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Monday, February 22, 2016

Using just three products, I like to ensure it's nice and easy for me to achieve 'wow brows' each and every morning. It's safe to say my eyebrows have been on quite the transformation journey over the years. If you would like to see a pos all about my eyebrow story then please let me know in the comments below! And if you love your arches to look crisp and defined then keep reading...

Firstly, I brush out my brows and shape them using a spoolie. This allows me to see their natural shape and where I need to create my outline. 

Next, using the Real Techniques angled eyeliner brush I dab on a touch of the MAC Brow Creme in 'Deep, dark brunette' and begin to outline the shape of my brow. I begin with the top, starting around half way into my brow and bring down to my tail. As my tail is quite short I do try and extend this slightly; using light strokes for a natural finish. I then repeat the same thing on the underneath of my brow. The texture of the brow creme has such a lovely, velvet like feel to it which makes it easy to glide along my brow. For reference, I do actually have black eyebrows but use dark brown brow products for a more natural looking finish; especially as I do have a few sparse areas! Once outlined, I use this opportunity to pluck out any stray hairs and ensure my brows are looking neat and tidy.

Then, Benefit Gimme Brow is my go to product for fuller looking brows in seconds. As the applicator of this is quite small, it fills my brows in with ease without making a mess of my relatively thin tail. The gel fibres featured within the product naturally adhere themselves to any hairs for a natural and fluffy looking finish. Simply brush along the brow with natural strokes and following the direction in which your hairs grow in. As the front of my brows are quite sparse I ensure to use a light hand, brushing upwards, gently. 
My brows do have a natural ombrè finish to them being sparser at the front and thicker as they go along but it is personal preference whether you prefer the entirety of your brow dark or a gradual effect as I do with mine.

Lastly, using my holy grail concealer for the brows; it of course is no other than the NARS stick concealer. It's actually pretty insane how many times I have now hailed this concealer on my blog, it just really is that good. Of course with its flat top edge and creamy formula, I am able to conceal around my brows with ease; blending beautifully for a natural yet crisp looking finish to my arches. My brows appear lifted and defined, if you are a fan of a crisp looking arches then this is a product you NEED in your collection.

And so that is all that I do to my brows, it really is that simple. If you use just two or less products on your brows then let me know in the comments below because I think for me to use just three, that really is impressive!
Until next time,

What products do you use to achieve 'wow brows'?!
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