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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Being a full time university student means that sometimes finding the right balance between blogging, university work and my social life can be quite a struggle. However, as I spend a lot of my time travelling to places the most logical solution to my problem was to start blogging on the go. Keep reading for my top hints and tips for blogging successfully on the go. 

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The Blogger app
If your blog is connected to a blogger account, then it would probably be useful for you to download the blogger app. The app allows you to create new posts, edit existing drafts, publish posts and view your blog. Although the preview section doesn't work too well so I would recommend visiting to do this on your phone and select 'view web version'. 

Always be on the look out for new inspiration
Whether it be a shop window display or a flower stall; you can gain inspiration for both blog posts and Instagram photos from pretty much everything and anything. If you can, I'd recommend taking your camera out with you as much as possible; you never know when a new photo opportunity might arise and if you're struggling with what to post that week you can always ask your friend to take some shots of your outfit. Cameras can be quite heavy to carry around all day long and so if you have an iPhone, you will easily be able to take just as good photographs with that!

Carry a portable phone charger
Trust me, you never know when you might need one of these! There have been several times when I've been on my way home in the evening after a long day at uni, the bus is stuck in horrendous traffic and I've nothing to do to help pass the time because my phone is dying. If I'd have had a portable phone charger however, I would have been able to get writing up my next blog post!

Plan out your week
Take a look at your schedule for the week and see when your definite free slots are. For me, I have quite a long free period during the middle of a Monday which makes it a perfect opportunity for me to grab a coffee, take out my phone and start writing up a blog post. 

Running low on data?
If you don't have unlimited data, a great tip would be to write your posts up on the notes page of your iPhone and you can even switch your phone on to aeroplane mode to save battery too!

Interacting with other bloggers is so key on becoming successful within this industry. Reading other blogs not only helps for you to gain inspiration but it just feels good to share the love and leave comments on fellow blogger's posts. It can sometimes be quite hard to find the time to do this, so if you have a long train/tram or bus journey in the morning or on your way home then why not do some reading? Bloglovin' is definitely the best app for this as you can see what is being posted in real time, alternatively asking for links from other bloggers at the end of Twitter chats will give you a set reading list for the next morning. I also like to get responding to e-mails over and done with quite quickly in the morning, which is additionally something else you could do on a long commute to work. 

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