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Friday, January 22, 2016

Balancing your blog with university life or a full time job it's seriously a lot harder than it looks and it's then ten times harder if you're trying to balance all three. As challenging as it may be, blogging can be so rewarding - Especially when you receive a really positive reaction from a post you worked really hard on. Unless you're a full time blogger, finding the balance between your daily and social life and your blog really is so important. And although, we might never be able to find the perfect balance (Events and deadlines always seem to creep up on us at the very last minute!) I've shared with you below my top five tips to help manage your time effectively. 
Waking up early
ESPECIALLY at weekends! If you're lucky enough to work during the week and have the weekend to yourself then ensuring you wake up early is so important for being productive. I know it can be tiring after the long working week you have just half heartedly pulled yourself through but you will be amazed with the things you can get done in your day if you make the time to get up early, rather than lie in until 12. I also find that when I lie in I feel really sluggish and lazy, which doesn't help with putting myself into a motivational mindset.

Creating a schedule
Similarly to waking up early, creating a schedule of when to do things really helps to motivate me to get things done. I am lucky enough to have Tuesday's and Wednesday's off from uni, as well as the weekend. I like to use this time to dedicate both to blogging and university work. 
For example, I like to be awake and having breakfast by 9am; during this time I will catch up on social media from overnight. Between 10 and 11 I will schedule my tweets for the day and comment on blog posts. Then, from 11 onwards I will concentrate on university work if it were a Tuesday and blog work on a Wednesday. Giving myself this structure lately has helped me to balance my time so much more effectively.

Blogging on the go
Whether you get the bus, tram, train, car or underground to work this can be the perfect time to get some blog work done. With the blogger app I am able to write up posts wherever I am and sometimes being away from my workspace is where I conjure up my best ideas. Similarly, I have breaks between some lectures and if I have no university work to do, I'll get some blog work done - Whether this be scheduling tweets, writing up a post or responding to emails; every little helps!

Plan posts
If you have no idea what blog posts to upload this week then how will you even be able to consider blogging on the go?! I always ensure I have a list of blog post ideas in my office, that way if I am struggling with a blogger's block I always have a back up plan. If you're fortunate enough to have the spare time, having more than one post ready and drafted to go will really help you with your blog if one week a last minute emergency or hefty assignment crops up in work/university. 
I read a fantastic blog post the other day featuring 100 blog post ideas for beauty bloggers which you can check out here if you're really struggling.

Take a break
And if you're really struggling to find a balance, then there's no shame in taking a break. Blogging is a hobby and a hobby should be something you are finding fun and enjoy. If blogging is causing you more stress than joy, maybe it's time it took a backseat for a while, just whilst you find your feet with work. Whenever I have exams coming up I usually take between 2 and 4 weeks away from blogging for a while to ensure I can place all of my spare time into revision. Then once your exams are over, going back to your blog feels so refreshing rather than stressful if you pile too much pressure on yourself trying to balance both at the same time. 

I hope that these tips helped at least some of you out. If you would like to see a separate post featuring my top tips for 'blogging on the go' then please do let me know in the comments below as this is definitely a post I'm thinking of sharing! Always remember than blogging is meant to be fun and you should never worry about taking a break - Your readers are bound to understand and if they don't, then at least you know they weren't really genuine. 
Until next time,

"Balance means making better choices and enjoying those choices."
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