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Friday, December 4, 2015

In today's post, we've got a Clarke Couture first! Peter, a lifestyle editor of Shlur magazine based in Brisbane, Australia; shall be sharing with you all the best careers for any beauty loving student. As a beauty blogger, I thought you guys as my readers would be really interested in hearing how you can take your love and passion for makeup that little bit further with a career in the beauty industry. I hope that you find this post useful! 

The beauty industry is constantly developing, simply because it keeps up with demands and wishes of its customers. Pursuing a career in it means that there are no boundaries to your creativity. Also, building a base of loyal clients is quite easy, and by getting to know who your clients are, you are provided with countless career opportunities. Many students desire a career in this industry, and here is the list of the most aspiring ones. Check it out.

1. Beauty Blogger

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If you are amazing at writing, but you are also really fond of different beauty products, the career of the beauty blogger is definitely the right one for you. It is great because you work for yourself, however, you can easily get distracted that way. This is exactly why you should set daily goals that will keep you focused on the task. Start testing different products and write about that on your blog, and try to be creative and innovative every day. If you are good with makeup, you can do tutorials and show some other things rather than just text. 

2. Makeup Artist

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If you are comfortable around people, you will definitely love the social side of this career. No matter what you are studying, if lipsticks, primers, highlighters and eyeshadows are your cup of tea – this is the right thing for you. Even though you may not have a basic knowledge of a professional makeup artist, you can surely take a local course at a community college. Experience is crucial, because it allows you to move forward and make progress. The life of a makeup artist is indeed demanding, however, a natural talent will always be recognized, without any doubt. Also, everything constantly changes and evolves, so it is important to keep up with the standards of the beauty industry.

3. Beauty Publicist

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You will know that the job of a PR is the right one for you if your major strengths are writing and public speaking. This is indeed a very creative profession, and it includes overseeing the PR strategies for product launches and store openings, as well as for personal appearances of the brand’s leaders. However, people tend to underestimate it, thinking that it is all about glitz and glamour. It is, of course, but it requires hard work and creativity that has to be used in the best possible way. A good publicist always has to be on-point, taking into consideration a budget of the company, as well as all the plans relevant to the business. It is a rewarding career that requires a unique personality.

4. Therapy Assistant

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If you are a medical student who is very versatile, attending different rehabilitation courses as well as those related to beauty products; used for medical purposes, this job may be the one for you. Working as a therapy assistant in health support services in hospitals and community settings allows you to help to those in need in the best possible way. Besides helping them in the process of rehabilitation after surgery or a car accident, you can also provide them with information on how to treat bruises and cuts, as well as how to permanently remove scars. There are a large number of products nowadays that are specialized for this kind of problem, such as creams that successfully remove the scar tissue. These different courses will definitely provide you with practical knowledge that will make patients’ lives much easier.

As you can see, there are many aspiring careers for all the students who love the beauty industry, no matter what they are studying. A hard working attitude, commitment and day-to-day progress are essential if you want to succeed. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Are any of you hoping to turn your passion for beauty into a career?! Let me know in the comments below! Until next time,

What are you currently studying?!
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