassle front loafers | OFFER - WAS £24.99 NOW £14.99 New Look
Everyone loves a good bargain and I've been lusting after a pair of loafers for quite a while now, maybe now it's time I took the plunge with these beauties whilst the offer still stands. Besides, you can never go wrong with anything black!

5. Burgundy check tassled blanket scarf | £22 River Island
Every A/W I basically live in my Primark red and green tartan scarf so I think it's about time I change things up a little and invest into a lighter option as I know I'll probably gain so much wear out of this during the colder months. Camel, burgundy and grey are the perfect winter colours, complimenting each other when worn together surprisingly so well.

6. Moto Joni khaki jeans | £36 Topshop
I absolutely love jeans, I get so much wear out of them and the fit and quality of Topshop jeans have proven to be perfect for me over the past couple of years. I did, however buy a pair of forest green jeans from the range last year which the dye has now ran and they've become a dark grey. Should I take the risk again?! I do think these would be super pretty paired with a white blouse and loafers for a classically, elegant daytime outfit.

7. Pretty folk top with flutter sleeve | £25 ASOS
Every girl needs at least one white blouse in their wardrobe and for some reason I don't own one. When paired with a pair of jeans this romantic number shall make you appear as though you've made so much more effort into your outfit than what you really have. It's all the perfect excuse to channel your inner Chlo√® vibes. 

8. Reason marled black beanie | £18 Urban Outfitters
Bad hair day? No way! Cover your messy tresses and still make a style statement with the perfect winter beanie. Is it just me or is there something super satisfying about wearing a hat when it's snowing?!

9. Hearts&Bows Trixie MA-1 bomber jacket | £30 Ark
The weather in England has been so strange lately. Sometimes it's sunny and warm then the next minute it's windy, raining and completely and utterly freezing. For the warmer days, I think it's about time I invested in a new jacket. This would look super pretty paired with a pair of jeans and a scarf; creating a super simple yet edgy daytime look. I do own a leather jacket but it's always nice to invest in alternatives, the bomber has also been coming back into trend a lot lately!

And so that was everything currently on my winter clothing wish list. Do we share any of the same style interests?! Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear what you're all currently lusting after! Until next time,

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