Top Tips For Blogging On The Go

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Being a full time university student means that sometimes finding the right balance between blogging, university work and my social life can be quite a struggle. However, as I spend a lot of my time travelling to places the most logical solution to my problem was to start blogging on the go. Keep reading for my top hints and tips for blogging successfully on the go. 

blog advice

The Blogger app
If your blog is connected to a blogger account, then it would probably be useful for you to download the blogger app. The app allows you to create new posts, edit existing drafts, publish posts and view your blog. Although the preview section doesn't work too well so I would recommend visiting to do this on your phone and select 'view web version'. 

Always be on the look out for new inspiration
Whether it be a shop window display or a flower stall; you can gain inspiration for both blog posts and Instagram photos from pretty much everything and anything. If you can, I'd recommend taking your camera out with you as much as possible; you never know when a new photo opportunity might arise and if you're struggling with what to post that week you can always ask your friend to take some shots of your outfit. Cameras can be quite heavy to carry around all day long and so if you have an iPhone, you will easily be able to take just as good photographs with that!

Carry a portable phone charger
Trust me, you never know when you might need one of these! There have been several times when I've been on my way home in the evening after a long day at uni, the bus is stuck in horrendous traffic and I've nothing to do to help pass the time because my phone is dying. If I'd have had a portable phone charger however, I would have been able to get writing up my next blog post!

Plan out your week
Take a look at your schedule for the week and see when your definite free slots are. For me, I have quite a long free period during the middle of a Monday which makes it a perfect opportunity for me to grab a coffee, take out my phone and start writing up a blog post. 

Running low on data?
If you don't have unlimited data, a great tip would be to write your posts up on the notes page of your iPhone and you can even switch your phone on to aeroplane mode to save battery too!

Interacting with other bloggers is so key on becoming successful within this industry. Reading other blogs not only helps for you to gain inspiration but it just feels good to share the love and leave comments on fellow blogger's posts. It can sometimes be quite hard to find the time to do this, so if you have a long train/tram or bus journey in the morning or on your way home then why not do some reading? Bloglovin' is definitely the best app for this as you can see what is being posted in real time, alternatively asking for links from other bloggers at the end of Twitter chats will give you a set reading list for the next morning. I also like to get responding to e-mails over and done with quite quickly in the morning, which is additionally something else you could do on a long commute to work. 

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Eyebrow Routine

Monday, February 22, 2016

Using just three products, I like to ensure it's nice and easy for me to achieve 'wow brows' each and every morning. It's safe to say my eyebrows have been on quite the transformation journey over the years. If you would like to see a pos all about my eyebrow story then please let me know in the comments below! And if you love your arches to look crisp and defined then keep reading...

Firstly, I brush out my brows and shape them using a spoolie. This allows me to see their natural shape and where I need to create my outline. 

Next, using the Real Techniques angled eyeliner brush I dab on a touch of the MAC Brow Creme in 'Deep, dark brunette' and begin to outline the shape of my brow. I begin with the top, starting around half way into my brow and bring down to my tail. As my tail is quite short I do try and extend this slightly; using light strokes for a natural finish. I then repeat the same thing on the underneath of my brow. The texture of the brow creme has such a lovely, velvet like feel to it which makes it easy to glide along my brow. For reference, I do actually have black eyebrows but use dark brown brow products for a more natural looking finish; especially as I do have a few sparse areas! Once outlined, I use this opportunity to pluck out any stray hairs and ensure my brows are looking neat and tidy.

Then, Benefit Gimme Brow is my go to product for fuller looking brows in seconds. As the applicator of this is quite small, it fills my brows in with ease without making a mess of my relatively thin tail. The gel fibres featured within the product naturally adhere themselves to any hairs for a natural and fluffy looking finish. Simply brush along the brow with natural strokes and following the direction in which your hairs grow in. As the front of my brows are quite sparse I ensure to use a light hand, brushing upwards, gently. 
My brows do have a natural ombrè finish to them being sparser at the front and thicker as they go along but it is personal preference whether you prefer the entirety of your brow dark or a gradual effect as I do with mine.

Lastly, using my holy grail concealer for the brows; it of course is no other than the NARS stick concealer. It's actually pretty insane how many times I have now hailed this concealer on my blog, it just really is that good. Of course with its flat top edge and creamy formula, I am able to conceal around my brows with ease; blending beautifully for a natural yet crisp looking finish to my arches. My brows appear lifted and defined, if you are a fan of a crisp looking arches then this is a product you NEED in your collection.

And so that is all that I do to my brows, it really is that simple. If you use just two or less products on your brows then let me know in the comments below because I think for me to use just three, that really is impressive!
Until next time,

What products do you use to achieve 'wow brows'?!
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Products I will Always Repurchase

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Everyone has those tried and tested beauty products that they can rely on again and again. And always fall back in love after not using them for a while. After exploring make-up for a good few years, I can finally say I have found my holy grails. The products I will always repurchase, and these are my top picks. 

NARS Tinted Moisturiser // Maybelline Dream Fresh BB
If you want fresh and glowing skin, a velvety smooth base and still a decent amount of coverage then the NARS tinted moisturiser is definitely for you. It's simply the perfect everyday base and when applied with the NARS oil free pro prime it works like a dream. If you're on a budget the Maybelline offering is another one of my favourites, with 8 in 1 benefits it hydrates the skin and leaves you with a natural looking glow. Both options also contain SPF too, which makes them perfect for the upcoming warmer weather months!

Benefit Porefessional // Maybelline Baby Skin
As someone who unfortunately suffers with quite large pores, the Benefit Porefessional range has been an absolute godsend for my skin. It smooths, blurs and evens out my pores leaving me with a softer, healthier and more naturally looking base. My favourite drugstore alternative to this definitely has to be the Maybelline Baby Skin. As it is a silicone based formula it really helps to hydrate the skin too!

Benefit Gimme Brow // Maybelline Brow Drama
Everyone loves a good brow product and on an everyday basis I like to have something really quick and easy I can use to still give my brows shape but still look quite natural and 'fluffy' at the same time. That's when these two gels come in. Benefit Gimme Brow features quite a small handle, making it relatively easy to add a touch of volume to even the sparsest of brows without going overboard either. This also doesn't set too dry, leaving my brows feel soft and fluffy rather than hard and tacky. The Maybelline offering comes with a larger brush so I'd definitely recommend applying with quite a light hand, although when careful this gives such a lovely finish to the brows.

MAC Brow Creme
Although I love my gels to fill in my brows, I couldn't be without my MAC brow creme to outline them. Using a Real Techniques eyeliner brush, I gently glide this around the edge of my brow to create shape and really get those arches looking lifted. With such a creamy formula this is so effortlessly to apply, I'm in love.

NARS Stick Concealer // Collection Lasting Perfection
If you've been following me for a while now then you will probably be sick to death of me raving about this NARS concealer so I won't go into too much detail but this stuff is seriously SO good. With its flat top edge, it makes concealing the brows a dream. If you want crisp, defined and lifted arches then this concealer is the one for you. If you're on a budget, Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer is perfect for brightening both the under eyes and the brows. With such a creamy formula, it's no wonder this cult blogger's favourite is often compared to the NARS radiant creamy and if not, is even better.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick // NARS Audacious Lipstick 
The quality and pigmentation of both of these lipsticks is genuinely insane. I worn the Chanel lipstick on Christmas day and didn't even have to reapply at all. Even my auntie said to me how surprised she was how it had still stayed on throughout eating and drinking all day. Although on the pricier side for a lipstick, both of these picks are truly worth every penny.

Benefit Roller Lash
As someone with relatively short eyelashes, this mascara truly is unreal. It lifts, it curls, it lengthens and most importantly it lasts all day. I was quite sceptical with trying this at first because I was never a big fan of They're Real, as after just an hour my eyelashes just seemed to droop. But with Roller Lash, I'm left with big, fluttering eyelashes all day. This is hands down my holy grail mascara.

And so that was my holy grail beauty products. My all time favourites and the ones I can always rely upon in investing in and achieving the best results. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's weekend, I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below.
Until next time,

What products can you always rely on?!
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What She Really Wants For Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12, 2016

First and foremost, I would like to throw a little disclaimer out there that this post is not to be taken seriously at all. It's something a little different to my usual content but I thought I'd mix things up a bit and attempt to write something quite funny. As a young girl, tv and movies can be a big influence in idolising big and very unrealistic gestures in a relationship; on that basis I have collated a list of what she really wants this Valentine's day according to the movies. 

what she wants for valentine's day
1. Roses.. and lot's of them with petals scattered all over the bed. Not forgetting the candles! 
Remember Stephanie and Jeremy from the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother? Some actually brand them as love's young dream and well, it's no wonder after Jeremy took to Twitter this week to share a snap of how he pulled out all of the stops for Steph... Roses, all over the bed. Take note boys!

2. Date idea - A cosy beach bonfire.. Tumblr is the one to blame for this. All of those gif's of couples roaming around the beach with sparklers, then sat by a bonfire wrapped up all cosy together in a blanket with toasted marshmallows. Of course not forgetting to engrave your names into the sand inside a big and very artistically drawn heart. This Valentine's day, take her to the beach.. Not Nando's. 

3. Of course, the best way to propose is to take her for a slap up meal then halfway through, carefully slide your clamshell to the other side of the table. She opens it and what do you know, there's a ring inside! And even if you're not looking to propose, no girl would say no to a Pandora ring. Just remember it has to be the princess heart tiara ring, no other ring will do. 

4. Spending the day out together? If you're not planning a surprise getaway to Paris then don't even bother. If you can imagine anything more perfect than a Valentine's meal at the Eiffel tower then I salute you.

5. Spending the day in together? A few rom coms on the couch wins a woman's heart every time. Plus don't forget the nutella. And a spoon. And ice cream. And the number for your nearest pizza takeaway. 

6. Hoping to impress a woman you've been in love with from afar? Go to her window, throw a couple of rocks to grab her attention, (It worked for Romeo, right?!) serenade her with your best One Direction impression (It has to be 'little things' of course..) and she'll be yours quicker than you can say Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall. Oh and if you can play the guitar, 4 brownie points for you Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco!

7. She wants breakfast in bed. But she doesn't want jam and toast. She wants her toast cut intricately into heart shapes, with a bouquet of roses and a teddy on the tray. And if you really want to impress her, you can never go wrong with heading down to Starbucks, remembering her order; right from the soy milk to two shots of caramel syrup and heading straight back home to bring it to her in bed. Now that, is serious couple goals.

8. She doesn't want your £1 card from the Card Factory. She wants a love letter, something deep and meaningful and written straight from the heart. Rolled up and tied with a bow. Let her think you've forgotten about a card and leave it somewhere for her to find, every girl loves a surprise. No matter how much she insists she doesn't, she does. 

9. Never. I repeat, NEVER. Get flowers from the gas station. Or a pencil either. Now that's really bad. According to Instagram, peonies are the thing right now so turn up at her house; peonies and a note in hand. You'll be in for at least a decent kiss, whilst she spends the next half an hour trying to decide which filter to use on her photo and whether the hashtag '#couplegoals' is relevant or not.

10. What she really wants is every single MAC lipstick ever made. Fact.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies. I know it was something a little bit different from me but hey I suppose I can be funny.. Sometimes - haha! 

Of course, this was just a bit of fun and if there's anything I would like for you to take away from this post then it is that love isn't all about big and romantic gestures. Yeah, they're nice but they aren't the be all and end all that they are portrayed to be in the movies. Love is all about appreciation, trust and respect. So this Valentine's day even if you just crack a joke to make your partner smile then that I'm sure will be enough. So grab your blankets and movies for a cosy night in or get your glad rags on for a big night out.. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you spend it with those you love. 

Until next time,

What have you bought your better half for Valentine's day?
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Valentine's Day Beauty | Products For Naturally Glowing Skin

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day. In the beauty world it marks another excuse to dress up pretty and experiment with our make-up. For me personally, when I think of Valentine's make-up I envision 'your skin but better' with lots of pink undertones and a glowing, dewy finish. In today's post I've rounded up my personal favourites for glowing skin with some drugstore budget friendly options too! 

The most important way of achieving a glowing finish to your makeup is the way you prep your base for application. My two current favourites to moisturise, hydrate and brighten the skin are MAC Strobe Cream, as it is a moisturiser it's the perfect base for those with dull, dry skin. MAC state the purpose of the product is to add glow and vitality to tired, stressed out skin and boy, it certainly does that. With green tea extract this product really helps to soothe and refresh the skin.
Secondly, Benefit That Gal primer adds the prettiest pinkish toned glow to the skin and as it's Valentine's day I'm seriously lusting after all things pink right now. With added vitamins; soothing raspberry and chamomile and additional light reflecting pigments this is the perfect primer for any Valentine's make-up look.

Moving onto foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless gives the skin a dewy, fresh finish with a medium coverage therefore even though it's a foundation it doesn't look or feel too heavy on the skin. If you'd still rather wear something a little lighter, the NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser does exactly what it says on the tin; adds the most radiant glow to your skin whilst still leaving a fairly decent coverage for a "your skin but better" finish. If you're on a bit more of a budget, the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB is a great alternative. With 8 benefits in 1 which include, creating a natural glow and leaving the skin feeling hydrated all day. 


We're all dreaming of brighter under eyes, right?! Going on a date with eye bags down to my chin really isn't the look I'm going for; so here's a few of my favourite products to get the eyes looking awake and lifted. Firstly using the Smashbox hydrating under eye primerthis will keep our under eye concealer looking bright all night and as it's pink toned it naturally brightens the under eyes without the addition of a concealer; so you could wear alone if you wish. 
MAC Pro-Longwear has recently become my holy grail for the under eyes, with a medium coverage finish this conceals, brightens and lifts. What more could you possibly ask for? Although, it can crease quite quickly so I would recommend setting this in place with a powder ASAP! If you're on a budget however, the Collection Lasting Perfection isn't the blogger's favourite for no reason. When I first used this I was truly amazed with how similar it was to the pro-longwear. The doe foot applicator provides an easy application, simply glide over the cupids bow, bridge of nose and under eyes for a brighter finish to the face. 
For blemishes, NARS radiant creamy works wonders for hiding any pesky blemishes. With a doe foot applicator, once again this makes wonders for dabbing over any problem areas, blend and watch any redness seamlessly conceal away. 
If you're all about those brows, my holy grail for lifting and brightening those arches is hands down the NARS stick concealer. With a flat top applicator, it has never been easier to highlight those arches, for a smooth and crisp finish. For brows, it doesn't really matter which products you choose for this look. A gel may add a natural and more 'fluffy' finish whereas a wax and powder shall leave them looking more defined. The choice is completely up to you. 


Of course, it just wouldn't be a Valentine's beauty post without featuring the stunning Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. With its' beautiful, rose gold exterior this would certainly make for a perfect Valentine's gift for the lady in your life. Featuring an abundance of pale pinks to deep rustic, brown hues and an array of both mattes and shimmers you certainly won't be out of ideas of what looks you can create with this. All of the shadows feel uber velvety and glide onto the skin with ease but what primer you use can really make a difference. With its' pale pink undertones, NARS eye paint in 'Porto Venere' not only keeps my shadows on all day but further enhances the colour of the shadows too. 
Moving onto lashes, if you have been following me for a while now then you will know that Benefit Roller Lash is by far my holy grail mascara. It lengthens, it curls, it lifts and most importantly; it truly does last. I've tested many mascaras but my small lashes tend to droop rather quickly except with this beauty - I truly do swear by it!! If you're on a budget, Rimmel Wake Me Up is a great alternative, with added cucumber extract it helps to both condition, rejuvenate and lengthen those lashes.


Cheeks and Highlight
As it's Valentine's, I've decided to skip the bronzer and opt for a pretty pink blush instead. Using a cream option shall give my cheeks a more natural flush of colour and my two favourites include Benefit Lollitint and Bourjois 01. If you're looking for a pink that's on the brighter side, then Lollitint is the one for you. Simply dab 3 mini dots into the apples of your cheeks and blend quickly for a flush of pink that lasts all day. As this is a cheek stain it is designed to last and you may also apply this to your lips for a more natural, complimenting look. If you're feeling peachy keen to impress your man however, then you may opt for the Bourjois offering. Yep, you guessed it.. With peach undertones this truly does compliment all skin tones. According to Bourjois, the product is designed to give your skin a healthy, natural and fresh looking complexion that lasts all day. This would also make a great alternative to Benefit Majorette.  
To set all of that in place, NARS translucent powder in 'Crystal' is a light reflecting option which infused with photochromatic technology to diffuse light and adjust to new sources of light with ease throughout the day; leaving you looking like a glowing goddess. Additionally, this powder contains vitamin e extract, making it perfect for those with dry skin. For those of you looking for a dupe, Soap&Glory One Heck of a Blot truly does work wonders. This powder adds an extra layer of coverage without looking too 'cakey' or 'heavy' on the skin, additionally brightening and keeping your skin shine free all day. If you suffer from oily or combination skin, I highly recommend this. 


Moving onto highlight, I find that champagne tones compliment a pink toned base to give a more natural finish rather than a gold, shimmering option. For this, Benefit High Beam offers a pink iridescent glow which feels silky smooth when applied to the skin. As this is a liquid highlighter it further adds to the natural, dewy elements of the look. If you're on a budget, have no fear as Topshop Glow Cream in 'Polished' is definitely one of my all time favourites. This blends seamlessly into the skin, with its velvet like finish it adds a healthy, glowing look to the skin. 


If you're planning on blowing some kisses this weekend, you need your lips to be in tip top condition. Before applying any product to my lips, I always ensure to scrub away any nastiness with a Lush lip scrub. From their Valentine's range, 'The Kiss' tastes as sweet as candy and leaves my lips feeling super smooth. As it's Valentine's day, this make-up look has featured predominantly pink toned products and that doesn't stop with the lips. To line, MAC Naked Liner shall leave my lips looking fuller for when I apply MAC Creme D'Nude lipstick. As a cremesheen finish this feels super smooth on the lips and adds a subtle glossy finish too. As this is a pink toned nude, it compliments any pink toned, champagne highlighter perfectly; helping to further enhance the glow to my skin. 
My lipsticks also become such a funny shape - Do yours do this too? Haha!

And to finish, MAC Fix+ shall set my make-up in place for the rest of the day/night leaving me with a healthy, dewy finish. 


Wow! And so that was the complied list of my favourite natural looking, pink toned beauty products for all you ladies this Valentine's day. Or even guys, if you're wondering what to buy the beauty junkie lady in your life. 

If you haven't seen my Valentine's day oreo cheesecake cookie recipe then be sure to click here
Don't forget to be following my Instagram to see the make-up look I opt for this year on Valentine's day.  Until next time,

What are your plans for Valentine's day 2016?!
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Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Monday, February 8, 2016

Kicking off the week with the first of my Valentine's themed posts is the recipe for these super yummy oreo cheesecake cookies. I actually found this recipe on Pinterest and they just tasted too good for me not to share it; using only six ingredients it's the perfect recipe for anyone who wants to have a bit of fun in the kitchen this weekend!

Although not as pink as I hoped they would be, (They aren't burnt - I promise!) they still taste absolutely divine! I used just one pipe of hot pink food colouring so I would definitely recommend using two if you would like yours to be more pink than mine! 

  • Pink food colouring
  • 200g cream cheese/soft cheese
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 8 tablespoons of salted butter
  • 1 cup and 2 tablespoons of all purpose flour
  • 1 pack of Oreo cookies

Method - Preparation 
  1. Add cream cheese into a bowl and mix with salted butter until creamy. 
  2. Add in the sugar and beat well.
  3. Once you're mixture looks like a creamy, thick paste begin to add in the flour. Add in gradually, mixing together as you go.
  4. Then, add in your food colouring. Use as much or as little as you like depending on your preference of colour intensity.
  5. Lastly, break your Oreos into pieces and add into the mixture. Mix together until evenly distributed.

Method - Baking
  1. Leave to cool in the fridge for a minimum of 45 minutes and no longer than 2 hours. I left mine for 1 hour and 15 minutes, incase you were wondering!
  2. Once cooled, pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F. Then, begin to form into dough balls (I used an ice cream scoop to do this!) and place onto a baking tray. Ensure your tray is lined with either foil or baking parchment and grease with butter or oil.
  3. Place into the oven for 15-20 minutes. If your cookies are quite thick remember to turn them over half way to ensure they are baked properly on both sides. 
  4. Leave to cool, eat and enjoy!

And it really is as simple as that! If you would like to check out the original recipe then you may do so here. Let me know in the comments below what your plans for Valentine's day are! Do you have a bae or will you be spending your day on the sofa with blankets and a tub of ice cream. (Bridget Jones style - haha!) Until next time lovelies,

Do you think Valentine's day is over-rated?!
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How I Edit My Instagram Photos | White Theme

Monday, February 1, 2016

Besides writing, photography is one of my favourite pastimes. Within the past month I decided to change up my Instagram theme to a white one, as my blog is black, white and grey I felt this would help to represent my blog a bit better. 

Some people may interpret a white theme as being too narrow, featuring very bland and minimal colouring. An Instagram theme is meant to be a way of expressing your personality through such a creative outlet, I love colour but I also love white and simplicity and I love marble too. Whatever you love, it is bound to fall in place ultimately as a theme anyway and it definitely isn't something to stress about. I've been experimenting with Photoshop a lot more lately and have picked up a couple of useful tips which may help you in your journey to perfecting the ultimate white theme or maybe you just generally want to know about a couple of extra features on Photoshop. 

I have included a couple how I edit my photos posts before, which you may check out here and here if you wish.

As you can probably tell, the above photograph was pretty dull to start off with; even when photographing this on a white bedding. Continue reading to discover some super easy tips for getting your photos from dull to darling in no time!

To begin with, I like to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the photograph. To do this click 'Image', 'Adjustments' 'Brightness/Contrast'. This shall open up a new tab, you may wish to manually adjust the brightness and contrast but I usually just let Photoshop do its magic and click 'Auto'. From this however, you can see my photograph still isn't as bright as I would like it. And so that's where the 'Dodge' tool comes into play. 

As you can see from the above, the 'Dodge' tool icon looks quite like a magnifying glass. Don't be fooled by this, the dodge too isn't to magnify or enlarge your image; it simply allows you to brighten certain areas of your photograph. The more times you click, the brighter your photo shall become; as my photograph was quite dark it needed quite a bit of clicking to get it looking pristine white. Try not to go overboard though, you don't want the image to look too over exposed either. As this photograph was taken on a white bedding, keeping some areas of the photograph slightly darker to enhance the creasing can make the photo look slightly more 'naturally edited'. 

On the other hand, you may wish to darken some areas of your photo. The 'Burn' tool is what you will need to do this, as you can see above the symbol looks like a cupped hand. Similarly to the 'Dodge' tool, simply click on the areas of the photo you wish to darken slightly in colour. In the above photograph I have done this to the coffee itself to enhance it's colouring. 

Rather than saturating your entire photo, you may wish to do this to selected areas only. For example, the red striping on my mug was looking a little dull so I was able to make this appear more vividly red using the 'Sponge' tool. Yep, you guessed it.. The icon for this is simply a sponge. 
TOP TIP - Make sure you have your flow (See photo above) marked quite low, I kept mine at a steady 24%, if too high your photograph shall become too intensely saturated and nobody likes the colour of an orange coffee!! 

And last but not least, the 'Sharpen' tool. Just because sharpening up those coffee bubbles makes that brew look a touch more yummy, you know?! Just like with the other tools featured above, the same rules apply; simply click over the area you wish to enhance until your happy with the outcome. It really is that simple!

Please note, the first photograph featured of the edited coffee (and the coffee picture on my Instagram) may appear slightly paler than the final image at the end of the tutorial. I wanted to share with you all a couple of extra tips (sponge tool, burn tool) that you can use to enhance your photos which I didn't specifically add to this photograph originally. These are tools I use regularly within my Instagram photos, mainly the 'dodge' tool! The 'Blur' tool also comes in super handy if your camera isn't able to alter the subject in focus (aperture settings). 

I hope you found this post somewhat useful! You may follow me on Instagram here if you wish and remember that a theme is supposed to be fun and a way to express your inner creativity. It could be black, pink, purple, white or completely multicoloured if that's your thing, just make it 'you'. 
Until next time lovelies,

How do you edit your Instagram photos?!

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