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Monday, March 7, 2016

Although some areas of the UK have suffered with snow this past weekend, I'm still excitedly awaiting for when the time finally comes to ditch my big winter coat for bomber jackets and pretty kimonos. But what exactly is it that is considered 'on trend' this spring and summer season? Well the catwalk gods have spoken and here is a round up of the trends you NEED to invest into this season. 


Before we get into today's post, I also just wanted to share a little bit of a life update with you guys! I haven't been as active on my blog or social media the past couple of weeks as I've had a lot of university work to be getting along with. If you weren't already aware, I am studying International Fashion Promotion at university and this term my promotion unit involves producing a fashion magazine and in my group, I'm actually the editor so I have a lot of articles to be writing, marking and overall producing content that I can't post onto to my blog. The deadline is in a couple of weeks from now so I'm super excited for things to get back to normal on Clarke Couture soon with my usual two posts a week (Monday and Friday) rather than just the measly one I've had the time for recently. I want to be proud of my content, I could probably post more but it would be rushed and meaningless. Roll on May when my summer officially begins and I can post content to my hearts content. 

If you're also feeling a little bit at a loss with balancing your blog with work and other social commitments, I recently posted my advice on re-gaining your focus and balancing your time. Wish you can check out here and here if you wish.

What trend report would be complete without stripes? Stripes are of course a universally loved trend and this season it's all about incorporating them into your outfits with a touch of 'sports luxe.' This doesn't mean dress head to toe in Adidas workout wear and fool your friends you actually go to the gym... (Well I suppose you could if you wanted too.. Haha!) But learn to sport your stripes in a relaxed manner with a little 'tomboy' edge. 

Pair loose fitted crop tops, bomber jackets (The bomber is set to be a HUGE trend this season - With selling 25,000 of them in January alone!!) and Adidas originals with cigarette trousers for an edgy yet sporty looking vibe. Complete the look with minimal, dewy make-up and a high pony tail or french plaits. Minimal accessorising is key. 

Remember those metallic gold lips created by Pat McGrath which graced the runway at Prada, taking the beauty and fashion world alike by storm?! Well this season, it isn't just your make-up that will be gracing those metallic hues. Maximalism is key, go bold or go home in an array of deep silver and rustic gold hues. 

Take inspiration from Lowe with minimal accessorising, a basic tee and metallic disco pants to really let those metallics steal the show. A little afraid to go bold? Look no further than Dries Van Noten, a classic white polo shirt embroidered with a metallic neckline. Vogue suggest pairing with monochromatic tones to really let that shimmer pop. 

Miniature feminine florals , intricate embroidery and petite ruffles make up this trend. To further embrace your inner bohemian goddess, go full frontal with paisley printed blouses and edgy fringing. If fringed tops are a little out of your comfort zone, take inspiration Vogue suggest pairing with extravagantly embellished accessories to embrace the new 'wild wild west' feel surrounding fashion right now.

Match 'lived in' leather jackets and cowboy boots with midi skirts and rouched, floral printed blouses to add a feminine twist on the wild wild west mood. Finish with a fedora and braids to embrace this 'boho' vibe.

Confidence is sexy and there's nothing wrong with looking like you know it all either. Embrace your inner geek with crisp white shirts and v-neck sweaters. Choosing a sweater with a stripe (as seen on Prada) adds a subtle sporty feel to your look. Vogue suggest accessorising with glasses for 'swotty' yet cute finish to your outfit.

Layer white shirts with a statement pop of colour within a v-neck sweater for an uber cute appeal. Pair with either ankle grazed trousers or a pleated midi skirt and in the recommendation of Vogue finish with 'granny' flats for a vintage revival finish. Look to Gucci for inspiration. Old school is so classically new this season. 

Ugh, how gorgeous is this rainbow Chlo√® maxi dress?! They are killing it with their looks this season! And although around 80% of you are probably sighing in disapproval at the thought of turning away from your beloved blacks, whites, greys and nudes; colour is most definitely in this season. If you're often one to shy away from colour, pair a bold block colour tee (hot pink and orange would look gorgeous with a tan!) with an all white outfit to really let that colour pop. 

Colour doesn't have to be over the top. Pair an all black or all white outfit or even go monochrome with a multicoloured, crystal statement necklace. As suggested by Vogue, you can never go wrong with pointed flats which feature a pop of colour and Bionda Castana offer the perfect pair. To play it safe, let your accessories do the talking. 

Who says rock can't be refined, pretty with a clear feminine direction?! This season unleash your inner Saint Laurent by accessorising your outfit with a tiara. If you would rather keep your princess tiara hidden away alongside your invisible angel halo.. *queue laughter* then the Pandora princess ring would add the prettiest, subtle touch of 'sassy queen' to your outfit. 

Vogue recommend looking to designers such as Haider Ackermann who paired a romantic, frilly blouse with leather biker-esque trousers. For a more subtle approach, Louboutin flats embellished with silver spikes add a punk edge to any outfit. If blouses aren't your thing, mix lace and leather for an approach filled with sex appeal. They don't call it sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll for no reason! 

Don't let your jackets be the distraction from your pretty, put together outfit. Let them add depth, dimension and get people talking. As spring approaches, light weight bombers and classic blazers add style, edge and class to any outfit. A favourite of mine this season has to be the ZARA floral embroidered bomber jacket, with the prettiest back detailing let's pray this beauty comes back in stock sharpish! 

And so there you have it. The catwalk gods have well and truly delivered us with a mighty feast of looks this season. And I am certainly feeling hungry for a much needed shop! 

What trends will you be rocking this season?!post signature

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