A Day By Blackpool Pier

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

During my short break from blogging, I visited Blackpool pier for the day to take some photographs for a university assignment which I thought I'd share with you all today to see a little taste of what I have been up too this past month. I had the worst luck in the world on this day. Well, for the morning I did at least anyway. My train was delayed by an hour and then once we arrived it became overcast and began to rain. Thankfully, by the day end of the day it brightened up and I was able to produce the photos I needed for my assignment, it almost looks as though I went on two different days haha! 

I opted to wear a pair of navy harem trousers from ASOS which are seriously the most comfortable things ever. Honestly, it feels as though I'm wearing my pyjamas outside yet it's acceptable and even fashionable. I'd seriously recommend snapping a pair of these up or something similar for travelling because they are ridiculously comfortable. I'm definitely on the lookout for a black pair this summer! Accompanied with a simple Topshop crop top with the prettiest lace black trim, Topshop snake print sneakers and my current new obsession; the prettiest floral bomber jacket from Zara. These are all items I purchased a while ago and so unfortunately I'm unable to link any of the above products. I've left some alternative suggestions below however.

Of course, I spent the day stuffing my face with the usual British tradition of fish and chips and the biggest ice cream I think I have ever seen. It was genuinely bigger than my head hahahaha! 

I've never shared a lifestyle day trip styled post before and so if this is something you enjoy reading and would like to see more of on my blog then please let me know in the comments below! Photography is one of my biggest passions and featuring a photographic travel section on my blog from now on is definitely something I am considering starting up! 
Until next time,

Have you travelled anywhere recently? Share your 2016 travel stories in the comments below!
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